Gifts from Above

Don’t be deceived, my dear brothers. Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:16-17

It’s a new year … this is the time we are enthusiastic and vibrant, full of energy and life right? We are feeling so blessed; overwhelmed with the love of friends and family……

Or not.

The new year has been a challenge already for me. Considering the time out of town (I was sick the whole time too – is that how He blesses me with time to rest? haha)

Home in time to find our house sitters fried our computer (which is also our phone..yikes!) We are going on a week without a working phone in the house aside from our emergency cell phone….sigh

So much broken; so much in need of repair…..I consider the windows sitting in our mud room waiting to be installed when we begin our kitchen project. A bigger kitchen would be nice – I admit though I am rather fond of our smaller, cozier kitchen even in the mess and clutter that is.

I look around at our mess – so much “stuff” about the house. We could easily forget that we bought all of it with our money; we could say without my husbands job we would not have any of this “stuff . We need to remind ourselves that ALL good things (the job, the toys, the carpet, the juice that stains the carpet, the house, the brakes we needed to replace on our beat up old truck…) See where I am going….? It’s all from Him. It’s just in how we perceive it. How we remember it.I want to remember everything as something that comes from my Father above.

I sit writing this; pondering life and all that we are so blessed to have in our life. SO many have so much less. The Lord ended the year for me with so many blessings that were without a doubt a “God thing”. And none are given except that He provides for us. All things that we have, all that we do not have – it is all because of Him.

Yep – it’s a God thing….Do YOU understand?


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