The Cat of Bubastes ~ Schoolhouse Review

I have always loved listening to stories. I remember when I was a child in fact bringing home records from the library, to listen to Shakespeare and Dickens and all other sorts of amazing stories! There is nothing better than a good story! We have been so blessed again and again, to be able to review one after another of the awesome audio adventures from Heirloom Audio Productions! And we have loved every one! So when we learned that they had come out with another drama, The Cat of Bubastes we were super excited and eager to be a part of it!

Heirloom Audio Productions ~Cat of BubastesWe have loved every Heirloom Audio Productions drama we have been so blessed to receive. Since we tend to drive a lot, these go with us everywhere and they never get old! The day that we received in the mail The Cat of Bubastes was such a happy day! My kids were so excited and it made the trip we were taking that following week so much more enjoyable too!


For this review we received the CD set as well as a couple downloads. There was the following:

  • Official Soundtrack
  • MP3s of the production
  • Inspirational poster of 1 Chronicles 17:20
  • Promotional poster showcasing cast and cover art
  • G.A. Henty’s original book; full color graphics in e-book form
  • Complete Study Guide and Discussion Starter
  • Live The Adventure E-Newsletter
  • Behind the Scenes Documentary

(The PDF’s and MP3’s provided are all available in their Family Four Pack)

Heirloom Audio Productions ~Cat of Bubastes



As are every one of their audio adventures, it is based on the story by G.A. Henry which we really love! My oldest isn’t a big reader but he absolutely enjoys listening to these audios and will easily spend every spare moment listening again and again. My younger ones really enjoy these too; much more than when we simply read the books aloud at home. I guess I am just not as talented as these guys are. haha


This is by far our favorite story of them all! If you are not familiar with this historical work, let me give you a brief overview. The story is set in ancient Egypt where a young prince and his guardian are captured by the Egyptians after his father is killed in battle. They are then taken as slaves to Thebes where he becomes close friends with the son o the family he serves. When the daughter’s cat is soon chosen to be the next sacred cat doors are opened to discussions of God and faith.  There is a terrible tragedy, they children must flee the city for their life….And as the story progresses guess who we stumble across?  My son was so thrilled to find, of all characters, Moses. What a great way for him to connect things from a simple history lesson to the Bible truth!


  As if the excitement and adventure and character lessons within this story aren’t enough..there is this phenomenal study guide. I look forward to these every time we receive one of these great dramas!  From Listening Well to Thinking Further and and The Defining Word there are so may wonderful opportunities to go beyond this story and really make history not just come alive but be something that is personal and meaningful! Additionally since my kids range in age from 18 months all the way too 11 years old, this is a wonderful way to help every one of my children to understand some of the deeper meaning in this story. For each track there are a variety of questions, sometimes it is map work, other times it may be defining words or thinking further about what it really means to be happy and content (good one for all of us right?).



My oldest, a language loving son, really enjoyed learning all about the ancient language form of Coptic. He has always been fascinated with the written word, as hieroglyphics and then learning to write various characters in different languages around the world. And all three of mine were fascinated to learn that being a slave wasn’t such a “bad deal” back then. Of course there was so much more for them to learn about the purpose of slaves so long ago; there was such an importance and value that came with them. I think we were all amazed to learn how well cared for, educated and provided for, these individuals were back then. Then there was the learning about the Dung Beetle (my younger son is fascinated with bugs so this was a treat for him!) along with some heavier food for thought and discussion about differing cultures, and how we ought to treat others. Lots of Biblical references and scripture provided throughout. I just love that about this! We even had the opportunity to make a little treat, Ta’amia.  My kids were not impressed, I however am hooked on this stuff.😛



And of course there are tons of references and other recommended materials that they share so that you can keep right on learning! They even provide a Bible Study to help you really learn and understand for yourself that God causes all things to work together for His glory and the good of His people. Even when we mean something for evil, God means it for good. And there is one more to help teach on The Knowledge of God. How valuable is that? I remind myself often, no matter how much we know about God, it is meaningless if we do not know Him for ourselves. That goes for our kids too. We each need to have that personal relationship with God. All the knowledge in the world is empty if it is without Him. This is so full of opportunities – it is far from being just a story we listen to and enjoy – but it is a lesson in all things from cats and crocodiles, to Egyptian culture and hieroglyphs, strong character, values and virtues and even mummification. What is there not to enjoy? The only thing I am left wondering at the end of this one is….When is the next one coming?😀



Heirloom Audio Productions ~Cat of Bubastes

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Ultimate Phonics Reading Program

Ultimate Phonics Reading Program {Spencer Learning} 


Reading is a really big deal in our house. I stress to my kids as they grow that being a strong reader is the key to everything. When we can, and enjoy, reading there are so many doors of opportunity open to us!  That means I know and appreciate the value of phonics when it comes to learning how to read. Yet with one just beginning to really learn letters, another who is really struggling to gain stronger skills in this area, and a third who is reluctant to read much of anything as of late, I am desperate for anything that may help to bring some ease, and joy, into reading time at home. We have tried a number of programs, using whatever we can find and we have even created our own. Ultimate Phonics Reading Program from Spencer Learning is one more program that we are trying in the hopes of our kiddos becoming greater  more eager readers.



  We started using this program by taking their 10 Minute Reading Test.  This is designed to get each student’s skills at decoding (which I believe to be a big issue with one of my three kiddos). As they state themselves, I believe as well that students need to be fluent and accurate decoders or they will never achieve good reading comprehension, spelling, and writing. Their test is a quick and easy way to check this very thing with your kids!  As you complete this test you are encouraged to watch for your kids: Skipping words; Guessing at words; Adding words that aren’t there; Substituting different words with similar length or spelling. At the end of each exam are recommendations for how to proceed with your child based upon words misread.


Ultimate Phonics Reading Program {Spencer Learning} 

With my oldest we were able to complete the reading test for grade 3-4 with only 3-4 words misread. With my younger son however we noticed he struggled quite a bit with the grade K-1 test. Often times I would catch him guessing at a word instead of sounding it out and since the further down the list we went the more he struggled. That said we started with my two younger ones (my son 7 and my daughter 5) at the very beginning of the program. Since both of my boys struggle with reading (although in very different ways) I wanted to ensure that we started them with this program in a way that would help them to feel some comfort and success.




This program contains over 4,400 words which are broken down and also over 2,100 sentences.  This is a very thorough and well designed program! It is a complete systematic phonics program featuring approximately 262 lessons.  Each lesson is broken up into six parts:

  • Ideas
  • Patterns
  • Word list
  • Words
  • Sight word



This is an amazing program with lessons containing word lists and flashcards.  Each lesson builds on the previous one with lots of opportunity for our kids to review previous lessons.  So there is lots of reinforcement too.  This is a wonderful way to not just encourage them to read but also help to build their confidence!





Ultimate Phonics Reading Program is recommended for all ages, whether a beginning reader or adults, so there is something to encourage everyone! This is a simple, interactive program without a lot of distractions or entertaining “games” so it really helps our kids to focus on what matters. My kids are used to games and all kinds of fun programs with bells and whistles and cute and crazy characters, so this was quite a change for them. But I do believe that the lack of “stuff” really helped them to focus and stay on task (especially my oldest son) so I have to say I was quite pleased with that!



Ultimate Phonics Reading Program {Spencer Learning}

My younger son is really enjoying this program. Most days we did one lesson; some days he actually wanted to do two. That is a good thing since he really wants to read but has been so very frustrated in the past.  I think it helps that is such a simple, no frills kind of program. And he appreciates how this program focuses on reading without anything distracting. It’s good when our kids even acknowledge that right? Some days we may just read over the word lists too; I think it helps build his confidence when he begins to struggle, going back to see and remember all that he has learned so far.





Learning how to read isn’t an easy thing for everyone. It can be a real struggle for some.  I remember how easily my oldest son picked it up when he was young.  Today though I can hardly get him to read a short article in his scouts magazine. Then I look at my younger son and daughter both who are so easter to learn how to read and yet struggling to really gain the skills they need in order to do so. This program has been so much more than I expected it to be for my children. Particularly my younger two who I see growing together and enjoying reading to one another and to their baby sister too at night sometimes!  The simplicity and focus of this program is a wonderful thing I believe. This program allows them to see and learn without anything else taking away their focus. My oldest son needs that kind of thing. When he reds, he gets distracted by all those other things in the background. So this was perfect for encouraging him to read and strengthen his skills, even though he does read (when he wants to) far above his age level.  He didn’t use this a lot but I encourage him to read 2-3 times a week.  And I can see a difference in all three of my kids and their abilities so that makes me one happy momma.





I love how this really is designed to help everyone from my little beginning reader to my struggling child, my reluctant reader and even adults who are perhaps learning English as a foreign language; even an older youth who perhaps has some learning disabilities. I love this for some many reasons. In fact I have been wanting for some time now to reach out and teach English to those in our community wanting to learn, and this has really inspired and encouraged me in that too. Needless to say this is a program that is simple and easy to use, it helps to understand and engage all students in the things they really need to know. Its a great way for all ages to grow and gain a love and appreciation for reading along the way!


Ultimate Phonics Reading Program {Spencer Learning}

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Live On Forever CD Review ~~ TheAfters

I have to admit I wasn’t sure what to expect when I received a copy of The Afters CD for review. Honestly, I tend to be one of those old fashioned types; I prefer the simple and sweet music. No bells and whistles for me thank you very much. But I will say this impressed me with their constant and bold messages of faith; continual reminders that God alone os our refuse and fortress. It is in HIM that we are strong.




The Afters were founded by Joshua Havens (vocals/guitar/keyboard) and Matt Fuqua (guitar/backing vocals), when these two musicians (previously baristas at Starbucks in Mesquite, Texas) began to play for customers at the local coffee shop. I can only imagine how amazing that might have been; to be present with a delicious and soothing cup o java and some praise and worship music right at the side!



The Afters emerged out of some amazing circumstances with a testimony to speak. This is their fifth album and is beautifully entitled Live On Forever. Through the  loss of a loved one, a bad diagnosis, The Afters continue to stand strong. It is through their hardships, heartaches and pain that they emerge stronger than before in their faith, in their relationships and as a musical group too. The group is such a telling reminder of how our trials can only increase our strength and trust in God! How great is HIs faithfulness and mercy to those who are faithful to Him.


I love this quote from Haven:


“It’s about standing up against fear and knowing God is always with us.  It’s one of the takeaways we hope people get: ‘Don’t give up to fear.’ That captures the theme of the whole record and stands out as representing what we want it to be.”





These songs really are so good! I love how again and again the message remains the same; we are strong in Christ. We need only trust in Him, turn to Him in all situations. It is a bit more “rock and roll” than I would like but we did enjoy this CD and continue to enjoy the messages within every song. It is a constant blessing in its own way to al of us (my oldest son who is 10 and my daughter who is 5) just love singing along to these precious and powerful messages!




The Afters are scheduled for a 40+ City Tour with the Newsboys starting September 22nd. Check the links below for Tour Dates and cities near you.


Where to Buy-links:


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How’s Your Vineyard? 

So I have been reading through the Song of Solomon in my Bible for the last week.
I was inspired to do this after I heard someone talk about how this is one of the most misunderstood books in the Bible. They also mentioned how important it is that we understand this book because it is meant to be the blueprint for a relationship with Christ. 

I admit prior to now I have delved into the book once or twice. And every time I stopped reading a few sentences then. Perhaps it’s because I know as I read how inadequate I am and how unworthy of the great love that God has for me. 
I think of how the bride says she is dark but she is also light. Isn’t that so true of us? There is so much in US but we focus on sometimes. Too much darkness and not enough light. What a blessing it is that we have Christ to shine his light into those dark places within us. 

It is said that the closer we get to Christ the more we realize how truly unworthy we are. I always thought that was an awful thing to tell someone. As you walk closer to God you feel worse about yourself. But I realized but isn’t how that phrase is meant at all. The fact is the closer we get the more we do see our inadequacies and Imperfections and the more we realized and thank God for his goodness. Because none of us are worthy.

How good it is to be loved by God. How strong and so are we need to be in his love for us. I think too often weed out or deny the love that God has for us. I know that I fail my God every day. When I am impatient with my children or when I am comparing my home to another is. Comparison steals our joy. 

And when our joy has been stolen no matter what we do it will never be good enough. Our home and our family is the vineyard that we have been given to tend. When we are sending it out of Duty we do not have the strength or the ability that we need to truly do his will. But when we do it out of love it is the spirit that fills us and makes us able to do all things joyfully! 

I admit to needing more of that joy in my day. As I work each day to keep the home and homeschool all four of my children. And while I would not trade this for the world I also know that it requires me to be even more diligent in my walk with Christ.  Because I don’t have time to spare. Because every moment with my children is an opportunity and without His Spirit guiding me I will not be prepared to each day.  

I heard someone say once that they didn’t have time to pray. I admit I have felt overwhelmed at times myself and struggled to really truly pray some days I cannot pray at all? There is so much power in prayer. I have no doubt that we must make the time to pray. We cannot neglect prayer. We simply don’t have the time to not pray.  

The prayer is truly the main way that we keep this Vineyard. There is so much that the Lord has given. So much that he has blessed me with expecting me to wisely and Faithfully tend to it. How can I possibly not do what God has called me to?

So as I pray today I ask Him to search my heart. To create a clean heart and a right Spirit within me. I ask the Lord to help me to remember to tend to my vineyard so that I can be a blessing to others. So that I will be ready and able to joyfully do all He has for me. Because I know how important it is for Jesus to fill me up every day. Only he can renew and restore and bring joy to all that we do.   

Powerful Things

I came across a note from the exchange student we briefly hosted this year. I am not sure how I didn’t see it before. But suffice to say it got me thinking.

You see she was not much of a talker. No matter how my husband and I tried it seemed impossible to have a conversation with her. Unfortunately while she was such a sweet girl without her talking it just wasn’t going to work.


I tell my children all the time you need to use your words.


Needless to say I came across a very simple and sweet message from her the other day in the room she was using. And it got me thinking about the Power of Words.


It saddens me that she had to write this and could not say this. I imagine if she would have used her words. Spoken words. What a difference it could have made. And how different today would be for all of us.


I think about how in the beginning God spoke everything into existence. He used His words to create something out of nothing. And so it is with us.




We do a lot of reading and a lot of memorization in our homeschool. Every time I tell my own children they need to speak the words out loud. Do not whisper them. Do not think them in your head. Speak them out loud. Be bold and be sure and confident as you speak those words.



There is so much that just one word can do. Think of the word if for example. It is so small and seems to be so meaningless but it’s not. I think about all the time that I have said “If Only…..”



I think about all the times that God says “If…”  if we will obey his commands. If we will humble ourselves and pray. If we will seek the Lord’s face.


I think about the words we write; some words we write but we do not speak. Is there power in my testimony when it is written? Is there more power when it is spoken? There is great power to the spoken word. How desperately we need to remember that. If we write it, we ought also to speak it. ANdif we speak it we ought to make sure we live it.



There is so much power in just one word. So we have to be careful what we do with those words. There is such a great responsibility that we have to think before we speak. It should be that out of our mouths flows the spirit which God has put within us.


How shall you use your words?



The Pray-ers ~ A Schoolhouse Review

   I love to read. In our homeschool we love our time reading aloud together too. I admit though I am not much of a fan of fiction.  I prefer to read things that are deep and thoughtful; not that action isn’t but….Anyway when I saw the opportunity to review this book by Mark S. Mirza, published by CTM Publishing Atlanta, The Pray-ers / Book 1 Troubles, I admit I had to know more.  I mean, its a book about prayer but its fiction. So I read the basic overview of this story and there was even a video to watch, of the author speaking about this book, and it all left me intrigued. I admit it. I was quite curious about this one.  So when I had the chance to review the book, I really was happy to do so. However I admit, I was a bit surprised when it arrived and I saw how thick this book was! What a story this was going to be.



The author, Mark S. Mirza, is a men’s ministry leader in Atlanta and started Common Threads ministries specifically to teach individuals to pray. He also coaches men in starting their own prayer groups. He wanted to write a novel to help people to pray because he preferred books and novels that taught him something in the process (this is my kind of author!). Unfortunately with a lot of Christian novels, that doesn’t always happen, which is why he chose to write his own novel. Since his focus is on prayer (even though it’s something he admits doesn’t come easily to him ~ does it come easily to any of us? really?), his debut novel is the first in a series that is meant to teach Christians how to pray more effectively. “If I can teach prayer through the fun of a novel, then THAT’S what I want to do,” he says on his website.






Troubles is the story of three men living in three different eras: Epaphras  (first century), Alexander Rich (contemporary of Dwight Moody living in post-Civil War Georgia), and Dr. Dale (modern times). Each of these men face adversity in their prayer life and find themselves having to rely upon the Lord to overcome these trials. And of course there is an additional viewpoint within this novel: that of the demons who are causing all of the chaos within the lives of these upstanding men of God.



This is one of those books that you have to read, paying close attention, to every detail. Because it moves around a lot. So if you aren’t reading carefully, you will get confused. There were a few times we had to go back and review previous pages.  I admit, I find that refreshing to read something that requires such great attention to detail. Shame on me perhaps, but I am used to most fiction being pretty “fluffy” ~ This author sure shows me! ha-ha



I do have to say right away, this is definitely not a book I would just hand to one of my kids and have them read independently. This book is full of wonderful inspiration and wisdom but I fear with all that is going on and the range of times and characters, for some kids this could really get confusing. Add to that the aspect of spiritual warfare which, while I am all for my kids learning about this, it is a sensitive and difficult thing for some youth to full grasp. There are also some things thats that are for more mature youth (mine are not there yet) like discussions of premarital sex, abortion, and other things of a more sexual nature, so some of these things we just did not read together. It’s not a matter of the appropriateness of these things; context is totally understandable but for my oldest, this would be too much to grasp right now. However some things, we did discuss (a lengthy discussion on our actions and thoughts; being wise as some things we may do now and deeply regret later).




Regardless of these things, I am really enjoying reading this book with my older son and I think there are great things that he gleans out of this; even more so this has encouraged quite the conversation between us regarding spirits and powers that be and prayer too. Because these are things we do need to be wise about; these are things we need to seek God’s wisdom and direction on. Prayer is something that really matters; I often find my kids learn more and gain a greater understanding of things, when it is in the form of a living book like this. We certainly want to ensure that we are not tossed about by every wind of doctrine.🙂



“My responsibility is to be obedient, for God demonstrates time and time again who He is and that He can be trusted.” Hael




From the very first page I love how he clearly defines his purpose in the writing of this book. He makes sure that we are prepared for some of things that we will encounter within these pages too. There are often phrases within this book that speak so truly as to the value of prayer, the power and importance of prayer… “so long as they think they only think they know whom they are praying to…” Again and again we are reminded of the need to not just know of God but to truly know Him for ourselves.  This is a book that shows how important it is for us to remember that we have an enemy; that it is not individuals but principalities and powers which we are to fight against daily. This is not a battle that we can war at now and then; we need to be strong in prayer that we may overcome.





Prayer is something so powerful; we are called to pray without ceasing. We are called to be prayer warriors ~ to intercede for those in need ~ and it has been something I have really been feeling more and more strongly called to. To go deeper in my own prayer life; to go before the throne more boldly than before. This book was so timely; such a great blessing and inspiration to me not just as one called to prayer but also as one called to disciple, to train up my children in the way that they should go!


The Pray-ers / Book 1 Troubles


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Losing Our Wonder

I remember when I was little and everything so amazing. I could stare and all the night sky for hours on end. I would lay in the grass and just watch the clouds go by. And I was in Wonder of everyone with their different shape the color…..

We should never lose that Wonder. In fact i do believe it is that very same wonder that gives us such a powerful testimony when it comes to our life in Christ.  It is that Wonder that allows God to do so much in us and through us.  

Can I look at so many children today and I wonder where there Wonder has gone?
My husband and I were talking about this because the exchange dude we recently took in moved on from our home to another. And while this was never meant to be a long-term thing in the first place the experience did give us pause this time around.   

When we first began hosting exchange students there was always a wonder and awe about them when they arrived. They were so excited and grateful to be in this country and on this program. They had so many questions and they had to see everything and take pictures of everything! And I mean everything. We had a couple kids who took pictures of the mailboxes in our neighborhood. It was that new and exciting to them.  

The last few kids we have had seemed bored the moment they come off the plane. They are happy to be here but they are sure that the experience they envision is there in their mind is exactly what they will get. They come all plugged in. You have to pry them off of their phones and away from their computers and iPads in order to get their attention. They can message you and send you emails but they struggle to talk face-to-face.  And these are kids. Kids who have lost their wonder.   

I think about my own children. How quickly they can get lost in a screen. This is an area on my husband and I have very different beliefs in Period he is very tech-savvy and believes that there is a great benefit to it. To him quality time is a movie or video games with the boys.

I think of how quickly our children have moved from being able to spend time Outdoors skipping rocks and studying different leaves and flowers to today’s need for constant entertainment. Bigger and better and brighter and faster. And I worry for my children because I cannot let them lose their wonder.  

Life is so precious. Childhood is so precious. There is so much that we can learn for my little ones if we simply allow them to be.  
To be still. 
To be bored. 
To be lost in their own imagination. 
To be puzzled abdiel confused and curious.  

When we allow our children to stop enjoying and appreciating all these beautiful things around us we have done them a great disservice.  

Remember time when I see you a foreign exchange student because of all the silly things she was taking pictures of. How I missed that dear girl today. Simplicity enjoy that she had. The awe that she felt. Looking back it’s inspiring.  

We are Israelites

We’ve been having some issues with our oldest children lately. Mostly that we are not seeing the fruits of our labor. And while I can’t speak for my husband have been getting rather frustrated myself,  I admit.

And I was complaining to my husband the other day about how I see so much in our children that should never be. Behaviors and habits that are never taught as good or approved yet they are there. Regularly. As though they were not just taught to our children but also encouraged.


Just this morning when I told my son it was time to do his school he stormed off and I heard him mumble about how “school sucks….”


Where does the stuff come from? I mean we embrace learning my husband and I. He is currently working on classes for his MBA. And I always have my nose in a book studying something.


My husband can be so smart sometimes. He said to me, ” isn’t that what God says about every one of us?”


And I admit that struck a chord. I had to bite my tongue from instantly disagreeing simply because it’s so true. What a telling reminder it is. How hard it is to remember that our children they need to be taught, trained….they are sinners too. What a humbling reminder it is that as parents we can teach and train and lay down all the rules we want to but it’s up to them to choose to obey.

Which got me to thinking. Is it possible for me to be as faithful to my children as God is to His own? Can I love my children even when they are at their worst. Can I love them when I see or hear them saying and doing things that I find to be horrible? Do they see me as loving them always or do my kids believe that I only love them when they are “good”?


Again and again God reminds me that there is a process to everything. There is a way in which we must go. There are things that we need to learn and there are trials that will come our way but in all of this God Is With Us loving us and encouraging us. But we have to be willing to stay with him and we have to be willing to allow God to work in us.



I think of how many times God has shown me the way that I must go. The days that I have heard that still small voice speaking to me and then I have gone and done it my way. And then I wonder why my children just can’t do as they’re told.



It’s hard to remember that it’s not all about me. I am not the one who can save and change my children’s hearts and Minds. I need to Simply pray and seek God and continue being faithful.  God is the only one who can do that work in our children. He is the one who creates hearts and minds that are all for Jesus.


It’s hard to remember. It’s humbling too. But what freedom we have once we acknowledge it’s not us but God. If we seek Him first, the Kingdom first…..

Help Teaching Pro Subscription ~ Schoolhouse Review

With my three older kids it seems I am always looking for additional materials to supplement our learning. I often find that using worksheets in addition to the topic we are studying, really helps to reinforce what is being learned. That said, Help Teaching Pro Subscription from is one of the newer items we are reviewing and enjoying. is an amazing place! It is full of worksheets, quizzes, and tests for a wide range of grades and subjects.  You can create your own even!  We focused on their elementary materials for this review and I cannot say what a great benefit this has been to us all.





Help Teaching Pro Subscription is a website offering an online subscription that gives you access to all kinds of great materials for learning.  There are lessons, quizzes, tests and worksheets ranging from early elementary all the way to the 12th Grade.  These are organized by subject and also by grade level so it isn’t hard to find just what you need!  Some of the subjects they offer are: Art, English Language Arts, Life Skills, Math, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, Study Skills and Strategies. They also provide Common Core ELA, Common Core Math, Math Worksheet Generators and Printable Game Generators. You can create your own worksheets and tests as well although this wasn’t something I delved into myself. But my oldest son did enjoy making some worksheets, for his brother and sister, and a few for him too. This really is a great addition to any homeschool. Whatever your need this is a wonderful way to strengthen those weaker areas, fill in those gaps or even learn something new.







With my younger son, who just turned 7 recently, its been a goal of our to really get him reading. This isn’t a strong area for him so we really appreciated all the worksheets here to help encourage him. I loved when I saw him “teaching” his sister (who is 5) about the letters and sounds they make. It is really something watching him, teach his sister, as we work through so many of these. In fact it even encouraged me to have him help her with her own preschool/kindergarten work some days. My daughter just loves how there is a fun, short video for every letter. She learns the sound the letter makes and some words that begin with that letter too. It’s a great way for her to learn, she loves having her own work to do each day, and my younger son is able to reinforce all of this too as he helps her along. What a great confidence builder for this struggling reader!


Since writing is a challenge for all three of my kids we really appreciate the Write Every Day and Writing Prompts.  There are lots of different ones to choose from.  My younger son loved completing All About Me. Other topics ranged from ice cream to dinosaurs, superheroes and nature. Quite a variety to help encourage my younger son to start writing! And there there are weekly writing assignments (done with my older son) along with Opinion/Persuasive/Argumentative writing prompts and worksheets and research and reference too! I love this area. Especially since my kids just started speech and debate for the season. This is such a great way to encourage them ad help to build those skills outside of their group. For my younger son, it is a wonderful introduction to create writing. And since both of them do not like to write, this is a nice opportunity for them to choose a topic that interests them.



For my older son we have really been struggling with math, reading and writing. He is rather advanced for his age as a reader but tends to read quickly and miss those details that matter so much in a story. So I was really thrilled with the worksheets they had for reading and comprehension. One of the really useful things we used were the math tests. This was mostly for my oldest so we could really see where he was strong and where he needed a bit more work. This also helped to encourage him to learn and explore more; geometry has been of great interest to my little artist. Speaking of art, this was another area he explored quite a bit, mostly on his own. From visual arts, to theater history and even Greek Architecture (these are recommended for high school age) he really enjoys exploring them when he was able. And while some was a bit much for him, he still enjoyed what he could.  We used a ton of these!




This has been such a wonderful addition to our home school! For all three of my children I have really appreciated, not just the variety, but the ease with which I could locate materials to compliment whatever we happened to be studying (or curious about even!). Being that most days I only have a moment, it is a huge relief to be able to simply come to this site and quickly locate something fun to help my kids as they learn. In fact we have a folder full of worksheets for each of them; things to do as we drive to classes or are just out and about. Word searches and Word Bingo (great for long rides in the car or sitting in waiting rooms).  There are just so many things for our kids to do. A subscription to Help Teaching Pro Subscription costs $24.95 per year and considering the amount of material that is available and the variety of topics too, this is a steal! I appreciate this on so many levels – this is my go to as of late – for my three kids to encourage them as they learn!



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