Real Feasting

Better a dry crust with peace and quiet than a house full of feasting, with strife. Proverbs 17:1 


I feel so much pressure sometimes to get that “just right” meal for the family each night. And how fast the days go by.

Today for example went by at the speed of light…haha  We woke up early (as always –  I am NOT a morning person however my three children are the type that like to be up to see the sunrise ~sigh)

SO we started out with cereal and a bit of Bible reading (I read outloud while they eat and I enjoy coffee to wake up, wake up!)  Soon I was bathing a little one whose poopy diaper came out of nowhere and eruptred all over…might as well shower myself; get stuff clean in the laundry too …

FInally all are dressed, clean and ready to go…Internet isn’t working right; neither is our telelvision (we subscre to netflix and aside from local channels its all we have) Blah 😦

And in all of this we do manage to get some reading done;enjoy some lego and lincoln log building time – stories of the old west to go with the Indian figures the boys have – leading into math. How many logs we need to make our cabin? Time to measure the feet and inches for height and length….Can we build a bigger one the Indians can fit in?

Already its 3pm and today I am doing well – meatloaf in the over; ready to heat those potatoes and veggies in a bit. Its a crazy busy good kind of day.

But most days – its a struggle. Many days I have to fight with my oldest to get some things done; he is it seems what a recent TED Talks video refers to as a “hackschooler” Very interesting stuff that gave me lots to think about regarding how we do “school” and what we expet of our son (7).

But the point  I was reminded of today, I guess, is that we are provided for. We will not t my boys dismay be having cheetos and ice cream sundaes for dinner BUT we will always have enough. A nd it always will be prepared with love, and with concern for their well being in mind. We shall feast and be joyful ( well mealtime here is a bit of a struggle right now) but we will do the best we can to enjoy our time together. Is it not that much better? Chicken nuggets may not be the  best; pot pies are yummy and shepard pie too – warm and inviting and good for you! It’s not lobster or steak but at least we can rejoice TOGETHER for dinner time.

Interesting fact too as I was reading the commentary on this verse; did you know that bread was the staple food in ancient times? It was eaten with butter, honey or a vinegary dip. A dry morsel would be a bit of bread without anything to go with it. The best beasts were used to sacrifice, and since a portion of each was eaten by the offerers and priests, this would be the choicest meat, yet even the dry crust of bread would be better in a house where there was peace and harmony than the choicest food with constant wrangling. Who can enjoy food if the stomach is upset because of an inharmonious home?

Bless the Lord for that breat – truly one cannot live by bread alone 🙂


One thought on “Real Feasting

  1. I am sorry I have been away so long! Life has been so busy that I have not had time to enjoy my wonderful blogger friends! I love this post! I wish I could go back to the days when my children were litte (at least I do today)! Some days I just get so tired of cooking and preparing for my family (not that I don’t love it and them) but it gets to be the same thing over and over again. But you remind me that I should be thankful that I am provided for. It may not be filet but our stomachs are filled and there is peace and most time contentment. I should count myself blessed to have any peace with three kids over 14 years of age! Gog bless you and I hope not to be absent so long again.

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