Taking a TRIP #3


Remember the TRIP program I blogged about awhile ago? Well we are still moving along – slow and not very steady. We are on week #3 of the program and while there is much I love about it myself; its challenging to keep my son involved and focused for long in any thing we have tried thus far.

My son is 7; he is a gifted 2E kiddo (attention problems; we say focus, focus focus haha) and he is reading at a 5th grade level right now. But he still have his challenges – his speed sometimes results in misunderstandings; missed details – we try to have him narrate as we read together to make sure that he gets it. And being that he is our little daydreamer I like to make sure he is “with us” during story time too. 🙂

I do see a great deal of benefits to this program for him; although there are many times still when I can tell he is bored; or drifts off during an exercise – It does help encourage focus and attention and we all need some more of that (in my house anyway) So while I do wish there was a way to make it more challenging for him (if only there were different levels to the program) the benefits still outweigh it all for me personally.

I am a bookworm – our house is overflowing with books, our kindles are filled as are the shelves and tables and drawers. I try to encourage the joy of reading in all my little ones and make sure they know what a blessing it is too!

I’m looking forward to seeing even more progress as things hopefully get a bit more difficult.  Until our next update keep tripping along 🙂

*Disclosure: I received this program free of charge as part of the CWA Review Crew. All opinions are my own.


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