History Through the Ages: Project Passport ~ It’s Crew Review Time

I may have mentioned before that one of my family’s favorite things to study is history. If I haven’t, I am saying it now. History is so much fun to learn together and now that we are using Home School in the Woods, and their HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Greece, it is even more fun than before! We received a digital copy to use at my oldest son’s request since he has been really interested in all things Greek as of late. If you are looking for a way to make some of those old stories come alive, this is such a fabulous way to do it. 🙂







There are four different time historical topics available to choose from: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, The Middle Ages, and Renaissance and Reformation. My oldest son chose Ancient Greece (recommended for grades 3-8). This program includes 25 “stops” which encourage our children to learn more about Greek mythology, Greek government, Everyday Life, Medicine, the Arts, Greeks and Jews, and SO much more.  This is meant to take about 8-12 weeks to complete however if you are anything like us, you may take a bit more time as you stop and really dig into al the good stuff that is packed into this one. We took a very leisurely approach to our travels through Ancient Greece and enjoyed a great deal of the additional resources recommended.





Because, I admit it, I get overwhelmed when it comes to something that has lots of “steps” within it, I am ever so grateful for the Travel Planner: Quick Stop Itinerary which is provided. With these handy pages, I know exactly what to expect at each stop we make. And since I tend to be such an unorganized organizer (does that make sense to you?) it helps me to see quickly just what we need for each day. Whether we are adding to the Snapshot Moments or Postcards; writing for the Greek Weekly or preparing the Map of Greece, I can quickly and easily locate and gather what we need. That’s a huge relief right?



We got to work right away when this arrived! My son was so excited (and this is a rarity for him as of late!).  We sat down and printed everything (I warn you, it is quite a bit) so that we could begin our travels. My kids all thought it was so cool that they had a passport and a little suitcase (lapbook) to keep track of all they learn on their travels.


We prepared the Scrapbook of Sights and the Snapshot Moments timeline right away. And while I thought we were done, my son wasn’t done for the day. He cut out all of the snapshot photos for the timeline.


As he cut we actually wound up completing a couple lessons because he had so many questions about who these guys were and what happened and when exactly. The fact that this is all woven into Biblical events too was a huge bonus. That really got his curiosity piqued because he is my “pastor in training” always studying the Word. 🙂



Can I say, this is not just a history class? There is so much more within this than you may imagine. We created maps of the Aegean Civilization and Greek World! We were reporters for the newspaper in Ancient Greece (my younger son said “there weren’t really newspapers back then LOL). What a fabulous way to encourage my reluctant writer to think a bit more creatively! Since he loves to draw it was great too that there were opportunities for him to illustrate stories, postcards of his travels, designing advertisements for the Trojan Horse Tours. Then there were the Audio Tours…these were great! We listened to these a lot while my son was creating various projects.





Each day we began our travels with a bit of reading. Great for my reluctant (Imagine that!) reader. Sometimes we would alternate reading the material and then he would narrate for me what we just read.  I like to make sure he is paying attention. 🙂 Some days this could be pretty involved – it’s important to prepare all of the materials before you get started – it was so worth it though. Creating maps and reading names and events – hearing my son put them together with Bible stories and verses; recalling details from our recent Percy Jackson reads – its a reminder that they are always listening. Even when we think they aren’t.





Being that my son is one of those kid that is very reluctant (dare I say a bit rebellious?) in his learning right now, it was so very refreshing to see him want to work on this each day. As he read (himself) and did the various projects within I saw him really curious again. He hasn’t been for some time. In fact, it has been a struggle getting him to do just about everything and this momma needed to be inspired and reminded of why we are home educators.  So as we travel together through Ancient Greece we are both seeing a love of learning come alive again. We are learning together.  Growing together. I mean, this is so much fun and so much inspiration to be more creative.  That is what it is all about if you ask me!  By the way, Home School in the Woods is currently working on an Ancient Rome study which should be out in 2018. Keep your eyes peeled. I know I am excited about this one.


HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study Reviews

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Five Minutes…

What comes to mind when we think of the word weakness?

The way I was raised if you were weak you needed someone else. You were unable to do things on your own. Perhaps you were overly emotional. If I was raised whatever you needed but you were unable to it was a form of weakness.

Of course once I heard the Lord calling and responded iLearn so much. So many things so very different from what I had a thought. It is better to be weak than to be strong is it not?

It does not matter what we do if we do not do it all in love. If we make up our mind how we feel and no matter how weak we may be God will take care of everything else.

It’s good for us to be aware of our weaknesses. Physical weakness or spiritual weakness. Our strength should come from him. Our weakness should show God’s strength in us to others.
Isn’t it amazing how strong we really are when we begin to understand how weak we truly are? When we are weak we admit our mistakes and we can face them. When we are weak we are teachable. We are humble. Whatever we do we do it with a desire to help. Because on our weakness we acknowledge that it’s not about us.

I pray that God keep me faithful. It is by his grace for he is the one who began a good work within me and I know whatever he does will prosper.

How we need to be patient not just with others but also with ourselves. May we let the Lord do his work with him peacefully quietly. Let us never trust in our own power or knowledge come in weakness and humility before God.

Blogging the Alphabet 

This week I really struggled with what I wanted to blog about. Since every week is a different letter I often spend a few days praying about what to write…. this week my oldest son came to my rescue.



We have been talking a lot about helping and loving one another. Particularly our siblings.



I was surprised and pleased when he heard me struggling to figure out what to blog about that begin with the letter “E” He quickly said “encourage of course”.

He reminded me of how important it is for iron to sharpen iron! 



A cord of three is not easily broken. If two or three walk together let them be agreed.  They were all of one accord and one mind. There is one Lord. One faith. But where two or three are gathered in His name, there is power.



Perhaps the way we do things is different. We are all on a journey whether as followers of Christ or as home educators or as moms or wives.




We may not always stop and take the time to speak those encouraging words. Perhaps now is the time to start.



As you read this know that I believe that all things are possible in your life. I believe you can educate your child and you can be the perfect Homemaker for your family. I believe that you have faith enough to move that mountain.


I pray you will be encouraged and I pray you will be encouraging to another as well.

Where Will We Go? 

Today is my birthday of a sort. 😆
Seven years ago today I chose to answer the call of my Jesus. I went down into the water baptized in Jesus name. I worshipped and praised Him for this new life and I spoke in other tongues filled with God’s spirit. It was an experience like no other!

And this changed everything for me.

This morning I read about Elijah’s answer to God’s call. I’ve read it a hundred times and yet it was still such a powerful message reminder for me today. Am I willing to forsake all for Jesus? 

I think of how Elijah destroyed everything. Before he left his home to follow the Lord he made sure that there was nothing, not a thing, for him to go back to. Tea remove every Temptations and everything that could cause him to hesitate or turn away from the service he was called to.

This world is full of temptations. Idols everywhere. There’s so much to distract us and turn us from Jesus. If we aren’t careful, if we are not truly sold out to Him, how long will we really last?

I think of Ruth and Naomi. Willing to forsake friends and family and go to a strange new place with her mother-in-law. She didn’t go back. What an amazing story of loyalty and love. I love how she says “your God will be my God and your people my people.”
What an,amazing willingness to forsake all.  Eager, determined. She was not going back. She was giving all she had. 

I think those the many I have seen that give themselves to the Lord.  And then they go home. Something got in their way, hard times came. They didn’t truly understand their need. They werent truly in love. 

Perhaps some people will say that we go too far. I have been told I take this thing way too seriously. I have heard it said but I just want to be happy. The little things just dont matter. But is that true really?

I think of Elijah and I imagine…. if he had kept all of his stuff . If he had not  destroyed his life  before, when it got hard and when people came against him would he have gone home?

Time and again we see how God blesses His people giving them land and so much more. He says do not do as they do and do not worship with them. Do not take part in their festivals. He tells us that we will be blessed, if we just remain close to Him. If we just make sure that we are in the world but not of the world. 

So often the things of this world cause many to linger. To look back. We aren’t sure that this one little thing will really do us any harm. We forget that God is good. We do not truly believe that God will provide.  

There is nothing that this world has for thise who are truly His people. There is no worldly thing that could possibly compare to the love and the blessings that God has for every one of his children.

But we have to be willing. Are we willing to step out in faith? Instead of listing the reasons why we can’t a mama who are home with our baby can’t we believe on the Lord and come home? Can’t we live as though we are healed instead of dying inside? Can’t we reach out with our empty hands and know that God will fill them? 

I love knowing that the life that I live today it is impossible with man but with God it is all more than possible.

The scripture says there is a way that is right. It says that the way is narrow that leads to salvation. When we truly find Jesus nothing else will matter.

Blogging through the Alphabet

I have really been praying about what to write this week. And perhaps it’s because we have all been under the weather for the last week or two? Maybe it’s because we are all feeling and becoming just sluggish as of late…I was suddenly led to write about diligence.

I immediately think of the Book of Proverbs. He tells us diligent hands will rule. He says that hard work brings a profit and the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.

I think of that Proverbs 31 Woman Who is so diligent. Her time and her energy so clearly dedicated to her family and her home. She selects wool and flax, she works eagerly with her hands. She gets up while it is dark and she works vigorously.  Her arms are strong. She watches over her household. She is not idle.

I read this and I feel as though I’m anything but diligent. And yet we see again and again how diligence in prayer and work can make such a difference in our lives.

How about Epaphras? He “always wrestled in prayer and he always worked hard.  Always.  Diligence.

Let us not just work and let us not just pray but let us do so with greater focus and energy. Let us strive and desire to be diligent. Let us not just say that we will but let us also do. 

It’s Time for Times Alive! (The Review Crew is Back!)

My oldest son has an amazing memory! He has been a Bible Quizzer since he was 6 (memorizing a 100+ scriptures each year).  He is also active in a local speech and debate group where memorizing information is key to proper presentation. He sings with our church choir; he memorizes every song with ease. And yet, when it comes to times tables – we are stuck.  He struggles to remember; he gets frustrated and can’t focus. He just cannot, however he tries, memorize these numbers. Enter in, Times Aliveonline lessons full of fun animated songs and stories to help our kids learn Times Tables the Fun Way. The songs and stories are lots of fun, super funny, and each lesson is just the right length! We were given a three month subscription to this program but since the time needed to complete this varies from student to student, subscriptions are on a month to month basis.  And this is so fun, you might have to make your kids stop each day. 🙂







Times Alive! It is fun, interactive and so engaging. What a great way for our kids to learn their times tables.  This covers all of the facts for numbers 0-9 .  With fun and silly songs that you may find yourself singing throughout the day, while cleaning the house or driving around town – the stories and songs that they use are definitely unforgettable! Doesn’t that make it so much easier to help our kids master their times tables? It really works!  This really is Times Tables the Fun Way!





These lessons are so creative and well thought out! Each lesson has a theme, as you can see in this image. As each lesson is completed there are speed drills and reviews to be completed. The lessons are short and simple.  There are only 18 lessons to be completed and you can even go back and review them as often as you like. We did that ourselves with a few of them. And of course, there is a student progress report for us mommas to be able to keep track of progress. It is very helpful too in showing where there are some struggles in learning.





As each new lesson unfolds, they also have fun activities to complete. My oldest son did lament that he couldn’t print this and then color it in himself. They do offer a student workbook for this program although we did not receive this ourselves. If you have some of those creative kids, may be worth getting  a copy for them.



Do you Remember? This is one of our favorite activities to help with learning. As my son would complete this, I often could hear him singing the songs for each one pictured. Such a fun variety of characters and topics used. Every time I think about how creative and silly this program really is, I have to smile. It’s just been such a blessing to my boys. Honestly, math has never been something my oldest has enjoyed (math time is typically full of groans and tears and fighting) but he is eager and excited to do this program. Every time.





This is a wonderful program! Simple, fun lessons that really draw our kids in and make them want to learn. Doesn’t that make all the difference too?  Between movies and songs and painting fun, our kids are kept active and involved as they learn. And it all happens so quickly too. As the activities are completed you can see the number of correct answers, the overall score, and the time it took to complete the activity.





If you aren’t sure it can really be this easy to master the times tables, just check out the sample lesson above! I have to say this is one of those programs that I definitely recommend to everyone! Especially is you have younger ones.  It really is a terrific way to make memorizing the tables lots more fun!


Times Tables the Fun Way {Review} 

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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F35_ZRpRzJI


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What Do We Sing For? 

I do so love music ! I have always believed that it can be such a powerful tool. It can heal us when we are not well and it can energize us when we are feeling slow. Is there anything that can change our spirit more quickly than a good tune? 

I especially love music that reminds me how good our God is. Personally I am most fond of those old hymns that speak and sing gospel truths. Every word reminding us of God’s goodness and mercy and grace.As the deer panteth….. songs that remind me of God’s promises and songs that help me rember to ficus on things eternal. 

We sang some beautiful ones the other night in our worship service. Not oldies but still goodies. We rejoiced in how glorious our God is. We sang of His undying love for us.  We sang of how we are here to worship Him and that we will always worship Him.

As I sang these lyrics, I began to think of Peter and how he swore he would  always be at Jesus side.  And yet we read how three times he denied him. In the Lord’s hour of need Peter denied him.Are we singing to remind ourselves of what we need to do? Or are we deceiving ourselves and merely doing lip service to God as we sing?

I began to wonder….when we sing ( when I sing) is is really about how good He is or how good we are?  Do we sing it heartfelt, believing deeply every word? May the words inspire us and remind us of wgag we ought to do? Or are we just singing another song? 

Sometimes I wonder if the songs we sing really mean anything. Have we become so familiar with them that they have lost any real meaning? Do they still stir that passion within us and remind us of why we love the Lord and why we live for the Lord?

I think of all the good things that God has for us. I think of how beautiful heaven I must be and I consider myself truly blessed every day that the Lord considers me worthy to be his. I do not ever want to lose the awe that I have for my Lord and my salvation and how He loves me. 

We have to be honest with ourselves.  I think of how the scripture says “search me”. Are we truly? Honetly? Humbly? 

We can all get that place where we are tired, the fire doesnt burn as hot, we just don’t feel “in” love.  It is in those times we need to press on, we need to search witihn and find if there be any wicked way (or restless and bored and tired or whatever kind of us) in us. 

It happens.  But let us not become weary of loving and worshipping Him. For there is such power and such freedom in our worship.  Love him and sing to Him. And do it because you believe every single word. 

Five Minutes ~~Breathe ♡

Today has been a challenging day to say the least.
We have a last minute visitor. A sweet Mama friend from church needed someone to watch her son and how could I say no?
For some time I have just felt in my spirit the Lord asking me to reach out and just serve more. To show more love…

With a friend in the house however my oldest son has determined that he just doesn’t feel like doing his work. Or rather he doesn’t feel like doing it well.

It’s Mama it’s all about things being done the right way. I’m so as you can imagine his rebellion….a tired momma who hasn’t slept much lately….

Time to breathe. There is a need for that breathe of heaven.  As I remind and myself but nothing is impossible and anything but it’s hard it’s worth doing. And worth doing well.

Deep breaths. It clears my mind and it helps me to remember that it’s about grace. It’s about showing love as hard as that may be when he is staring me down with that angry rebellious face. 

But is it not the same face that God sees on me some days? We all bear the image of our Lord. It is so important to just breathe. So that that we do not forget that every one of us is an image bearer. 

How can you love God if we cannot love those who are his creation?

If we just take the time to slow down and breathe we can clearly see His hand and His heart. 

We Love our Thin Kwik Stix!

When I first began this blog a couple years ago,  I had no idea the things I would be blogging today! I have been so very blessed in my blogging, my fellow bloggers and also buy some amazing companies out there but make my job as a mom and home educator so much easier and lots more fun!





Kwik Stix is one of those products! In fact I think right now it is a favorite among all four of my kids. We received a 12 pack of their Thin Stix, from The Pencil Grip, company, for review. So fun, a perfect fit for little hands, and so colorful too!!





From the moment these arrived my kids have been busy! My oldest son loves how he can do those little things with these. They aren’t too big and they aren’t too small. I cannot say enough how much we are enjoying this. The vibrant colors and the many ways that we have been able to use them too!



My children range in age from soon-to-be to 2 all the way up to 11. And one of their favorite things to do is draw and paint. So these were definitely such a treat for us to receive.



Isn’t that fun to see our kids create? And there are just so many things that we can learn at the same time!





These are durable too. And the colors are so vibrant! A huge benefit when they’re being used by for children on an almost daily basis.                                     when I was surprised and so very pleased with how long these have lasted in our home. Nothing broken and do they are easy to wash off they end up on something they shouldn’t be on. Haha








If you have kids who love to draw and paint this is definitely something you want to have on hand. And if you’re like me and you love to shop Amazon don’t worry because you can get them there too! Lots of colors and lots of clean fun for everyone. 🙂