As a child…

See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. Matthew 18:10


I catch myself often tell my kids to wait; I hear my voice telling them that I am busy. We can do that later. Maybe tomorrow.

Why do I put off those things that can be done today? Dinner is not more important than a moment with my children.

What a shame. We are called to be like little children for those are who shall inherit the kingdom of Heaven. Of course. Why would the Lord want someone there who is always so busy?

Of course I have a home to manage; children to train and school – cleaning to do and meals to prepare BUT that should not take precedence over my children. Over the chance to make memories; to share an experience. Times that we can love and laugh and learn together.
As they get older these times will be far and few IF they grow accustomed to being told “wait..” “later..”

Our children are only little for so long. There is such a need for our love and attention. They are eager to learn and hear His voice. We need to be that voicespeaking HIs truth into their lives and showing the love and value that He places upon them (and us too of course!)

Today we played with balloons – we watched the snow fall (finaly some snow here in Wisconsin) and we did some school too! But we enjoyed our time together and we laughted. A lot. As I watch the boys playing with their balloons (bouncing and spinning them; fighting and twisting them – POP!)

I see the joy and the innocence. I hear my boys enjoying one another if only for a moment. HOw does He call us to be? He calls us to the innocence and the joy, the faith and the love, that children have. And not just to be like that, but to live that as well.

May we be the children that inherit His kingdom.  Let us love and live as the little children – cherishing every moment big and small.

As a child…so shall I be…..


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