Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?  You are not your own; you were bought at a price.  Therefore honor God with your body. 1 Corinthians 6: 19-20

 1 cor 6 19

DId you know that man can run more than 26 miles at less than 5 min per mile;  jump over three feet higher than his own stature, he can create an artificial heart, he can explain some of the workings of the chromosome. Yet, man is also one of the slowest, and one of the weakest of the strong. And despite his superior intellect, man does some pretty stupid things. A lot.  Sometimes I think we are doomed to repeat the same foolish mistakes again and again. Why?

We spend so much time contemplating all the things that are wrong with our bodies. All the things we feel are imperfections, flaws to be removed, covered, hidden from the world. We spend our time and money trying to better what we cannot. Its as though we are telling Him that His creation,in us, is not sufficient. Not good enough.

What do we know of what is good enough? Consider this:

Every part of you that is functioning at any particular time receives a portion of blood in proportion to their need, and those that are resting quietly receive their portion exactly as needed. Your nervous system so marvelous and complex; it  communicates feelings of pain yet also adapts to the pressure of any other movement. This controls the muscles of the concert pianist playing Chopin, the baseball slugger making contact with a fastball at 90mph, and the gymnast performing her triple somersault and ending in the perfect landing.

When we consider all of this, is there really any reason to contemplate the perfect creation which HE has made in you? We should humble ourselves before Him; we should seek to see all things through His eyes. He has such a perfect plan. And the detail within, certainly should convince anyone that there is only room to glorify the creator of each one of us for those things we revel in and that which we may disdain.

Let us remember Beethoven; we listen in awe to his music. William Paley demonstrated once that if we were walking along and suddenly came upon a watch, we would assume that indeed there was a watchmaker. We are so very wiling to examine and sometimes condemn ourselves, our form, such an amazing, delicate and intricate creation. Yet so many refuse to acknowledge a Lord a creator. We fail to be humble, we fail to accept that it was done what we did but rather what He did. In the Garden did Eve not wish to “…become like gods…?”  They did eat and they did see – however they did not humble themselves and confess that it was He who was above all.

Perhaps we need to spend more time in His presence; there is much that we can do when we acknowledge Him in all things and there is little we can do that will bring any true and lasting satisfaction outside of what wil bring Him glory and what will ultimately further His kingdom.

Let us remember HIs creation, in the beginning, which was good. Very good.


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