5 Days Clutter Free?

Lou Holtz said “I don’t think God put us on this Earth to be ordinary.”

SO why do I so often feel, ordinary? Or on some days, less than ordinary even ?

We are currently remodeling in our house. It’s a slow process. I have learned how much stuff we have and how little room we have, as we have gone alone.

Having the opportunity to review 5 Days to a Clutter Free House – this came at just the right time. As one who strives to keep things neat and clean (reasonably so with three litle ones anyway, and a couple furry friends too) I have been at my wits end as piles and boxes move about the house. Toys, puzzles, games, books and then just nameless unidentifiable stuff. Its here and there and everywhere. And the joy that I felt when we began this project is gone; its been swallowed by the mess 😦

How awful! To be surrounded by so much clutter; to have days and weeks go by that could, and should, be fun and exciting. Choosing colors for paint, appliances; cabinet styles and flor tiles….Oh how I want to enjoy this time and not feel the presure I do right now. Besides, who knows when we will get around to any more remodeling after this? It could be some time. Better to enjoy and appreciate these moments and choices – creating something that is just right. Time to give things order; to make it happen.

I see it now. A nice clean home; neat and tidy. Sure there are some toys strewn about the floor but it is home. There is a place for everything; everything at the end of the day is in its place. We can enjoy mornings with a cup of coffee and prayer time without having to watch our step; without having to sweep toys and dirty laundry off the couch or chair. Maybe there are still some jelly stains on the countertop; sure some finger prints are on the wall and the fridge; but there is a cleanness and a simple peace to the home. To each room. I can relax and breathe and enjoy.

As I read I found such joy in the truths; the method. Mount Rushmore style organizing. Just what my family needs. Finding the beauty, the charm and the grace in my family and home. It resonates with what Rhett told Scarlett as he left her life in Gone with the Wind; ” I want to see if somewhere there isn’t something left in life of charm and grace.”

Even more is not our God a God of order? How we ca truly life for and serve Him if we are unorganized and surrounded by mess? How can we rejoice and give thanks always when we cannot see the beauty and the blessings?

It is said that done is better than perfect. As a recovering perfectionist this is hard for me to swallow. Its a concept that challenges my mind. Daily.

What is beautiful is how they encourage visualization in the process. Seeing your house and the process as a body. Each room an appendage to be managed. It make sense right? Our head perhaps as the kitchen (for me at least – its where I think best); the living room is the heart – the chest – of it all. Its where we our faily’s heartbeat is, our breath. Bedrooms can be our feet; where they go to rest. And the bathroom our back – the peace and cleanliness place. I like it – I can see things a bit more clearly.  We move through the five day process in this way. Very basic; very simple. Working as a team And this is a huge part of it all for me since I live with a group of people who have a very  hard time being a part of the solution. haha  We re using baskets right now. One for upstairs stuff, one for downstairs stuff – then we have the “chuck it” basket for those things we might want to consider letting.go.of.

Basket auf wierdersehen! 

There is a breakdown. Day by day. For example; it is encouraged perhaps on Monday that we work from the feet to the knees; day two work from your knees to your shoulders and then shoulders to the head. Makes sense right? Then we can tackle those cabinets, the insides that we do not usually seek out. I mean, if it wasnt for my kids playing in the lower cabinets and closets I would probably never clean those spaces out. And truthfully I rarely do because, out of sight out of mind? Anyway moving on we go from internal stuff to the areas where we store our stuff (attic, crawlspaces, more closets and built in drawers/cabinets) and lastly move to the “done enough” finale. This is where we celebrate and enjoy the sucess we have had right? Yep – we call it a good day. We look around at what has been made new and we shout for joy!

If you are like me then you panic; imagining how quicly it will crumble. And this is I lose my joy so often. And my focus.

Take heart; turn to he next section. Maaging ourselves. Don’t we always lose it at this point? There is always a way to get clean; keeping it clean? Seems that is where I always lose heart and give up. Its broken down even into managing the home, your time and even your family. Great tips – gentle but honest and pointed reminders. I love the tips like clutter buster #1 “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” So true~ Another gem, the fifteen minute habit. Great ideas: with a timer commit to 5/10/15 minutes each day to tidy; to maintain and manage things. And delegate. In the end it all adds up .

I even printed out a top ten list of ways to stay de-cluttered. Its on the fridge and its a reminder to all of us; I have to delegate the reading of the list but still…Have to start somewhere and it all adds up in the end right? So this is such a wonderful book! For people like me; lost and desperate but not knowing where to begin. Simple, small baby steps from one thing and one spot to a wonderful finale. And then a management guide to keeping it together 🙂

Refreshing read. Such a timely read too. There is a plan; a routine in the works (I am awful at routine; its one reason we home school ha) and I plan on things getting better Sure there is still some mess from being down a room while we remodel but in the meantime its more functional in our house. We have blessed others with those things that we did not need (or even know we had) and we have been able to decrease just a bit more. Its good to be able to breathe; better to enjoy the breaths.


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