Love that Challenge!

We do not dare to classify or compare ourselves with some who commend themselves. When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise. 2 Corinthians 10:12 


Attitude is everything. Sometimes mine really stinks too.

Like when I am told I spent too much on books (is that possible really?) or when I forgot to check with my hubby before I bought those models for my oldest to built…..overdraft fee? WHy re you mad at me? It’s not my fault – oh wait, it is because I didn’t check to make sure we had enough to cover it.

My oldest lately it is a very reluctant learner. No matter how we try – worksheets, games, puzzles, books, videos – just cannot get him excited about learning.SO we fuss and we fight and we get something done, with a momma and a boy who both have terrible attitudes.

My three year old son is going through something. He is my cuddle bug – he is the one that snuggles and reads and truly makes momma feel needed. Always smiling and joyful; such a spirited boy. Yet lately he is moody, every thing sets him off on a tantrum or a fit of tears and nothing consoles him. Bad attitude? Momma has one – check.

And my 18 month old daughter who is clingier than static cling. haha More teeth coming in means terrible rashes, fevers and no more sleep … late nights with her tossing and turnng; naptime when it all stops so I can snuggle and rock her. And how do I manage to go through the motions of these sweet, precious moments, with a bad attitude?

We, sorry I, see challenges as things to be beaten down. I still attack them, with my obession with order and routine and checking things off on my list….Every day. More challenges means that this list, its not all getting checked off.

It reminds me of our prayers…we pray for wisdom, for patience, for peace..we pray for so much and yet when we have the chance to use those things we are praying for…He sends us a way to practice these things and (Maybe you don’t) we blow it.

My baby girl resting, nursing, as I type. How I love the light in her eyes; how she snuggles so tight up against me; her fingers holding onto me so small and delicate. My three year old son with his Einstein hair and bright blue eyes who loves to sing and “throw mad/sad/sily faces” and tend to those little bugs that I would step on if I could. But they are his “friends” and so he ensures they are safely transported from inside the house to outside the house. Then there is my oldest, my 7 year old boy….All boy..noisey, loud and crazy and cannot sit still or pause for even one moment of the day. He is full of joy; full of love and full of the desire to be big and strong and lead…..

Challenges and joys. In each one of them there are such challenges. And such joys. I do not understand His ways; I cannot for they are so great and what I do understand is amazing so awe inspiring, We must trust in Him; seek Him and love those challenges He sends,

Be Blessed and strong in Him!


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