Bring Joy….

Show hospitality to one another without grumbling. 1 Peter 4:9

Am I the only one who dreads the very idea of inviting people to my home?  It’s not like I know a lot of people and for the most part family and friends are far enough away that inviting them for a lunch or dinner, it’s just not a reality. Its a blessing. I sometimes feel badly for saying that but realy, its a blessing.

I am an introvert; I enjoy quiet times (and I get lots of those right? hahah) I have a genius IQ (not boasting and truly I don’t believe that makes me better than ou but it does make “normal” really hard for me to pull of) I could go on a rampage listing all of my issuesand quirks; lets just say its a challenge. For me, social experiences are a lot of work. They are tiring; they are stressful. And when they are over  I am relieved.

So add to that my penchant for “where I go my kids go” and for the most part anyone who ever wanted to befriend me runs pretty quick in the other direction. I get it – I remember those days when I didn’t have kids and the last thing I wanted to do then was hang out with a friend and their kids. Of course all that changed once I had my own and once I was born again ….. yep you got it.

Hospitality is not a part of me. I know we are to serve and entertain without grumbling. I know that I am to look beyond our small home; the fighting and chasing and loud non stop activity of our kids and our two stinky attentive and sometimes “scary” doggies…..I remember that the size of our house doesn’t matter; the simplicity or the fanciful meal provided is not an issue – we are to enjoy the moment. We are to bask in the time and the company.

I pray, I am reminded that I am not perfect. Nor are those who are invited into our home. We are all imperfect beings. We are all battling something; we are struggle and fall and what’s important is that we know that there is another there to lift us up when we are in need. Whether with a simple visit to our home or a coffee date; a gathering at the local playland or just a get together to sit and appreciate one another (Maybe enjoy some peace and quiet lol)

It doesn’t matter. At least it shouldn’t and if it does – forget about it. Serve, as He served. DO it with love; do it with joy. Stop comparing what you have, what you offer to others  – stop comparing it to what “they” do and can do. We do not know their situation, we do not know their needs. He knows and if we trust in Him, what we offer can be just what they need most.



One thought on “Bring Joy….

  1. We sound so much a like! except for the genius part! I am a very common sense type person and it frustrates me to be around people who most times don’t have a lick of common sense! So entertaining is hard for me as well. But, when I have to do it I jump in do it full out. Then like you am totally exhausted and relieved when it is over. I know I need to work on my attitude about it because it is bordering hypocrital. I put on the face of hospitality but I am in the back of my mind watching the clock and waiting for my solitude. I read a couple of books the beginning of last year on hospitality and the Bible is full of instruction on Christians being hospitible. **Sigh** We are still a work in progress. Will we ever be complete? Not this side of Glory!

    I love your blog because I can relate to you and your circumstances yet we both love the Lord and do the best we can to reflect Jesus! You encourage me and I hope I can encourage you too! God bless!

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