Who are you Following?

I LOVE when I hear from the Lord – it makes those days that are such a struggle sooo worth it to hear Him confirm that I am just where He wants me to be.

I praise God too that He reminds me, as I struggle often, with all those distractions and irritations that are in the world, I need to stay focused on Him. He is all that matters – no one will walk perfectly; no one can always be “all that”. That is why we need Him so badly.

No matter how heavy the burdens that I feel; no matter the anguish within for those who I know are not making their calling sure- the regret and the sorrow I feel for those who are convicted of truth and do nothing, or those who hear truth and reject it – He is the only one who can make any one move – I am no one’s Holy Spirit 😦

I can trust in Him to move mountains, to heal and to do amazing and wonderous things- I must trust Him too to move the hearts and minds of those I love, in His time, as His will be done.

Sadly there are too many who walk away from the Lord because of “someone” ~ and sadly it shows how little many really understand His word. If we get it, really get what He is saying, the fact that someone is preaching the same message again and again, should only further how Great is our God! We cannot give up. I cannot stop preaching because I fall, because I fail, because I am imperfect…..we are to strive to walk and be as He, but when WE try hardest, is when we fail and when we trust Him and show our faith in Him, is when we shall be strong. In Him.

Let us not confuse those who lead us, those sweet teachers and mentors; let us not confuse them with Jesus – we cannot forget that the only one who is truly perfect is God. We cannot fault or blame our fellow Saints when they stumble and fall. The good news, is that He is there for us. He catches us when we have faith; when we trust Him.

And we must not worry what others think; just as Jesus left them to be alone with His father so must I when I feel called, no matter the cost.



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