Bessie’s Pillow ~ Review

I remember when I was growing up, being told that the one thing that made this country so great, was the variety of people who were here. Immigrants from far and wide came to this country wanting a better life. Our land was filled with people who had drive and desire to live in a place where they could be free. My grandparents were immigrants; I wish I could remember the stories that were told of life before they came here, and after. There is so much we can learn from those who came before. For that reason I have come to live historical non-fiction like Bessie’s Pillow published by Strong Learning.Inc.


Bessie’s Pillow – A Young Immigrant’s Journey (based on a true story) is written by Linda Press Silbery, who is Bessie’s granddaughter.  Throughout the book are actual photos from family albums, bringing to life the story that is told.

The story begins in 1906 in Vilna, Lithuania as Boshka (Bessie) travels to escape persecution.  Travel with her to Hamburg, then across the seas as she learns the English language, makes new friends, and begins a great adventure. Experience and read actual historical details about life as a Jewish, Russian, Orthodox girl traveling to a new life. Her challenges and struggles, love, courageousness and kindness will move you and draw you in to this story making Bessie a dear friend and companion.


Listen to Linda speak about and share beautiful photographs, bringing to life even more, this story. Explore Bessie’s Family Album and childhood in a Photo Gallery sharing moments from her life in Lithuania, New York, New Rochelle.

Historically, 1906 to 1936 was a time of great change and growth in America. Experience and explore a variety of interactive learning regarding:

  • Famous People
  • Food and Recipes
  • Radio
  • Movies
  • Music & Dancing
  • News
  • Presidents
  • Immigration (European specifically)
  • Housework
  • Health

What a fun way to explore and experience American the same way Bessie did!

You can even explore the stories of others who tell of their experience immigrating.

There is also a Teacher’s Guide to help guide and encourage use of this story to teach language arts and social studies. There are some great discussion questions and activities encouraging our own children to explore their own family histories, to explore the various situations and determine what they would do and why. There are character studies, research topics given, even a timeline of American history (download a full size one) and there are a ton of recommended reading materials too!

I have thoroughly enjoyed every page of this book and I definitely recommend this as one every one should read. While I read this aloud to my children, there were times and parts, which I skipped over due to the age of my children. This is a very honest and realistic book, portraying the good and the bad of the immigration experience so some situations can be difficult and sensitive for children to hear. However even with those moments and sometimes uncomfortable details within the pages of this book, it is all done in a way that makes it necessary but also understandable (sad too!).  So much of this book and the materials that are provided along with it, can be a great lesson to both ourselves and our children. Certainly this was a story that really gave my children and I a new perspective and a renewed appreciation for what we have and where we are.


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Art is such a important piece in my children’s education.  They just love to draw and paint; my oldest son has even begun to sculpt a bit. Just simple clay but how I love to see him work. He has always wanted to take classes, formal art training, something to really advance and strengthen his skills. But around here there isn’t much and what there is we just cannot manage right now. Then we were introduced to Sharon Hofer and her amazing online program, Creating A Masterpiece. This is just like a formal art course but online; she provides easy instruction in a variety of media, and it is suitable of for children of any age who just want to create their own masterpieces. We received the Monthly Plan for review and wait until you some of the masterpieces that have been created since we began!


This program offers such an amazing variety of media forms:

  • Soft Pastels
  • Oil Pastels
  • Sculpture
  • Watercolor
  • Acrylic
  • Block Printing
  • Ink
  • Silk Dyeing
  • Pencil
  • Bombay Ink
  • Conte’ Crayon
  • Portraiture
  • Colored Pencil
  • Copper Tooling
  • Charcoal
  • Glass Mosaic
  • Watercolor Pencils
  • Gouache
  • Balsa Carving
  • Wood Burning

There is a Beginner level, as well as additional levels 1-5; there is also an Art in History level which I thought was really neat!  You don’t have to complete one level at a time; my children bounced about on this one. We did some projects in Projects range within these from scenic drawing, to portraits, and landscapes – without a doubt there is an amazing variety to choose from! You can choose projects based on difficulty or you could find projects based on the medium being used. I think some days, if I allowed it my oldest son could spend the entire day just working on all the different projects here!

My oldest son decided he was going to sculpt a turtle the moment he saw this lesson. I wasn’t sure about this but as he watched and worked with her instruction, it was amazing how the simple shapes they began with became a turtle! There were four video lessons for this one which also included helpful hints and highlights from each lesson too. It was quite impressive how something that looked so complex was so easily broken down into simple, manageable steps.  Her teaching style really ensures that our children can complete the project (for younger kids maybe will need a bit of assistance but it is definitely possible for them to create!).

Another lesson that my younger children really enjoyed was the sunflower. This lesson was meant to be done in pencil but my littler ones really enjoyed drawing and then painting, their sunflowers. There were six lessons included for this project which was a bit much for my younger ones but they still persevered to the end and had their very own sunflowers to proudly show off.

All three of my children really enjoyed a Lesson in Soft Pastel; pastels are definitely one of our favorite mediums to work with right now. So together, my oldest and his younger siblings sat and worked hard at this lovely landscape. Only three lessons this was one that each of my children really enjoyed.

I have to show off a bit here because my oldest son worked really hard on this one. He knows how much I Just love horses and so after he and I had an especially difficult day, I found him (frustrated but diligently at work) on a white stallion. This is one of the level 5 projects and is very involved. Only four lessons but this one requires quite a bit of slow work, steady hand and patience.

My oldest son (11) really appreciated her teaching style and how he felt like throughout the video she was “like a friend” with her camaraderie and banter. As she talked it kept him relaxed and at ease; he liked that he could just sketch or paint while she talked and how she wasn’t always “barking” instructions but encouraging in her words and her tone with each step in these projects.

My younger son (7) never wants to draw; art has always been something he does in a hurry so he can do something of his own choosing. But now he has his own drawing book and I can find him sketching at the breakfast table or in bed before he goes to sleep. This has really awoke a creative spirit in him that was not there before!

And my daughter (5) has just really been encouraged by this too! Even as young as she is, she has followed along with some of the simpler lessons and really enjoyed them! She loves drawing flowers and butterflies. Watercolors and pastels are her favorites; as she has completed projects alongside her brothers she has gained a greater understanding and confidence in her own abilities.

I love how each lesson is set up for our children to have success! Supply lists are provided for each project (with a link to purchase materials through Dick Blick – we got ours at our local craft store), downloads and lesson highlights and tips. We really thoroughly enjoyed this program (we still are actually!) and I highly recommend it if you have children who have a desire to learn and create. This has inspired every one of my children to see things in a different way and to try to capture some of what they see in a creative way, to share with others.


Connect to Create: Creating a Masterpiece


Most Blessed

It occurred to me this afternoon that it is so easy for us to take our struggles and focus on them. To forget about those little blessings that come our way and focus instead what we think we ought to have instead.

Because I can so often be guilty a focusing in on all the siblings squabbles and messes.  I can focus too much on the fact but I lost my temper or I didn’t manage to organize that one room. Perhaps my attempt at decluttering haven’t quite worked out.

In all of the mess sometimes we forget about the lessons that are being learned and the character that is being built. In those sibling squabbles we have the opportunity to teach kindness and patience. We have the opportunity to model humility and love. When we are in the middle of a mess we have the opportunity to look and see memories being made lessons being learned and life happening!

Today I think about all the challenges we faced together. A couple skinned knees and a couple bruised egos. Our oldest son came back from camp to tell us about the girl he liked the last year and how she didn’t like him anymore. We made donuts together we walked along the lake spotting fish and baby ducks. We got to visit friends of ours who recently opened their own coffee and juice bar downtown. Italian sodas! 

It is a blessed week. The ups and the downs the messes. Gardening with the kids and fixing up the yard. Sure inside and outside our house is kind of a mess right now but we are having so much fun. We are learning so much more. And the blessings? There are so many I know not where to begin. But I thank the Lord for every moment and I pray but I will always use each moment for his glory.

Apples Can’t Be Oranges

I cannot believe we are only a week away from the month of July! And we are just now planting our little vegetable garden. Better late than never right?

My younger son was actually my inspiration for planting anything at all this year. He has recently taken to making pickles and recently decided he also wants to learn to make salsa. Not with the store-bought stuff but with tomatoes and peppers that he grows himself.

Since a wonderful homeschool family was kind enough to offer us a couple extra plants that they had I decided it was worth it to give it a try. And we headed to the local Garden store to get a few tomato plants too.

Now our garden patch is quite a mess. Last year we took the year off completely because we were working to landscape and we’re moving raspberry bushes and blackberry bushes about. 

Even if I hadn’t taken a year off of tending and sewing the soil every year it is a crazy math of weeds. Some beautiful and some not so beautiful. And I remember as I work with in the garden that if we do this well there will be fruit that will come from all of our hard work.

My youngest son is such a hard worker! He has a determination and an eagerness to do that just inspires me. I thought of my oldest son who is the complete opposite period he is not one for getting his hands dirty. He will go outside and help with yard work but only as long as he has to. His heart is in creating musically and artistically. He draws and sketches and builds things. He is my dreamer. My younger son is very much a doer. 

It got me thinking though. How often I confuse my two boys and my daughters too by expecting of one that of the other. An apple is not an orange nor can it be. It is unfair of me to expect my oldest son to work hard in the garden or to build a birdhouse out of wood. It is unfair of me to expect my younger son to draw amazing pictures and play various melodies on our keyboard or drum set. What is an apple and the other an orange. And that’s okay.

They need to know that it is okay. They need to be encouraged to follow their talents and abilities without feeling the need to be more like the other. Are we not all uniquely made in God’s image? We are His image bearers.  with that come gifts and abilities. As God purposes for each of us so he also equips us. None need to be the same.

I have been taking the last few weeks to read and to find the way that we should go. At home Hendon learning and even in leisure. And I have found again and again that is important just simply be faithful. To trust God. No good comes from worrying and posing tons of what ifs. Instead we need to trust the one who created us. The one who has the plan.

We need to know and always remember that even in the mess there is beauty. Even in the trials and the struggles there is a purpose. Can we see the struggles and tears and challenges and rise up graciously to meet them knowing that God is on our side. 

When Try is a Bad Word

How many of us like to tell our kids that they just need to try? 

I still remember my no 11 year old son telling me again and again but he can’t try.

Sometimes I think even though we probably don’t mean to we tell our kids to try expecting them not to succeed.
I know that there are times when it is good for us to encourage our kids to try. Even ourselves for that matter. Perhaps it inspires and encourages.  Give someone the courage to do something they might not have otherwise.

But those reluctant Learners? The rebellious ones? When I tell my oldest son that he needs to try I do believe that what he hears is me telling him to do something for a short. Of time. I believe that to him try simply implies a way out and not an opportunity.

Not long ago I added the word try to our list of words not to use. I know that might sound crazy but I have found that we just have a richer experience when I place something before my son and tell him we are going to do this.

I often think of how in the Word of God we are never told to try. Again and again however we are told that With God all things are possible. We are reminded that we are more than conquerors.

Shouldn’t we keep these truths in remembrance even as we work at things like reading and writing and math each day?

I often remind myself and my son let the Bible commands us to do all things for the glory of God. Certainly we can do that fast if we just determined to do that which is before us.

As I look for different ways to encourage and inspire my children I may seek out different programs or activities period but I also seek to speak life into them because so often I think we forget about the power of the words that we use. 

I will not tell my children to try but I will tell them to work well at what they are doing. I will encourage them to dig in to something new and exciting. My hope is not in success for all things but in them Having the courage and the determination to do well at any task set before them. Because the works that we do say so much about who we are and what matters to us.

How Often ….


How often do we sit and look at other posts on social media and maybe get down on ourselves? Just a bit? It’s so important for us to remember that we only see what others allow us to see. …How many of us are going to post photos of our messy homes or failed meals? Children in a tantrum?



We post what we want to share….But there is so much we never see..Before we compare ourselves and beat ourselves up over all those things others seem to do, those skills and talents others share…remember those things that they do, and that there are many things they do not do as well






For example, I do not:

Meal Plan
Decorate my home in lovely ways
Keep an immaculately or well organized home
Wake early in the morning
Work out at a gym
Eat as natural as I should
Keep a schedule
Have quiet time (ever!)
Go on fancy family vacations
Have home birth
Keep my car clean
Play with my kids
Do arts and crafts
Sew or Knit
Keep my mouth shut
Show patience and an even temper 😛
Speak softly
Have a lovely garden



This list could go on and on but I think you get the idea. I actually got this idea from another wise lady!



We look inward so we know what to look to Christ for.



Can we begin to focus on what we actually do?


Keeping our eyes and our focus on Him and the Kingdom of God?



So many things we do may seem small and insignificant but are very powerful!




It’s all about Heart

My oldest son has always been a rather extreme boy. He is always gone one way or the other. In fact when he was three or four I remember a friend of ours from church commenting on that very thing. He were marked how he could see that raising this boy was going to be quite a challenge.

My oldest challenge in so many ways. Sensory issues. Attention and focus. A bit of that rebellious spirit. A desire to be in charge of himself. And he’s only 11!

Yesterday I went about changing passwords on all of the electronic devices in our house. I have read that for many children who have sensory processing issues screens are we really big thing. Unfortunately because obedience and showing respect and honor to others is also a great challenge right now.

As I was reading the other day it occurred to me but God repeatedly tells us that we are to love him with all of our heart and mind and soul and strength. Well we are commanded to love him we are also given the ability to choose. Will we choose to give him our heart and mind and soul and strength? Does God truly have our heart?

It occurred to me right then that perhaps my 11 year old son has not given his heart to anyone. Or maybe he gave it but it’s slowly taking it away. I need to have my son’s heart. Well he is not quite a little boy he is not quite a young man either and now is not the time for him to be contemplating who he should give his heart to.

Heart to Heart parenting. It’s what we do when we want to teach our children how to make good choices in their life. It’s how we take those ugly moments and turn them into Times where we grow and we learn together. I fear that I have not always looked to equip my oldest son with the tools which he needs to be responsible and make good choices. Perhaps more often than not I have demanded obedience without any teaching.

I take my rule as a mama very seriously. Who doesn’t? We want to see our kids endure the race to the very end. We want more than anything to hear Jesus say to our children well done good and faithful servant. Yet you know all of this work which we do are we about our work with faith or with fear? There are so many things that can make us anxious and cause us to worry and doubt. And God can’t work in that mess!

We need to find a new way and think about our children in a different way. We need to see them as stewards and as disciples. We need to love them as our neighbor because they are our neighbor.

I think of the many things that my oldest son loves. I think of those things that each one of my children loves really. These are the things that are feeding them. And not all of them I write things. Video games and movies and television…. these are nothing but junk food and our children cannot live on junk food. They cannot thrive on it.

There is much to do. Much work within every one of us. I think of times that I have said something I shouldn’t hear it those moments when an anger I have yelled and said hurtful things. Or perhaps those times when I just haven’t acknowledged his feelings the way I should. Perhaps those things he loves I have not shown enough interest in?

There needs to be a change pyramid 1st and me and then in him. Only God can change the heart and I pray that he will change mine and my son’s.

Never Not Ahead

We just returned from an amazing little vacation that my husband blessed our family with. We came home just in time.


I have a terrible toothache. Have I mentioned ever the anxiety and stress that dentists cause me? Out of nowhere, this constant throbbing on the side of my face; just one tooth causing so much trouble.

I remember that this could have happened while we were away; I kind of am thankful that all of this pain comes now that we are home.


Yet it reminds me that there always seems to be something…..repairs to do on the house; a bathroom that desperately needs renovation …. but there is always something. A kiddo needing glasses or braces… Seems no matter how we try we are never quite able to catch up.



I stopped being interested in getting ahead a long time ago; today it is just my hope that one day we can catch up. We can get that updated bathroom. We can fix the flooring. We can get what was once a kitchen, to look like something with purpose.



I love our little house. I love seeing it change and grow. I love being home with our children.  Sometimes though – I get stuck. I focus on those things that really do need to get done, and are seemingly impossible to get done. It seems to never end. We have a lovely new kitchen! Designed and built ~ We have to start somewhere right?


I am reminded of how on our own we really are though when I have any aches or pains…what about the kids? Have to bring them. Without close family or friends, where I go they go ..  I try not to go far, very often. Yet I remind myself often, it is this closeness, this needing one of another, that brings us closer. We have to rely on one another. And Jesus of course.




I am praying this morning. Asking Jesus to do something for me. At the same time, asking Him what more I can do for Him. I hate asking anyone for anything. It’s the thorn in my flesh maybe. Yet even so, I go before Him, I ask Him, to heal this awful pain. To take it away; to make this tooth new. If nothing else that it may glorify Him. I know He can; I trust that He will.




For now its coconut oil, sea salt gargling…Waiting. Patiently waiting. Enduring. Letting my children take the day to learn about their own things. Because this day.  I need a break. I need that break that I just cannot get. Not yet. But I know too that all things work together for His chosen ones and so I am so grateful that I am His.




Internship for High School with Apologia! {A Review}

My son is only 11 but he already has quite a few ideas about what he would like to be when “he grows up”. I remember when I was young, volunteering in a variety of organizations; this was such a blessing in helping to guide my steps. Because he is already thinking about his future, I was more than happy to have the chance to review Internship for High School Credit by Sherri Seligson, from Apologia Educational Ministries.



Apologia Educational Ministries



Apologia is one of a handful of companies that my kids and I just love. We have a number of their products and every single one of them is a winner. Again and again. The variety of subjects covered by their various materials is amazing; the fact that they all teach to a variety of learning styles is a blessing! And the way they weave the Word of God into all of this…I love it! My family loves it too! ❤



Internship for High School Credit


This is only about 100 pages but there is a wealth of wisdom within these pages. Like I said, I know my oldest son has a long ways to go before this is something he will have the opportunity to make active in his life. This is a one of a kind book walking you through the whole process one step at a time. What better way to get the right start then this? After all, a career choice is a big thing; with this we can make sure they have all the information they need to make a wise and responsible choice.



We received this shortly before my son went on his trip to our local humane society and wildlife rehabilitation center. The timing for this book’s arrival was perfect because he thinks he might want to work in this area when he gets older. So we dug into this one right away and were thrilled with the material included.  My son learned on his outing, that this organization encourages internships and allows volunteers even, at the age of fourteen. He learned about the positions he would be able to take on, the expectations and responsibilities and schedules. He even talked at length with a veterinarian about various educational paths to take when you have the interests he does.  I was blown away with all the information he obtained in the short visit.  And lots of the questions he asked he said he was inspired to ask by the little time he was reading the pages of this book before we left!  I wish I would have had this back in the day! ha-ha



With this book, you are inspired to really think about what you want to do and how you want to do it. Clearly outlining the benefits of an internship versus an apprenticeship; written to students, I love the reminder given, to pray and seek God’s direction for their life, as well as how God  made them, along with their skills and strengths. This book really encourages them to be creative; thinking outside of the box!


Commit your work to the Lord and your plans will be established. Proverbs 16:3


The pages within this book are full of examples of forms to use to track your internship, examples of student resumes; a letter of introduction to send to companies of interest, goals worksheets and lots more. There are even writing assignments and a sample thank you note to send to the organization that you complete your internship at. Can I say again how much I wish I had these resources when I was a student and an intern? These things are priceless; invaluable tools to make the most out of your time and experience.


This really is a book that will be of great value for students who are coming into this season of their home education. The opportunity to explore any career – gain experience in the field – is a wonderful benefit for encouraging and building hard working, satisfied young men and women. And whatever trepidation or intimidation you may feel when you think of the idea of taking on an internship; this book will ease your worries. Step by step this book will be your guide as you learn how to “Plan your work and then work your plan.”


Homeschool with Confidence & Internship for High School {Apologia Educational Ministries Reviews}


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You Aren’t Generous

I have always thought of myself as a pretty generous person. I spent years working and social services before I came home to teach and train my children. And how could anyone who dedicates their life to serving the least of these possibly not be generous?
Then I was reading this morning and it was said:
“We are not really generous individuals when we give what we have more than enough of. When we have a lot of free time and give our time to others that doesn’t make us generous and when we offer money and other things to those with needs because we have more than enough it does not make us generous. What does make us generous is giving when we just can’t. We do not have enough money or time or energy. We are tired and worn out, yet we stop and take the time to give. When we do this we have truly become generous.”

I admit I had to chew on that one quite a bit. As a mom to four little ones I have to admit that some days they are my excuse. 

I wish I could help but… if only I had more time…. money is really tight right now…..

Certainly these are things that we have all said at some point in time. And they are reasonable enough right? After all we are responsible to keep our home and to train up our children. How can we do that if we are constantly stopping to give and do?

And then my mind flashes to my oldest son who have really been struggling with as of late. He has gone from a sweet and helpful child to one who is brooding and very reluctant to help anyone other than himself. I showed her but I have to wonder… has he learned this from his mom or dad? How important it is for children to see us reaching out and serving others even at those times but aren’t so convenient for us.

I think of how a few years ago a wonderful old man stopped me in the parking lot because there was a hole in my shopping bag and something fell out. It was such a simple little thing. No big deal period yet it was such a big gesture. A wonderful show of character. 

I have to admit my children and I could do well to slow down. I remember reading somewhere and I do not recall who said it, that those interruptions in life are simply opportunities. If we are willing to see them.

K5 Learning Fun {Review}



My sweet little daughter has recently decided that she really wants to learn how to read and write like her brothers. So we were really excited to get the chance to try out K5 Learning,  an online supplemental math and reading program.  Since we are all about encouraging a love of learning in our children, a program like this, both educational and entertaining, is a wonderful introduction to “school”.


K5 Learning

K5 Learning is also recommended for those with special needs and ESL learners too because of its individualized, self-paced design. If we need to fill in some gaps; perhaps we simply need to keep that learning going throughout the summer, or winter break even! This program offers plenty of fun, interactive opportunities for our kids to have a blast while they gain critical, necessary skills.




The moment this one arrived my daughter sat down excitedly to do her assessment. I love that this program offers personalized lessons and even worksheets to go along with what they are learning. They have assessments for both math and reading; their program covers Kindergarten all the way through grade 5.




Since three of my four are all learning at different levels and different paces too, this was a wonderful opportunity to allow them each a bit of independence in their learning. And in such a way that it doesn’t seem like learning at all.  In fact, this is a wonderful program to use for “summer school”; those times when we want to take a break but still want to encourage some reading, writing and arithmetic 🙂 Each account can have up to four students and they offer monthly and annual subscriptions to the site.





I had my two older sons both complete the assessments in reading and math; this was a nice opportunity to see where we have learning gaps and also to get a better idea of their reading abilities so as I plan for the coming year,  I can better meet their needs. I was impressed with how complete the assessment is too; each one takes about 30 minutes to complete. It’s great how they have a variety of levels of material in these; all so that the program for your children can be completely unique to their learning abilities.




My younger son really enjoyed the math portion of this program. The activities that he completed were fun and engaging. The lessons for all the perfect length for him too. Since he is my struggling reader, we spent quite a bit of time in that part of this program. The best part of this program for him, was how he was able to start over, per se, with reading and letter sounds. Really go back to the basics so we could make that foundation a greater one for him.  We really liked that there were worksheets for him to complete as he went along. For whatever reason this little man of mine really likes doing worksheets.





With my oldest son this was a wonderful addition to fill in those gaps particularly in the area of math. I especially appreciated the worksheets but I think helped him to firm up his understanding of certain concepts. He also would use the spelling and vocabulary portion of this program. And of course doing a little bit of reading each week was a must. He tends to be my very reluctant learner right now so again, the entertaining and fun way these lessons are put together really was encouraging. It is rare as of late that he wants to work on any thing – This was very helpful in inspiring him to learn because the lessons really are so much fun! I have to admit I even logged on to my kids accounts to try my hand, for review purposes of course, at these activities. Fun, fun!






All of my children especially enjoyed the joke of the day. Since there was a new one every time they logged in some days I would hear my kids teaching each other the joke that they learned on their account that morning. My younger son especially enjoys sharing these jokes! There is such an amazing variety of material for our kids to learn on this program. You can even get a free trial if you aren’t sure that this is your thing. I am so glad that we were given the opportunity to use this though; we will definitely be continuing with this through the summer.  It’s a great (and fun) way to really strengthen skills in so many different areas!



K5 Learning




I love the variety of learning! For my littlest one there’s phonics and basic number and operations skills. For my oldest algebraic thinking and geometry and how to analyze data. And because this program adapts right along with our kids it is always just what they need. Well, maybe it isn’t always exactly what they need, but they have a wonderful and very helpful staff that is quick to fix whatever you need. Move a level up or down. Schedule an additional assessment. There is so much to be gained from this one. 🙂 




K5 Learning {Reviews}


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