Thanks for the Mess

Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:18


I caught myself the other day – rattling off my “better” list. Oh my!

We are in the process of remodeling – making our mudroom into a kitchen. While this is being done the house is a mess!

I am not good with messes. Before this project began our mud room was the mess. I could at least close the door and not look on “those” days. Now?

It’s all over the house. Boxes, baskets and piles all over the place. Sorting through it all is slow work. Especially with two sweet little ones who like to “help”.

Some days lately I just feel like I can not breathe. I need to get away.

And then I remember – its like He speaks into my heart at that moment I am feeling the most down. When I am down; looking about and feeling like I will never get it all together….sigh

I hear Him reminding me that this mess; its my little ones learning and growing – the dirt; its the joy and the memories being made. The toys, the dishes,the crowded countertops – count your blessings….

And I look around me and do just that. I see the dishes and I say thank you – we have enough to eat. We are not hungry.

I see the toys, I trip over them, those legos that are so painful but we have joy, we have fun. We are blessed – so many memories, little joys. Such inpiration and creation in our days.

All that laundry; the clothes about the floor; the bedding that is now a tent on the children’s bedroom floor – we are warm and dry 🙂

The carpet may show chocolate milk; spots of spaghetti sauce here and there; dog hair, cat hair but we are loved and we love.

We are…Together. Every day. Every night.

I remember today, and with tears in my eyes I am able to humble myself and say to my Lord, my Savior:

Forgive me Jesus, forgive me for not seeing those things right in front of me for the wonders that they are. Forgive me for thinking that its all about me; help me to do all, and to se if all from now on, as a glory for God. Let my work, my mess, my life and my family be for you alone Jesus -that you may be full of joy for all that we do. Let us glory in these things, small and big, struggles and joys remembering that they are all a part of your plan for us. We shall count it all a joy and give thanks in all things, in all times.

Thank you for so many blessings, that I do not deserve.




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