Come Follow Me :-)

It isn’t often that I have the chance to review usic. And I LOVE music having studied and played for so many years myself. I was very excited and eager to review Come Follow Me, Volumes 1 and 2 when I was given the chance.

These are wondeful and fun, upbeat folk, Walforf-inspired songs that I know my children quickly took to. We are all music lovers here and the simple, acoustic songs are easy to learn and catchy too!

We love to have this on; listening to her warm and getle voice throughout the day in our home school. My oldet son especially loves to listen and sing or hum along while he works. He even tries on occassion to pick out the different instruments he hears within each song.

I don’t know that there is anything we do not like about these CD’s. Of course Come Follow Me is the best song on there, say my boys. And Winter Good Bye comes in second (although I don’t know why quite since my oldest stll wants lots more snow to come haha)

Beautiful children’s songs to warm the heart 🙂                                                   come follow me image


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