Engino Structures And Bridges Review

My son and I were recently blessed with a wonderful set for building from Timberdoodle. And this came at just the right time too.  A time when my son has begun to explore and imagine…building many great things big and small. 


Personally I love the insstruction/activity book that comes with this because frankly, I cannot build any thing….nothing…I am completely incapable….no matter how I try…..So my son loves the fact too that I can build with his assistance (with these detailed guides of course) haha 


As you can see my son got right to work building – no instructions needed. The blocks hold together very well – they are a bit harder for smaller hands to lock together in some cases but for the most part….”gotta use your muscle” as my little man says. I loved how creative he was able to be with this set. Buildings and bridges….lots of different creations that I would share but for a camera blow up that left us with only a few photos (all of which I am sharing here). 

Anyway my son was a bit young to grasp many of the teaching concepts and the reading within the books but we will be bringing it out again (the books I mean) when he is older to review and I just know that he will thoroughly enjoy these as a part of his “school” as he gets older. However just based on the building abilities with this set alone we are very pleased. Lots of pieces and lots of different ways to make them work together.  What could be better for a growing boy? 

I do wish I could show off his final project ~ Need a new camera. Then I will be sure to load photos en masse once again. In the meantime, any child who loves to build this is definitely something they should have. So many fun ways to learn as they build and grow through the years too! I know I cannot wait to teach with this in the coming years. 

Thanks Timberdoodle for a fun opportunity! 



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