Bring Back the Love

I think everyone of us who is a home educator wants to ensure that are kids grow up learning to love learning. Unfortunately we all know that there are times when they just don’t love learning. I know in our house lately it’s all been a struggle from the big one or the small ones. And after spending some time trying to force things I have taken a couple steps back lately. 


No matter how many years we have done this homeschool thing I admit that there are still times that I look back. Perhaps after talking 2 another mom whose son is doing amazing things I start to wonder what mine will do the same. Or perhaps when our kids are struggling to understand a concept but everyone else got years ago.

It can be easy to forget that our children are all different. They all have special skills and god-given gifts which we need to be able to identify and then encourage.   My oldest son is extremely artistic while my younger son is a builder and a fixer. My oldest daughter is a doer and likes nothing more son to be caring for her baby sister and playing with her dolls and baking yummy treats to go with the afternoon tea party she has most days.  My oldest son needs to move in here in order to learn my younger one needs to see it.  There’s so many different ways that our children can learn and there are so many strengths but we need to be able to see with and every one of our children so that we can encourage them in the way that works best for them.  


I think it’s easier for our kids to learn and enjoy learning when we know what their strengths and their weaknesses are. And when they know them too.  So I am stepping back to really observe my children and to see where their interests lie so that we can further pursue those things this summer. My oldest son just got an amazing book to help him with his art as we draw our way through the Bible and history. My younger son has a bunch of snap circuits and we have tons of books on animals and science to peruse with him. Lots of experiments and even building a couple airplane models.    My daughter is spending the summer dancing and singing and making music and drawing. And in all of this we also have lots of great books to read and plans 4 fun trips to take so we can explore the great outdoors together. 

I remember reading some time ago but the biggest mistake we make with our kids is not allowing them to leave. Now the article I read was talking more about when we are outdoors and nature trails and hiking. But it made an excellent point when he spoke of how we need to give our children more time to look and explore. Whatever they may be doing. How often I wonder have I rushed my kids through something the could have been so much more than it was? When my kids are watching the Bumblebee in our yard or when they’re observing the birds building a nest.  Perhaps they have a question about something within the book or read it. Do we take a break from the book itself to explore that word or event or place? So many times I think I have rushed us through things for my own convenience rather than taking the time to explore with them and answer their questions.

So my goal for the summer is to live in the right now. To slow down and give my children more opportunities to guide me. And in all of this my prayer for us to capture more joy and our moments together.  Of course this means there is work that this Mama must do too. Because I really need to intentionally slow down myself and worry less about what the world says my children ought to know. It’s an exercise in faith.  Taking little steps and just expecting something great from the Lord. In His time not mine.  ♡♡♡

Hunting Hope ~ Book Review

Where would we be with out the darkness? Too often I think we forget about the light that shines in, and through, the darkness.  Certainly all have experienced times of great sorrow and pain; there are days of hopelessness and helplessness. But when we look back on those times, after we are through them, do we see the hand of God that was there with us? Do we acknowledge and testify of the plan that He used that darkness for?



Hunting Hope

There is great power in having hope! Much like faith itself; hope is something that can be seen in our life. When we have it we are stronger, we are more sure, and have greater patience. Life isn’t easy and it certainly cannot always be fair yet there is power and peace in knowing that we are in God’s hands. And living a life that is full of hope. “Every moment in my life proves God’s faithfulness, not just the winter ones. The spring and summer days speak of Him, too.”



When author Nika Maples was 20 years old, her family experienced that moment that changes everything. They were tested and tried and they had hope. You see, while Nika was attending college, one day she had a brainstem stroke , suddenly, unexpectedly and was left a quadriplegic. She only had 48 to live, said her doctors.  But God had other plans for this young lady and now some twenty years later, you can read her story in Hunting Hope – Dig Through The Darkness To Find The Light. Her story is powerful and inspiring, as she shares how important it is to have hope – that we can move beyond whatever situation we may be in and find G0d’s hand in it. As she tells this story, we see and are reminded of how great His plans are; that very hurt can be what brings hope. If we simply keep our eyes on Him.



Hunting Hope is a such an encouraging read. Perhaps you know someone who is in darkness and needs a bit of light; this could help them to grow in courage and strength. As we read we see how important it truly is to think on right things for certainly: “If we’re out in the cold long enough , we’ll forget how it feels to be warm, to be happy. We’ll start to believe that winter will last forever.”



Nika Maples


Nika Maples is the author of Twelve Clean Pages, the memoir of her survival of lupus and a stroke that left her quadriplegic at age 20. After learning to walk and talk again, she became a public school teacher, winning 2007 Texas Secondary Teacher of the Year. She holds an MA in English Education from Columbia University and currently is pursuing an MDIV from The King’s University. When she is not traveling to speak, she lives, writes, and laughs as much as possible in Fort Worth, Texas.




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Learn with the Heroes, Heroines of Ancient History

We love history1 I say that a thousand times on this blog don’t I? As a home educator I always want to ensure my kiddos (from smallest to biggest) are excited about learning. After all my goal here isn’t to be able to check off what they know or don’t know; I am not concerned with them being able to score on an exam or anything like that. I am focused more, on their ability to learn and think for themselves. So I was happy, ecstatic and giddy, to have the chance to review  Heroes, Heroines, and Tales of Ancient History by Golden Prairie Press








We were so very blessed to receive a full set of materials for this course which included:


  • Tales of Ancient History Vol. 1 & 2
  • Ancient History Skits Volume 2
  • Sing Some Ancient History (CD)
  • Listen to Some Ancient History (CD)
  • Additional History Materials CD





These are available as physical books and CDs however we received the Digital Edition, which consisted of pdf downloads and MP3’s.  The downloads are in full color, very eye catching and engaging.  See for yourself at Golden Prairie Press.  This course is recommended for grades 1-6 (we used this with my three who are 10, 6 and 4). And can I say they really LOVED this one?  :)
I am big on maps and timelines when it comes to learning! Especially for my younger kids I do believe these two materials make a huge difference in how they learn. To be able to see something in relation to yourself — It really does make a difference. It brings history to life for them. I also have to say the audio is a HUGE asset to this program; with so many strange names of people and places, its nice for our kids to be able to hear the names of them all instead of trying to struggle through pronouncing them or just ignoring them to “get by” completely.
Another thing that is really great about this program is the, while there is reading to do, there are so many amazing projects for our kids to learn through as we go along. I think there is more learning done in these projects than anything else (at least for my boys!). There is a book that is full of skits for our kids to enjoy acting out; these cover stories like Pandora’s Box and Ulysses, Cyrus and his Grandfather and some other great legends! These are lots of fun and great practice in reading as everyone who is able can choose a part to act out. My oldest prefers being the narrator and my two little ones, while they are not yet independent readers, do love to act out as much as they can of the story while I read the various parts (or my oldest son with me).

As my kids and I have worked through this one, together, we have really appreciated having the option of both 1st/2nd grade and 4-6th grade readings. I think this encourages all of my kids too because while my littles aren’t quite readers yet, they are very inquisitive and do love some of the activities and details given in the higher level reading. But they are also able to et an understanding of the material at their own level. This is simply priceless if you ask me. There is so much potential in this program for all ages and as my oldest gets more independent in his studies there is just so much that we (should I say he?) could do on his own even?

There was even a coloring book which my kids really enjoyed (my oldest used the images within them as guides since he prefers to draw and sketch his own stuff). There were lots of fun pictures as well as space for the kids to write. I referred to this part as a short version of note booking since I would have my kids color (or draw) the image we were using that day and then write a bit about it. Sometimes it was a simple statement from my daughter (who is 4) that “birds are pretty” and other times it would be scientific facts or details my kids learned about whatever they were doing.  It was a great and fun way to engage all three of them in a bit of specific study. Sometimes it was history, like an Egyptian head dress, other times it was a camel or a chariot. It’s only a few pages, but it was lot of fun for us regardless!
This program has about 30 weeks within it; we go a bit slower around here ourselves but suffice to say, there are 5 lessons within each week. Beginning with the Creation of the World and ending with a study of Saint Patrick. This is so full of beautiful images on every page. My kids are very visual (aren’t most kids) so its such a blessing to see some of these things we are reading about. It really gives an appreciation for so much of history too! And each lesson ends with questions, writing topics, a memory verse to learn and often a project to make. In one lesson we made pyramids out of  playdoh, in another we made Chinese hats. There were goodies to bake and music to make; there were geography games and skits. So many ways for our kids to learn all of this amazing history and have fun doing it!

Bearing Witness ~ A review

I think now and then about persecution and how different it is to be persecuted for the name of Jesus Christ here, compared to other parts of the world. I strive to pray daily for those who are suffering for His name; especially in times when I feel the sting of offense and persecution myself I remind myself that we are told in His Word to rejoice in these things. For we are partakers of His sufferings. Sobering reality.




Bearing Witness Image


Bearing Witness: Stories of Martyrdom and Costly Discipleship is a book, one of the many in the Bearing Witness Stories Project. 


Throughout the pages of this book we read of and learn about many different martyrs; all persecuted for His name. We hear their stories, some from times long past, others quite recent, like Ekklesiyar Yan’uwa a Nigeria who continues to suffer in this present day.


It is said within the pages of this book that “we should continue to tell stories of courageous witness because persecution is not just an ancient story but a contemporary reality” (p. xii). I was pricked in the heart when they said “North American Christians need to tell stories of persecution and martyrdom because remaining silent, or willfully forgetting, or averting our attention from the reality of suffering, is simply unchristian” (p. xiii).




These are very sobering words for so many of us here; I question often whether I am truly doing enough for the cause of the Kingdom. So many, I fear, live for Christ in their free time and fail to really appreciate all that He did for us. And what it really means to be a called and chosen child God.



Within the pages of this book there is much that should bring us to our knees; the words written in these pages should make all of us question and seek from the Lord what more we can do to fulfill His will in whatever place we are in.




There are four parts to this book: Part I: Early Christians; Part II: Radical Reformers; III: Early Modern Witnesses and Part IV: Recent Witnesses. Within the final pages of this book, there are Questions for Reflection and Discussion.  Again, these are very sobering questions.  For example: “If you were called to give an account of your own faith, would you be ready and able to do so?”  Another says, “How does God use persecution to spread the Gospel?” We should be able to answer every one of these, I believe, as followers of Christ.


As the author says: “… truth cannot be killed” (Introduction p. xvi)


As a home educator I encourage you, if you have older students, to consider this book even, for your students. This could make a great addition to any study on history and faith.


You can purchase your own copy of Bearing Witness here.

Sunya Publishing ~ Schoolhouse Review

Math isn’t something we get excited about in this house. Except maybe, my husband. But we were recently give the opportunity to review something new; it sounded pretty exciting too! Sunya Publishing is a new company which has produced a new math game we were given the opportunity for review.  Sunya – The Magic and Wonder of Math and Science Multiplying & Dividing.  Recommended for ages 9 and up this is meant to be a fun way to explore and understand math. We received the teachers guidebook, 2 packs of cards (one containing 60 number cards, wild and operation cards, the other containing 30 fact and riddle cards), and a number line for assistance with multiplying and dividing as needed.




Sunya is a brand new company which distributes this quite interesting math game we have been trying to play in the last few weeks; they have addition/subtraction as well as multiplication/division.My oldest son really struggles with his times tables and my younger son is learning them right now so this seemed like something that could be fun for both of them. I was quite curious about this myself, I admit!





Within the Parent/Teacher Guidebook you find everything you need to know about how to play the game. It also includes quotes the meaning of Sunya (this is a Sanskrit word for solitude or stillness) and lots more! We loved how we were able to see the ancient writings, called Brahmi numerals as well. Being that my oldest loves learning various languages and forms of cryptic writing, this was quite a treat for him to have the chance to write some of these ancient characters himself. There was so much amazing information within this book regarding the universal language of math.  Historical tidbits, a glossary, parts of a number sentence and famous math quotes are within the pages of this book. My favorite part of this book was the pages of Math and Science Facts and Riddles.  Some of these were really funny and since my boys are quite the little comedians, they sure had a great time learning and sharing them with others!








Regarding the game, I like to think I am smarter than a 9 year old but I admit, I really struggled with how to play. The instructions were a bit confusing to me (and my husband, an engineer, wasn’t too sure about them himself). Honestly, I am still not completely sure about how the game is supposed to be played. We gathered that we are creating number sentences with the cards and that whoever is out of cards first is the winner, but that didn’t really stick with my kids for long.








My boys really had a blast using them to just make and test one another on various math problems. So my oldest might lay out cards showing 4 x 5 and my younger son would make the answer of 20 with his cards. My oldest son liked to lay out a number too, like 50 and then based upon if it was multiplying or dividing, create the number sentence that would have 50 as an answer. So we really did do our best to make this work even though we were rather baffled by the details provided in the book. Perhaps this was one of those great opportunities for mom to show some humility by acknowledging that sometimes, reading the book, doesn’t help answer our questions. So much for thinking we can find it all in a book.  Then again there were lots of details within the 25 pages of the guide provided and being someone who doesn’t have a had for math to begin with, perhaps I just am not quite “there”.:-)







Honestly, we had more fun playing with the fact and riddle cards.  We had tons of fun using them! Sometimes we would quiz each other and sometimes it was just sharing with a friend to see if they could get the riddle or not. In fact, I think, many of these cards really helped encourage my oldest especially (He hates math) that math really can be fun!  It’s always so nice to have the opportunity to review something that turns out to be so much fun for my kids. And really, while we struggled with the game itself, there were so many other ways that my kids enjoyed these cards. This is definitely a fun one; use your creative juices if you want and have lots of fun playing with numbers and learning crazy things! Just striving to help others who struggle with math, to find some joy in it. This definitely was one of those things that made math a fun and even laughable topic in our homeschool!




Math and Science {Sunya Publishing Review}



Bring them Up?

I was reading the other day in the book of Ephesians. And I admit I felt a bit of a prick when I read the words “provoke not your children to wrath…..”


We have been struggling lately with our oldest son. He is very headstrong and extremely independent. He is also a very bright boy yet he really struggles when it comes to obeying. If it’s something he doesn’t want you who in the past was always so eager and willing to please. 

So reading those words really made me pause and think hard about how we are training up our son. When I think about the word provoke all kinds of nasty things come to mind. The words certainly doesn’t make me see or feel any Joy or eagerness to please another. In fact just saying the word provoke brings to mind War and anger and fighting.  

As much as I don’t like to say it it seems that these are all things that occur between my son and I as of late. And while I may not see myself as provoking him to wrath by telling him that it’s time to get his work done or study his Bible verses for the day comma, clearly there is something and some way in which I am provoking him.   

God’s word says that we are to bring up our children in the instruction and information of the Lord. This means that we need to be tender and nurturing to them. Instead of beating them down we need to lift them up at every opportunity.  We are to use our authority as mothers and fathers moderately and always to God’s glory.

So I wonder how I can use my Authority for God’s glory. And I guess when I think about it it all starts with how I Live. Less of what I say and more of what I do? We have to be able to say do as I say and as I do. And that’s hard because I remember often being told that I need to just do as I was told regardless of what I saw before me. 

How often do I tell my kids that they just need to be good? And I forget but it’s not about being good but about being holy. I forget about the heart issues.  It’s so true but God he looks at the heart. And well that doesn’t excuse sin we also need to be mindful of the condition of the heart in all that we do. As my son and I were working outside today he reminded me but we ought to do all that we do to the glory of God. It’s refreshing to hear that. Even more so to see it in action.


After all for a fisherman the goal is to catch the fish. So it ought to be for us. Our goal is not simply to teach good to see those things being caught. As we teach our children about the value of holiness and the beauty of obedience to the word of God.  In all that we do not teach may we see the actions being lived out of the lesson itself. Only then are we truly fishers of men. 

Science Shepard ~ Introductory Science Course ~ Schoolhouse Review

Science Shepherd Review

We really love science in our house and we are always looking for something fun to do in this genre.  Not long ago we were so blessed to have the opportunity to review a course from Science Shepherd,  Introductory Science. This program is a combination of videos and lessons, all online, and comes with a spiral bound workbook. There are various levels for this program.  Level A is recommended for ages 6-8 and Level B (which we received for review) is recommended for ages 9-12. Level B contains the same material as Level A but includes additional materials for the older students. This is a Biblically based course; we can work at our own pace and there are even fun hands on projects to complete along the way.
So as I said before we received the Level B physical workbook to go along with the online videos;  we have year long access to the online program. I used this material mostly with my oldest son (who is 10) but my younger son, 6 and a huge science lover, watched a number of the videos and even did some of the lessons with us (Just for fun!).  I admit I watched quite a few videos with the kids myself; I really appreciated how they were the perfect length even for my littler ones. And the scriptures fit in so perfectly with the lessons that were being taught too~
This program is so amazingly easy to use! Even the hands on projects within this course are simple; there was nothing that we needed to run to the store for. No crazy items needed either. Not once did we have to stop a lesson or schedule it for another day for lack of anything. Thats a big deal for this momma with four kiddos.
There are videos to watch each day; these are fairly short and following the video is a workbox page (or two) for them to complete. The questions are a great way to ensure that what is being taught, was caught :-) There are five videos for each week and five worksheets; some weeks there are also fun hands on projects too! For example, one of the assignments was to make your favorite animal out of clay (or playdoh even) and then talk about the reasons it is your favorite. My son chose the Spinosaurus (even though it no longer exists) and my younger son chose a snake. My daughter (who is four) wanted in on this one – her favorite was the pony! Some of the worksheets include cross words and word search puzzles, others have space to draw a picture or write (example: what do you have dominion over?).


This really is a full curriculum.  Beginning with creation itself and going through topics such as weather, soil, volcanos, fossils, dinosaurs, structure and function of leaves. We studied fern and pine trees (both which are all over in our yard too!) along with learning what they need to grow and where they live around the world. We classified plants and studied the anatomy of the solar system too. There is even a section that covers human beings although we have not made it there yet. But this really does cover so much material in so many various areas of science.   You can see some of the material covered in the workbooks along with the scope and sequence of it all too!







I love how this program has scripture all over the place! Every page of the workbook includes a scripture which relates to what is being learned. God really is at the center of  all of it, which is just where He belongs.  It also helps my kids, at least, to see that the Word of God really does relate to them and the world that they live in. When we read Jonah 1:4 we are studying storms and how storms are created. As we read about the ocean tides we are reminded of how God spread the Earth out above the waters, as it is written in the Psalms 136. Again and again we read His word and then we learn and as we do these things, we not only gain a greater understanding of scientific concepts but also of God. What an amazing way for our kids to both learn the word and grow in it too.





We are still working through this program ourselves but we really do love it! And I would recommend this to any who are looking for a science program for their children that is Biblically focused. This is a wonderful way to introduce our children to science while also studying scripture with them. My oldest son especially enjoyed all of the puzzles within the pages of this book. Especially since this can be done at your own pace, it is a fun way for our kids to really learn and gain an appreciation for all that God has created in the world around us. So simple to use, yet so very powerful within the lessons I know my children have a greater appreciation for all that is around us and see a connection like they didn’t before between all these things we study in this program, and God, Himself. Again, this is a great way to teach our kids and also maintain a worldview that is centered on the Word of God too.


Science Shepherd Review

Crew Disclaimer

What is Left

I have been thinking a lot lately. I think I mentioned that in the previous post too. Reflecting on our home and what we are leaving to our children. I think nowadays it’s so important for us to be honest with ourselves and our families about what it is we want to leave and what it is we are leaving for our children.


I think of myself so often as someone who can do it all. Or at least I continually want to be able to do it all. I was raised that way and it’s so hard to remember sometimes but it’s better when we can’t do it all. There is nothing that we can do outside of God’s will that truly matters. It’s all about Him working through us not us working for Him.  There is a real beauty in being unable to do it all and and being okay with that too. It’s something we need to show our children. But it’s okay when we can’t do it all because our God can. 


I think about what are home exudes to our children. My husband and I. What do we show our children? Did they see our need for Jesus? We are in the process of digging and electronic funds around our yard. It is slow and painstaking work. But it needs to be done because we have a dog who doesn’t understand but it’s dangerous to leave the yard. In the same way I think of our children. And I think of the need that every one of us has for Jesus. There is a spiritual fence that surrounds us all whether we like it or not. And the Lord puts that fence there to keep us safe and protected. It is there to set us apart for Him. 

How we live clearly shows whether or not we are staying within those borders that have been set for us.  Do our children CA in obedience to God? Do they see as seeking after the Lord’s will? We can dress the part and we can read your Bible and pray now and then but if we are not consistent if now and then we are eager and willing to go outside of those borders that the Lord has set for us what are we showing our children?

I think of the choices that we make when it comes to entertainment and free time. We have to be good stewards of our time and our home. Certainly none of us are perfect but are we striving in all that we do to do it for the glory of God? It’s been so on my heart to pray more with my children. Certainly we pray together before bed and no one then throughout the day they will come and ask me to pray for them or with them. Usually that’s when they hurt themselves or when there’s something that they really want.  But what about teaching them to pray just because? How important is it to teach our children that we need to pray more before there is a need. But we need to love and pray just because. Because there’s breath in our body and because there is strength enough.

I write this today as a reminder to myself but there is nothing that matters more then being in God’s will. And there is nothing more important for us to teach our children then to learn how to listen for the Lord and then be obedient to Him.  We hear it said all the time that we were not created and we were not saved to be silent. But we were created to be Messengers two others of the goodness of God.  May we reach out, sincerely seeking after those who are desperate for the Lord. May we be witnesses to others of the love and goodness of God.  And may we be so very sensitive to the spirit of God in our lives, even in our homes, that our children will be overflowing as well with a love and desire for more of God in their own lives.

Memorial Press: Logic I Complete Set ~~~ A Schoolhouse Review


We had the joy of reviewing some materials for Memoria Press last year so we were really very eager to review their materials again. This time we were blessed with their Traditional Logic I Complete Set This is something I have really wanted to use (for myself as well as my son) for some time now. There are so many benefits to traditional logic; it baffles me that this is not something that is studied more nowadays.






My oldest son is 10, and he loves things like speech and debate and apologetic.  So I just knew that this would be something that could really benefit him in the long run.  I looked over the materials myself when they first arrived and I was really impressed, honestly, with how well organized this is. It is put together in such a way, that even my son, could really independently complete this program. There are four parts to the Traditional Logic I set, which include a student text, instructional DVDs (there are 2 in the case), a book for Quizzes and Tests, and a Teacher’s Key where you can find all the answers you need.




This program is written for grades 7 and up however, since my son is such an avid debater and eager to really learn these kinds of skills, I was more than happy to let him try his hand at traditional logic. The videos were a bit hard for him to follow; I think his eyes glazed over a bit while we were watching the very first one.  Honestly, we spent more time in the workbook than on the videos — I think as he gets older the videos will be more appropriate for him but right they are over his head —



“Traditional logic trains the mind to respect truth, and indeed assumes a Christian view of truth throughout, which is one of the reasons it appealed to the Medieval schoolmen.” 



If you are a stranger to logic, you need not worry The course begins with a great explanation of exactly what logic is. As Oliver Wendall Holmes famously said, “Logic is logic. That’s all I say.”  Briefly covering the history of logic, the very first chapter of this course discusses what simple apprehension is. This includes topics like truth, validity and soundness.









This really is an excellent program for anyone looking for an introduction to classical logic. This is “the basic, simple structure of categorical reasoning” and focuses more on the form or structure of arguments than on content. Not sure how I feel about that honestly as I do believe content plays an integral role in things. However I definitely consider this course to be excellent in teaching the science of “right thinking”. Seeing that I had very little opportunity when I was younger to truly study this myself, I have to admit I have been fascinated with this course. The instructor is amazing in how he speaks on each lesson within this program (over my son’s head but great food for this momma) and I appreciate how clearly everything is explained so that when it comes time to complete the pages in the workbox that correspond with the lesson itself, you know exactly what to do.





We really liked how the workbook was laid out (they could have provided a bit more space for writing answers though). The exercises within the workbook are not simple; they really make you think.  Some ask you to read carefully, certain text before completing sets of questions. Other exercises ask you to define things like truth and logic. There are some exercises where the student simply has to determine if a statement is true or false and then others where you might have to choose an object from your surroundings and then tell of its extension and comprehension.  Sounds pretty serious eh? Don’t worry, this program really makes these things simpler than they sound. And lots of fun too! There are also quizzes and tests to complete at the end of each lesson. By the time we got to the end of each chapter I think we had a pretty good handle on things!





We will definitely be continuing through this program together.  I think this will also be one we will revisit as my kids all get older. This really is a great investment though educationally; if you are looking for a logic course, you need not look any further. Memorial Press also offers an online forum which is meant to be a tool for discussion and a great place to find support and guidance if needed. No matter what you know, think you know, or don’t know about traditional logic, this course is a great way to learn all you need to know at the introductory level. And for those who end up hooked, there is also a second part so you really can get a strong understanding and ability in traditional logic with this.  Again I say, this is so worth the investment. We are going to be getting the second part of this eventually ourselves.:-)




Logic, Greek Myths and Astronomy Memoria Press ReviewConnect with Memoria Press:

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