So Quiet

I have to admit to feeling just a little bit guilty right now. You see my husband and my three oldest children just left early this morning to go to Illinois for a big Bible Quiz tournament.  Just me and my littlest one. And it is so quiet and our house.


I feel guilty because honestly I am just loving the silence. I am loving the order that I am able to create within her home right now. I have a pile of books and a yummy cup of java. For the first time in a long time I can hear myself think. I can read the words on the pages of my book and it’s as though I hear the right are speaking to me. This is quite a treat!

With my three oldest I have noticed as of late that the joy is waning.  I have begun to realize that it is time for a change. We need to be more purposeful in what we do each day and I think we need to bring those things that we are learning alive.

Just recently I reached out to a group of moms in my area who are all looking for a refreshing. Dust in the home but in how they educate their children at home to. And so we have the gun to meet twice a month to talk about what it really means to train our children. What are goals are for their learning. I am hoping to be able to blog this as we go along. Charlotte Mason has always stood out for me and like a number of the moms that I am now meeting with regularly I have felt a call to go back to her ways with my children.

There needs to be more joy in home. There needs to be more joy but I as a mom take some time with my little ones. And of course that means some things I need to renew my mind. I need to remember what childhood really ought to look like and then embrace it even if it isn’t quite as quiet and organized as I would like it to be. There is so much are children can learn from doing things both intentionally and unintentionally.

I think of what learning really is thought to be and I think of what it ought to be. Certainly I do not want my children to grow up hating books Andretti opportunities to experience different things. I want to encourage them and Inspire them. I want to see excitement and curiosity and enthusiasm in their eyes Whenever there is something new that they encounter. I want them to see the beauty and all that is around them. And most importantly I want them to know and remember always but whatever comes their way God is in it and for that alone they ought to embrace it.  

I feel guilty being glad that my children are away for the next few days. But I also see this as an opportunity that I so desperately need because in all the hustle and bustle and Noise that is this home that I do so love it does wear on me.  We all need time to rest and to energize ourselves. We need to be able to have time with God where we can sit quietly and listen for that sweet voice.

This is my time to do that. To sit at his feet and wait on him for Direction and for peace and for wisdom. It is my time to enjoy my sweetest little girl who is growing up so quickly. It is my time to have some cheesecake and turn the worship music up loud and just do those things that must be done.   And as I work and as I rest I know the one who will fill me full of that live in water that brings life and joy! 


Devonian ~ Natural Beauty ~ A Schoolhouse Review


I have heard off and on, for awhile now, of Emu oil.  I love coconut oil myself but I admit, I am curious. Especially when it comes to natural, healthy alternatives for “beauty” care.  I guess there are many people prefer not to use Emu Oil for personal reasons; so is there something for them that is made without animal ingredients? Yes! It is GREEMU – made with plant oils and butters yet matching in quality to Emu Oil.has spent over two years developing a solution for this problem, and they’ve come up with a great one too.  GREEMU™ conforms to the standards for Grade A Emu Oil in terms of color, composition, texture, and consistency. Devonian spent over two years creating this as they believe in suitable plant replacements being used for anything rather than using materials derived from animals.



    “What exactly is GREEMU?”  I wondered that really because honestly until this I really didn’t know much of anything about this stuff. So, here’s what I know. It is a combination of plant oils and butters that work together to simulate emu oil in consistency and in what it does too. Since my skin is super sensitive and our Wisconsin weather has been crazy enough that some days we feel patchy and itchy and other days just really chapped, this review item came at a great time!



So what can you do with GREEMU? 



  • This can be used this as a skin moisturizer to help with chapped, dry and cracking skin. It also helps with those wrinkles and “cranky lines” on your forehead as my daughter refers to them!
  • This can be used to help with dry hair, spilt ends. I tried this myself because my hair is so fine and damaged from years of lack of care. Itchy scalp? This works for that too.
  • This can be used when baby has a nasty diaper rash. It doesn’t sting at all and I noticed a great difference since rashes are a huge issue with my teething babe right now.
  • This can also be used on minor cuts, burns, scratches (these are frequent in our house with four kids! Lol)



What’s it made of exactly? 


  • Macadamia seed oil
  • Palm oil
  • Shea butter
  • Sunflower seed oil
  • Rice bran oil



I have to say I found this to be great! I did notice, as I mentioned with my daughters diaper rash, a much softer feel and those nasty burns (I get now and again) certainly do not sting nearly as much when using this on them. Since spring is in the air here and we have been working to get our yard and garden in order and prepared, its nice to have something like this handy after grappling with the raspberry vines in our garden or trying to weed out and landscape a bit, our yard. Of course also, its great to use in your hair and on your skin in general. I personally noticed more of a healthy shine to my hair, fewer split ends too, although  do have very bad eyes. Lol My daughter really liked putting it in her hair after showers; she says her hair sparkles and her curls are curlier when she uses this. haha  She also thinks her hands sparkle too (she has very dry skin and so lots of issues with her cuticles, seem to be much better now too) And that is my four year old’s endorsement of this.  :-D




Now we aren’t really vegetarians and we don’t have any real beef to Emu oil religiously, but I appreciate having choices. And we try hard to choose those“greener” products when we are able. GREEMU comes in a 4-ounce bottle at a cost of $10.80; not bad for something like this.  You only have to use a few drops of GREEMUTM at a time; we have been using this for about a month (maybe a bit more) and we still have quite a bit left. Very affordable and economical. If you purchase GREEMU by May 31st, they are offering a 20% discount when you purchase it from Koru Naturals. Just see the coupon code on their website to get your discount.


Greemu Devonian Review


Crew Disclaimer

Why so Angry?

This morning I woke up with a quote on my mind. I could not remember who said it or where I read it I knew that I needed to find it. And find it I did!

Be prepared because this is a really hard one to read. I mean… this is quite the bitter pill to swallow and yet it is so powerful and so important for us to understand and embrace.

It says this:

“Being easily angered is an indicator that a hidden area of selfishness or insecurity is present where love is supposed to rule!”

See what I mean? And if you are anything like me this really packs a punch for you. I don’t like to admit it but I struggle with this. Some days a lot more than others. And I have my excuses, don’t we all, like how if the kids would just stop fighting or if everyone could just lower the volume a bit.  If he could only put his dishes in the dishwasher. If someone would help me around the house just a bit…..

You see where I’m going. The excuses really could go on and on but it doesn’t make it ok. In fact as I was reading in my Bible the other day it really impacted me how God placed the women in the home to care for it and to keep it. The woman. My husband even mentioned the other day how the husband is the head of the family but truly the woman is the head of the home. Our family and our home is a gift from the Lord. It is for us to grow and care; us alone.


Now certainly I am not saying that our husbands and our children cannot learn to pick up and to help around the house. Certainly as a family it’s important for us to all work together. But ultimately the responsibility for the home is the woman’s.  I know it’s not a popular thing to say. I don’t like to say it myself since I have never been a fan of house work. Dishes and laundry, scrubbing toilets and floors….no way!

And I guess that is part of my struggle when it comes to my home and being easily angered. There are things that I want to do. And they are selfish things. It matters not that they have to do with the pursuit of knowledge or further study in the word of God. I can have all the good purpose in the world with how I spend my free time and I can say that all I do is for God’s glory but honestly if it isn’t the work that God has called me to do it simply doesn’t matter. There are seasons for every one of us and it is not for me to make the season I am in it my own desires.

I think of an old saying that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. And in so many ways that is such a spot on statement.  Even in the church. We all want to do great works for God and I think sometimes we chase after God and forget about those nearest to us. We are only given so much time. Our selfish desires…we should know from that alone… they are not the Lord’s will for us. And yet still we struggle and we say things like” God hasn’t convicted me of that”  we make so many excuses. Rather than humbling ourselves and acknowledging that our desire is for something other than that which He has for us.  My anger, my shortness with my children and my husband, it is not as God would have it.


I’m reminded of how powerful God is and how weak I really am that something so simple as an emotion I cannot control on my own. How simple it is to cast this at the Lord’s feet and just sit before him and ask that He root out the bitterness and the selfishness, to remove those desires from my heart which are not His and that He place those desires within my heart that are His.

Let me desire to serve as the Lord served and continues to serve. Today I am going to use those diaper changes in the cleaning up of those spells around the house, I will use the fighting and the craziness and the noise to glorify God for the life that surrounds me and to take enjoy in His creation.

YWAM Christian Heroes: Abraham Lincoln ~ A Schoolhouse Review



My son truly admires Abraham Lincoln Perhaps its because he did not have a great deal of “schooling”, it is likely in part it is because he himself was a homeschooler, self taught (can we say homeschool hero?).  I cannot think of a better man for my son to hope to emulate. I mean, a self-taught lawyer, wise and Godly, eventually leading the United States, finding himself at the center of the greatest debate the America had ever faced.So of course we were quite eager, when the opportunity presented itself, to review,  Abraham Lincoln: A New Birth of Freedom by Janet and Geoff Benge, one of the many “Heroes of History” in the series available from YWAM Publishing.  We also received a corresponding Digital Unit Study, which really made this amazing and ey opening book, even greater!




If you are not familiar with YWAM Publishing, you really need to check them out! They are committed to the production and distribution of books that encourage Christians to make a difference in a needy world. They specialize in books that focus on the topics of: evangelism, educational training, prayer, discipleship, and mercy ministries.  The Christian Heroes series and the International Adventure series are wonderful ways to introduce your family to stories of real people who have heard and answered God’s call to missions. Regardless their books provide inspiration and are excellent tools for helping to disciple our children (and ourselves even) so that we may reach out to the world around us.



One of my goals for our home school has been to do a lot more reading aloud. Especially when it comes to history. There are so many amazing books out there and to “read more” and “keep reading what better way for our kids to learn and grow a passion for history than from amazing books that bring it to life? We really do love history around here; my oldest son tends to be a very reluctant reader and my younger two are not quite reading on their own yet. But I love to read; my hubby jokes with me about the number of books that are all about the house (and having been introduced to YWAM, many of these are being added to our library now). Initially my kids really weren’t that excited about this, aside from my oldest, but as we began to read, it was amazing how all of them just curled up with me and begged me to “read more”.  This was one of those books that we read in about a week because they just didn’t want me to stop. The story was amazing; it was full of factual information, very historically accurate and yet also so enjoyable to read! We were drawn in and by the end of the book, Honest Abe, was like a friend to us.:-)





The Heros of History comes with a great Homeschool Curriculum Guide for Homeschoolers (you can also get this for small groups and classrooms) which really helps you get a better idea as to how to use this whether as a history program, family read aloud, or character/social study. It also covers key themes and skills within the program, parent and student directed study methods, ho to use it with a variety of ages and abilities; using this guide we are really guaranteed to get so much out of this! Since we do not do a lot of unit studies ourselves (although I always mean to, I admit) this was very helpful because I admit, sometimes I see the book as a book. Sometimes I forget that the story of Abraham Lincoln (or any other historical time and figure) is about so much more than just that. If you struggle with this as I do, this is a wonderful way to open your eyes, or be reminded, of how much more we can learn from one story. SO many important things we can glean from within the pages of this one book. Some of the areas covered within the unit study that accompanies this book are:


  • Creative writing

  • Drama
  • Movie critiquing
  • Reading comprehension
  • Essay writing
  • History and geography




There is also opportunity for copywork and memorization here as the unit study incorporates some very powerful quotes many relating to his life and great for discussions.  Since my children really enjoy stamps and coins (we are new to collecting) right now it was a great opportunity for them to learn that, in 1909, Lincoln was put on the penny and to learn how the first postage stamp to honor Abraham Lincoln was issued April 14, 1866, one year to the day after his death in 1865 or thereabout. Since we often are in Illinois, my son enjoyed learning about how and why the state is called the Land of Lincoln where he lived from the time he was 21 years old until he became President. There is also a chapter full of discussion questions; also testing how much is being comprehended of what is being read (we do more narration ourselves using this as a guide).  One of my son’s favorites, was Student Explorations which encourages our kids to create.  Within this section there are projects like writing and illustrating a children’s book, making a scale map of Lincoln’s journey, recreating the “Great Debates”.  These are all so fun; great ways to encourage our children to learn and explore in a fun way. There are also lots of Community Links which encourage visits to a civic center, meeting elected officials to learn how to government operates, even locating civil war museums (reenactments, etc).  These are the things that encourage my son; real life historical figures, who lived in places we know and were real people, just like us. How fun is it when our children see that connection, feel they can relate to someone who did such great things so long ago. This is how history comes to life and becomes powerful!






While this is recommended more for older elementary youth, I have to say my younger two enjoyed the story quite a bit too; as I mentioned before my kids would not let me put this one down so I consider that a huge win! We really liked the study guide that came with this too. As I said before, I always mean to do more with unit studies and so this is just the encouragement I need to really do it!  And we definitely are planning on enjoying more of the Heroes of History series (placing our order very soon for Billy Graham and Benjamin Franklin too! Love history? Have a love of missions? These are definitely something you don’t want to miss out on.




Christian Heroes {YWAM Publishing Review}



For lots of historical fun & learning visit: Website:


Twitter: @YWAMpublishing @YWAMpublishing


The YWAM Publishing Blog:



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The Wonder of Life ~ “Where Babies Come From”

Since our daughter was born last year (I cannot believe she is a year on Sunday) our three older kiddos have been fascinated with babies. Where do they come from? How do they grow? How are they born? Questions that are tricky to answer — and “God gives them to us” hasn’t cutt it as an answer! Lol


Wonderfully Made |



My kiddos have all been to the doctor appointments; they have heard heartbeats and seen the ultrasound images. They have watched my doctor monitor baby growing in the womb. And it is so fascinating to them! Honestly, it is to me still. I mean, God is so amazing how he knits them together:-)


Anyway when I found out that Danika Cooley was publishing Wonderfully Made: God’s story of life from conception to birth I was ecstatic! Although I admit I wish she would have done this last year! ha-ha


Typically my kids have just followed along via doctor visits and the books that I am able to find, that are not very engaging or exciting to my kids. But within the pages of this book, our children go through each week of the baby’s development inside the womb.  She shares scripture as well as factual details to show how science proves the Lord.  Again and again God is shown in this most miraculous, to be simply amazing!




Every week the size of baby is compared to something a child knows and understands; for example a grape or perhaps a plum.  This is told so sweetly and in such a beautiful way! And its not just physical details but also scriptural ones that are shared so our children know He knew them, before they were born. Every one of them, is a part of His plan and has a unique God given purpose. Before they were even born~






You can get your own copy of  Wonderfully Made, hardback along with some other wonderful freebies!   With these free scripture cards and this fabulous lap book you can really learn so very much together.  Learn more about the inspiration that inspired Danika Cooley to write Wonderfully Made.:-)


Wonderfully Made: God’s Story of Life from Conception to Birth
Written by Danika Cooley
Illustrated by Jeff Anderson
Published by CF4Kids

Price: $9.99

Ages: 5-11


Wonderfully Made Scripture Cards |



Wonderfully Made Lapbook |



This is a beautiful and powerful way to teach our children how to value life. As we are training up our children in the way they should go, it is good for them to know the Word of God is the authority, as has a great deal to say about  life. Even before birth. And at the same time, what a wonderful way for our children to see the value that God sees in them. A great purpose and plan before any could ever even imagine. How great is our God!
















Writers in Residence ~ A Schoolhouse Review



When it comes to reading and writing and grammar studies, in our house it really is quite a struggle. My oldest son just dreads this stuff! I think saying he is reluctant is an understatement really. Yet these are things that are near and dear to my heart; I love to read and write. So I guess I always assumed my kids would too; that they would eat all this stuff up just like I did (and still do). Surprise! At least my oldest son – he dreads it, fights it, cries over it. This is not the way its meant to be!!  So I was excited to learn that one of my favorite companies   Apologia Educational Ministries just released Writers in Residence. This is writing AND language arts, together at last!  Written by is written by Debra Bell this is also Bible based! We received a physical workbook to be used by one student and were also provided the teacher’s Answer Key book.  Writers in Residence is the first of four volumes and this is for grades four through eight.







   This is amazing! 


The All-In-One Student Text and Workbook is HUGE with 576 pages; spiral bound and very durable. There are six units in all.


  • Unit 1: I Remember
    Writing Assignment: “When I Was Young” (sentences)
  • Unit 2: I Imagine
    Writing Assignment : “Very Truly Yours” (creative writing)
  • Unit 3: I Investigate
    Writing Assignment: “My Family Hall of Fame” (research writing)
  • Unit 4: I Think
    Writing Assignment: “My Favorite Author” (opinion essay)
  • Unit 5: I Remember
    Writing Assignment: “The History of Me” (autobiography)
  • Unit 6: I Imagine
    Writing Assignment: “Zap! Pow! Kazam!” (short story)




What is so unique and really fun, about this is that at the very beginning of each unit, there is the “Spotlight on Christian Writers”. This is a really great way to learn about the authors that are out there and be encouraged. It even helps to intrigue my oldest son (a very reluctant reader). My son really liked “getting to know” various writers as we went along. Some of the writer mentioned are: Bill Meyers, Phil Vischer, Irene Howat, Amy Parker. I admit I myself found it so neat to learn a bit more about some of these authors that we so enjoy reading! And we are looking forward to reading some not so familiar ones too now.




This has a built in Daily Schedule for anyone who, like me perhaps, struggles to really stay on task. There are lots of great infographics (so they are called) to study covering things like: Six Traits Writing Model and Introduction to the Writing Process. These are fabulous references to keep handy although I admit I wish they were a separate page, something that could be removed and kept out while working in the workbook itself.  I do love how the units are broken down into concepts:



I Remember, I Imagine, I Investigate, I Think, I Remember, and I Imagine



My 10 year old son and I used this four days a week; when we began my son was quite surprised to come across the biography of the author of The Time Stumblers, Bill Meyers. Now this is one of those books that he has, but has never really read. So I think he was rather inspired to read it after “getting to know the author a bit more” because we had to take a break when we were done reviewing this so he could find the book in his room.  From there we began Unit 1 which did a great job introducing the traits of good writing. There were lots of highlights within these pages to showcase important vocabulary words, and the rubric (this was new to me!) which is a checklist used to evaluate writing and various other projects. There is a checklist at the end of each module too to help track progress. There are also Writer’s Questions throughout the unit and a Sneak Peek into what will be learned in each of the modules. This helped my son know what to expect and I think he really appreciated being able to have a bigger picture while also seeing how simply each short lesson is laid out. Less pressure. More peace of mind.





My son loved the Word Collection in the appendix of this book, where he could fill in all his favorite words. I really appreciated how it “forced” him to expand himself when it comes to his writing because he tends to stick with what he knows. So the gentle push throughout this program really helped him to grow more confident and go outside of his comfort zone to create! The lessons take about 15 minutes most days, sometimes a bit more when my son is struggling with doing his work. This really is a gentle approach to writing, both for those new to writing and those who are reluctant writers. I do appreciate how much this has encouraged my son to write more and most importantly to enjoy writing.





As a momma to four children, I love how simple this is to use. Its all right there; no preparation needed really. I do appreciate how its all in one book; bound together already its like a portfolio that we can review as he goes along. A way for my son to see his efforts, in a tangible way, as they develop. I do wish this was something I could use with more than one kiddo but the convenience and the quality of this makes it easy to overlook that. Again, this really breaks down not just the process of writing but the elements as well. Simple yet fun lessons that aren’t too long but aren’t too short either. We really do like this and are going to be looking forward to the next volume in this program.


Apologia: Writers in Residence Review 

Twitter: @apologiaworld



Let us Prepare Us

The first of God’s seven annual festivals is the Passover (Leviticus 23:5).


The Passover is only a few days away … There is an excitement in the air. My family cannot wait.


Exodus 12:43-49 says:

And the Lord said unto Moses and Aaron, This is the ordinance of the passover: There shall no stranger eat thereof: But every man’s servant that is bought for money, when thou hast circumcised him, then shall he eat thereof. A foreigner and an hired servant shall not eat thereof. In one house shall it be eaten; thou shalt not carry forth ought of the flesh abroad out of the house; neither shall ye break a bone thereof. All the congregation of Israel shall keep it. And when a stranger shall sojourn with thee, and will keep the passover to the Lord, let all his males be circumcised, and then let him come near and keep it; and he shall be as one that is born in the land: for no uncircumcised person shall eat thereof.  One law shall be to him that is homeborn, and unto the stranger that sojourneth among you.



This is time that is so very special, intimate you might even say, a time for believers alone. For Christ and His bride. Consider, in the Bible Jesus kept the Passover with His disciples. It was not a big or fancy occasion but an intimate meal – time shared with those closest to Him. Just as we are today when we are born again and put on Christ. Again, this is special, meant for those He has chosen and called out. In fact He repeats this command, for the Passover to be for His alone and not the stranger but that only those who are circumcised may partake in this feast. We are circumcised when we are born again, baptized in Jesus name and filled with the Holy Spirit. We have then entered into covenant with the Lord.  How He loves to give us physical images to show the spiritual. It shows obedience and love, demonstrated that by an actual act that can be observed and seen.  Testimony!


Any uncircumcised male who is not circumcised in the flesh of his foreskin shall be cut off from his people; he has broken my covenant.” 
(Gen 17:14)




God does not change. He is the same yesterday, today and forever more! Praise God for that!



Do you remember how God told the Israelites to eat the Passover in their home? This is another way of showing how serious and intimate of an event this is to be. Part of keeping Passover is sharing the wonderful truth that Jesus has provided freedom for us from bondage. That we are now free of the world; set apart and chosen by Him!  We have been delivered through His blood, shed for us, while we were still sinners. What a wonderful picture of how love ought to look! And what a wonderful way to remind and encourage one another, of the love we are to have one for another.  Let us examine our hearts. As we read of the plagues, the judgements, and the miraculous deliverance of God’s people, we praise God! We talk about the afikomen, and share of the One who was pierced for us and rose again the third day, we remember anew the price of our salvation.


We also sing the “Diyanu” as a reminder of how God always provides for the needs of His people.





And to show our hope and faith we end saying, “Next year in Jerusalem!”❤




This is such a precious time~ a beautiful opportunity to show our family how alive the Word of God is and how it still matters for us today!  If you are looking for some ways to make this special time lots of fun, as you learn, with your little ones too I have lots of great recipes and fun things for little hands to do and learn with here.









A+ Mini Math – A Schoolhouse Review

Math is not one of our favorite things in this house. My husband is an engineer, and my younger son, who is six are really good at math. But my oldest son and I really struggle in this area. Needless to say, I know the importance of enjoying the things being studied so I am often very much looking for something that will make math a bit more enjoyable for my oldest son. We have had the chance to review a number of math programs this year but I was still eager to review  A+ Interactive Math‘s new Math Mini-Courses and we have had the opportunity to review a couple of them through the TOS Crew. There are 20 various Math Mini-Courses to choose from; we were provided with the Elementary & Middle School Multiplication (2nd-6th – 13 lessons)  and Elementary Geometry (1st-4th – 19 lessons) for our review.








Just to give you an idea as to the courses available:


Counting and Identifying Numbers (1st-3rd) – 15 lessons

Place Value and Number Combinations (1st-3rd) – 15 lessons

Naming, Comparing and Arranging Numbers (1st-3rd) – 17 lessons

Early Elementary Fractions (1st-3rd) – 10 lessons

Early Elementary Addition (1st-3rd) – 17 lessons

Early Elementary Subtraction (1st-3rd) – 15 lessons

Elementary & Middle School Multiplication (2nd-6th) – 13 lessons

Elementary & Middle School Division (2nd-6th) – 15 lessons

Tables, Charts and Graphs (1st-6th) – 17 lessons

Elementary Geometry (1st-4th) – 19 lessons

Elementary Algebra (1st-4th) – 27 lessons

Advanced Geometry (4th-7th) – 35 lessons

Advanced Fractions (4th-8th) – 26 lessons

Decimal Numbers (3rd-7th) – 20 lessons

Percentages (5th-8th) – 13 lessons

Time (1st-4th) – 20 lessons

Money (1st-5th) – 18 lessons

Number Types and Conversions (3rd-6th) – 35 lessons

Ratio, Proportions, Probability & Statistics (3rd-6th) – 14 lessons

Measurements and Conversions (2nd-6th) – 23 lessons


As I am sure you can imagine this isn’t a complete math curriculum, but it could be a very helpful addition if there are some areas that are more troublesome than others. There are numerous worksheets, reference sheets, and the videos are all animated (kind of fun says my son).  Its also got a great tracker so you always know the progress that is being made in the course.






My son is very artistic and loves playing with lines and shapes so when we had the chance to complete the Elementary Geometry mini course, I wasn’t going to think twice about it. This is a great basic course too! The course begins with a very easy to understand introduction to geometry and then covers topics like: Naming Plan and Solid Shapes, Vertices, Edges and Faces, 2-D and 3-D Shapes, Lines of Symmetry and plenty more. What we really liked about this was the Interactive Q & A where we can review what was taught with guided assistance (like having a tutor right there with you!). And at the end of every lesson there is a certificate that can be printed out. My son really liked that part too!  I think this was probably his favorite course out of the two. There are 19 lessons in all in this mini course and it really is a great way to introduce your kids to the subject of geometry in a way that is fun!





We also had the opportunity to review the Elementary and Middle School Multiplication – Mini Course Online. My oldest son has been really struggling for some time now with multiplication so when this came our way, was I ever glad for something new to try. And again, my son really likes these classes – he finds the videos short enough that he can focus on the lesson – and the Interactive Q & A is a great help to him when he is struggling in one lesson or another. This mini course begins with an introduction to multiplication and slowly moves into more advanced topics such as: multiplication tricks, multiplying a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number, multiplying a 4-digit number and a 2-digit number, all the way to multiplication with three numbers.  I have to say, there was quite a bit of this that was definitely over his head (mine too in some cases!). There are 13 lessons in all in this one. It definitely is quite a bit more advanced than I expected but it was a good challenge for my son and we worked through the videos and the problems together. I made sure to remind him too, as we advanced in this course, that the math we were learning was quite complicated and we were working to do our best. Plain and simple.  He was a really good sport in all of it too!



We really enjoyed our experience with  A+ Interactive Math; this is a very easy program! It wasn’t overwhelming and while its lessons were clear and concise, it was also short enough to keep my son’s attention. A+ Interactive Math does a great job with teaching these hard things to our kids, in a simple way. If you have some gaps, as we do, this is a wonderful alternative to use to fill those areas in. Simple, not too boring but not too childish either, this is something that really is a great addition to our homeschool. And did I mention, its quite affordable too!



Math Mini-Courses {A+ Interactive Math Review}

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Spring into Spring with Great Freebies!

As you probably already know, I have been a member of the Old Schoolhouse Review Crew Team for a few years now and they have always been such a blessing to me! If you are not familiar with them, you need to be.:-) Have I said before how amazing and blessed I consider my family to be because of this organization? They offer so many fabulous resources to homeschooling families and their site is unbelievable! And now guess what?  They have blessed me (and you too!) with some of their great materials — from us to you – FOR FREE!!  Recently, I’ve been given the opportunity to offer some of the blessings to you. Every one of these is completely free to you!




Spring is in the air (for now) here in Wisconsin. Its time to begin spring cleaning and preparing for the Passover celebration! It is time to consider was we will plant and pray for a good harvest in the yer to come. So it seems now is a great time for a giveaway too!  But do me a favor would you?  Stop by their Facebook page and “like” them. You really won’t be disappointed!😀

To receive these digital download e-books free of charge, just use the coupon code in this posting, just scroll down.  Be sure to enter this special code at check out and you will receive any or all of these three awesome materials below – Free!!    There are no strings attached – but this code is only good for the month of April – after that this deal will be gone with the wind.



Are you interested in a learning adventure where light becomes more than just something to brighten a room? Where bugs become fascinating creatures and not something to merely be screamed at? Order this 20-pack Adventure bundle today!





Does your student guess about how to proceed with a problem rather than actually think about how to solve it?  How can we increase a child’s math skills? See math is both abstract and concrete. Introduce math to your child in a practical and fun way!








What happens when you don’t follow God’s plan? Do you ever feel like He is not moving quickly enough for you? Who’s really in charge, you or God? Sometimes you may wish for life to move faster, but is it really right? Be encouraged today!






I chose each of these in hopes that one may be just what you need! Since my family celebrates the Passover, I am always looking for thing to encourage growth spiritually the time of year. And for my kids we are always on the lookout for materials that will encourage them and inspire them in their learning journey! Which is just what these materials do!  So be sure to get yours before the month is over and if you know anyone who could use these don’t hesitate to share!  Just don’t forget to use the code JKCREW16!  Nice and easy right? OH, and if you ave a chance, stop on by the Schoolhouse Review Crew and The Old Schoolhouse Magazine pages on Facebook to say “thank you”.   You can also see there, how much more they have to share.

I do hope you enjoy all of these goodies that they have to offer! May they bless your family as they have blessed mine so many times❤❤