Helping Hands at Home, Review

I recently had the chance to review a fun little e-book called Helping Hands at Home.:-) How can you get your children to joyfully help you clean the kitchen? The bathroom? This little gem wll help show you how!

It’s so simple. Yet there are so many little details that she points out which I know I too often forget. Perhaps we take for granted what we know; we assume that they should know. How did you learn? How did I learn? One step at a time. As my oldest sometimes says to his brother, “Watch and learn….” And it CAN be that simple.

Do you have a “training key” If not, you should. I do now but nver before did I think to. In the “Training Key” there are 5 steps, which are:

1. I do. You watch.
2. I do. You help.
3. You do. I help.
4. You do. I watch.
5. You do. I inspect.

Excellent right? Attitude is everything to. A nice reminder that we can all use ~ahem~

Let’s face it – when it comes to training our little ones every little bit of the process matters. How we look at them, the tone of our voice, the words we choose….We must be gentle and thoughtful; guiding them every step of the way. Even those little steps that we think are a given. Ah the moments we can share; the memories and the joys – Seeing our little ones helping about the home. Truly being a part of the home and family. Together – we can and we do – together!

By the way there are also some wonderful recipes in the back of this little ebook – natural options for laundry; “soft scrub”, window cleaner – I have not tried these et, but I will. 🙂

Overall, this is a quite useful resource for a mom to have. The recipes and attitude reminders ar e can use a gentle reminder on now and then. Simple and direct; helpful for all, these are definitely worth the $.99 you will spend to have it on your Kindle!

To buy the Helping Hands at Home E-book, please go: HERE!

For more of Lorrie Flem’s inspiring resources visit: Eternal Encouragement                                                                                                     


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