Pure Words = Pure Heart?

One who loves a pure heart and who speaks with grace will have the king for a friend. Proverbs 22:11

“I hate you…”

“Stupid baby……”

Lately the last thing I have been hearing are words of kindness and love from my boys, toward one another.

Granted we have been, one after another, sick with a nasty virus. Chills, sweats, body aches and pains, nausea, runny noses….It’s been tough and everyone has been short with one another as we try to get better. I think we are at the end of it now but in the meantime….I could not help but notice the lack of love my oldest shows towards his little brother, and his baby sister too here and there.


We can all be honest right? I struggle, A LOT, with taming my tongue. I can be terrible sometimes with the things I say. Every day its my prayer that He will help guide my speech; giving me words that will be pure and full of love. Some days are better than others; this past week as we have all been sick … Yeah, I admit I have not tried as hard as I could to be kind in speech. I am tired. One child after the other; serving an caring for their needs that sometimes took away my mommy break, potty time or just that second of sitting and doing nothing. Its been tough but what mom has not been there done that?

Anyway so I hear my oldest spouting these mean spirited words at his brother. Bar of soap in the mouth? Spanking? Loss of game or television time? Upstairs time out? I have been reading (just started actually) Don’t Make Me Count to Three….It is said to be “a look at heart oriented discipline”. How fitting. And how seldom we see things as a heart issue; at least it did not occur to me until I began reading this book. She says we must draw out the matters of the heart; for all things we say and do stem from the condition of the heart within. I see ,I think.

I want my children to show a pure heart; I want them to see their momma as someone who has a pure heart as well. Perhaps I read this book as much for myself as for then. A guide not just to their hearts, but to my own as well. I forget sometimes, that my son (who seems to not hear me  a lot many days) really does hear and see every little thing we say and do. He pretends he doesn’t,  he can ignore the world around him (like his momma ~sigh~) but he is so observant and quick to “get it”. I forgot.

So what can momma do?

Momma can pray more. A lot more. With my son. I am also beginning to use the Prayer Warriors prayer calendar.  So much for us to learn as moms, raising these little warriors. Its a challenge, for us moms who are growing in Christ too. Prayer is important. My son needs to know (and see) that. He also needs to know that we all mess up. Some days more than others, some times worse than other times. But Jesus is always there; ready to forgive if we come to Him confessing our sins and seeking Him. Its that power and love, the grace and mercy He provides that our children need to see. In Him and in us.

So they understand. So they can know and show it too.  Because it is a heart issue.

Its an issue of love and they shall know us by our love.


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