Creating Contentment

It is my goal, to create contentment, in my home. In my heart and in my mind 🙂

We have struggled so with this as of late, myself in particular.  Where once there was a peace and contentment as of late its been more restless and “get er done” kid of days. haha What good is that for someone who is supposed to have the joy of the Lord in their life? If there is anything worse than not being a witness for Him; its being a miserable (bad)  witness to those in need of Him. Lord help me to regain and maintain the joy.  🙂

So that said, I seek today, to soak in His word, in His presence in any and every way that I can. Podcasts; audiobooks, blogs and His word of course!  Packing my computer with whatever goodness I can find to inspire, encourage and maintain the joy of the Lord. Post it notes; pretty printables posted about the house to remind me of all that He has to say when it comes to our thoughts, our speech and our actions.  Seeking more – seeking that peace – seeking that witness, in me, that will cause others to want God too! We all need that contentment within our  family and home. I have spent much time listening to various Christian Podcasts – soe of my favorites are on Holy Ghost Radio, Proverbs 31 and now and then I catch something lovely on the local Christian radio stations (its rare though!)  I also love to listen to sermons on Apostolic Live – lots of great praise and worship on there too.

Then there is Lorrie Flem – I have read a number of her publications, I have heard her speak.  I recently heard, Everyday Ways for Creatig Contentment, as a part of the Gabby Moms review team and I had to share the inspiration!  I have had the pleasure too, to hear her speak, and I love that her materials are soooo affordable. And so down to earth; inspirational and relatable. She has such a soft and gentle manner to her.; a meek spirit, its a blessing when I am a tired momma in need of some inspiration!

As my little ones get older … and wiser (just ask em how wise they are…haha) its a challenge to keep up. Some days its more of a struggle to let go; to stand back and let them learn. I am every day, amazed at the difficuly of parenting. Raising these children is harder than anything I ever did, or could have imagined doing. And to think, for years, I had no children, and told others how easy it was to raise their own. Forgive me for thking I had a clue! 🙂


creating contentment



Anyway, here’s my pitch for Eternal Encouragement; visit them at and find a little contentment.  Find that rest, that renewal you need. So many wonderful resources.  And as if that isn’t enough,  there will be another seminar coming soon. How soon?  March 1st!

Check it out at the following link that seminar is called, True Womanhood is not for Wimpy Women…check this one out, too!

We cannot afford to be wimpy moms – besides we have a great God we serve – glory to Him in all things!


**I was given this product by the Gabby Moms in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion and was not compensated in any way.**

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