Who Shall Help?

Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me. Psalm 54:4


My son was singing this morning “Tis the season to be jolly…..”

I sigh as I hear this because the last thing I feel is jolly. My days lately are ful of runny noses; gentle snuggles , coughs and sneezes; fevers and late nights…..Seems like this is never going to end.

Between my two little ones lack of sleep and mie….The days have been lazy as of late. Lots of Backyardigans; more Curious George and Frog & Toad. Good books; some fun shows and songs….Lots of couch time.

Unfortuntely this throws my plans out the window. We are now behind in my plans for our “school”. We will not be going to play with some local friends this week. Its snowing – its lovely watcing these snowflakes fall – no snowman today 😦

I had a pity arty the other day. It was me, myself and I. My poor husband had to hear me complain about the time he is gone and then the things he does when the weekend comes that are just no help to me.

For shame….I forget that every Saturday morning I get to spend late mornings in bed with my little ones while he and my oldest son go to prayer. He works hard; at home sometimes he needs a bit more prodding BUT I have to remember to appreciate those little things he does. Even when there are things I need done that are left undone.

I look for hep sometimes in all the wrong places. Not that I should not see help from my husband but I must remember that my help comes from the Lord. In fact, if all things that I do, I do for Him and not for my children or my husband or the neighbor next door…..What a difference that could make in my life. In my attitude.

Its my desire to be always more focused on His Kingdom that on my little home. His words tells us to seek FIRST His Kingdom yet too often I know I forget, He is my help and HIs Kingdom is my home. Let my eyes be set upon Him; let my lips speak His name….Whether we whisper, shout or just call out the name…..He is our help!

Jesus…..no sweeter name…..


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