It’s all Good….In the End :-)

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28


Today I am hiding out in my kids closet for the day. Literally. Its time to clean house and part of my organizing is also part of my therapy. haha

Its been one of those weeks where if it can go wrong it will go wrong. I am tired and with two little ones under the weather and a major remodeling project on hold….its a trying time. Our truck is on the fritz – Glory to God that it chose not to start this weekend while I was home with the children. I thank God His hand was upon me -my husband was out of town so if we would have left; we would have been surely stranded for hours until he came home from his trip with our oldest son (who is in the top three quizzers of the state of Wisconsin Woot-Whoot)

I know my family thinks I am crazy and maybe a it mean for being as silent as I have been lately but darn if I don’t need to start making more time with the Lord. More alone time for my lil introverted soul to pray and read and think and write – to blog or not to blog. hehe

SO today my oldest is “schoolin” himself with some Wild Kratts (love all the animals 0 great fun learning time!) and building with his legos; he is reading his latest How to Train a Dragon book; learning some Bible verses and having fun too with his cartoons (Voltron – do I feel old!)

Meanwhile my three year old and one year old are bak and forth; upstairs and downstairs. I can hear them; they are safe and they are having fun. I love the giggles. I cringe at the screams and the sassy mouths I hear though here and there. My two boys struggle to play together; I try to let them work it out to an extent but if I didn’t hear my three year old son saying some nasty things to his big brother this afternoon. Oh my! Intervention time.

We talk a lot lately about “If you cannot say anything nice, don’t say anything at all….” Thumper right? Such a wise bunny rabbit. And I wonder – where has he heard those words. I pray upstairs, alone, ‘”Search me God …. ” Have I said something? Who did? I pray “Guide me Lord and give me wisdom to weather the storms….I trust in you….”

I know it will all be alright. Yet my hubby wants to know whats wrong that I m upstairs, alone, al day long. I look at him questioningly because I have been alone upstairs allday BUT I have been working. Cleaning and organizing, moving boxes and going through things in storage. I say again to him that we have too much, we need less. Less is more right? 🙂

He is onboard – my children, bless their hearts – are a joy even though they are sick. Its a challenging time but we know that He has us in HIs hand. And He has a great and awesome plan!


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