Very Good

God saw all that He had made, and it was very good.  Genesis 1:31


I remember my little bundles of joy – just as they were when they were first born. They were so sweet and snuggly; peaceful and simple. AH the plans that I had for them. I can only imagine – Does God feel the same way when each of us finally answers His call and comes to Him? When we are born again does HE feel that same joy and pain, sadness and excitement at all that is to come?

It’s a challenge with children right? Every day is something new. And sometimes its hard to remember, to see, our little ones, as the blessings that they are. When they dump a gallon of apple juice on the freshly cleaned floor; when we find one cutting the others hair or painting the dog’s hair…Moments….dimply moments that shall pass. We need to be able to laugh now, not later. Not looking back when the kids are gone, and the house is clean and quiet. Memories are good. Moments are better.

It was good. It was very good. He said it was. And if He said it, we know it’s true. Praying these days, as my little ones grow and stretch their minds and thoughts, as they explore and seek out adventures that are not in my plans for them…..God give me strength and help me remember; they are your creation, perfect in every way. As. they. were. created. to. be.

Not my will be done. But His. In their lives. I want to be that mother who they seek following and seeking ALWAYS Jesus, as I train them, as I love them, as I direct and instruct them let it be in such a way that they see Jesus in me.


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