Respect Who ?

However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband. Ephesians 5:33



Respect is an important part of any relationship; something no marriage can lack.

Respect is something too that one must earn over time. But is that what the apostle Paul is talking about when he says at Ephesians 5:33, “…the wife should have deep respect for her husband.”



We are to respect, honour, fear and submit to our husband as we are to Christ. So why is this so hard? I consider how my husband and I, our marriage, is to be as is to be as that of Christ and His church. As I ponder this I wonder; if I have such a challenging time in my marriage, what does that say about my walk with the Lord? Am I truly obeying the Lord as I am called to or are there ways in which I am being disobedient to Him?



I am beginning next week, The Respect Dare. As I have sought the Lord’s guidance on how to improve myself within my marriage, He has led me to some wonderful ladies and some books which I believe will be a great blessing. As I study His word, as I pray upon His path for me, there is the challenge of hearing and accepting what needs to be. I will also be reading from The Excellent Wife; it goes without saying that my Bible will be used as well of course 🙂



My situation I am sure is not unique; in my husbands family it is the wife who is “in charge”. For my personality this opens up a can of worms. As I try to balance keeping the home, with submitting to a husband who is not really leading us anywhere right now. So while I plan to blog on my studies, my meditations and revelations through His word and my time with Him, I shall be sure to share more as He allows. As one who is very assertive, a do it yourself-er for lack of a better term; there are many challenges that I face. I know that there are things that I need to let go, and show my faith in the Lord – that He will empower my husband to lead his family. I seek always to learn how to tame my tongue; how to be a bit gentler, a bit less demanding. I seek patience, understanding; the ability to see and show compassion for his struggles. And the ability to know how and when to be a support to him. Certainly I know and understand that there is no room for him to lead when I still have the reins in my hand. Lord help me to release them, perhaps just a bit.



Marriage is not to be taken lightly. The roles the Lord has given to each one of us; these are important. We need to meet our calling with a right heart; a right spirit. Some of us were raised in Christian homes. Mine was not one of those. hings were messy; there was divorce. There were boyfriends who came and went in my mothers home. My father,I rarely saw, and to this day, do not really know. As I struggle to break free from the ties that bind; to be free from all I was taught that is so opposite of all we are called to be as women in Christ…Al I know is that I want to be willing and able to do all that He calls me to do and to be. For my family. For my Lord.



Praying I may be the bride He sought for me to be.


One thought on “Respect Who ?

  1. Good post, keep the Lords promises, I too need to keep His Word in my mouth. God Bless.

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