I wanna Get Away…


I wanna get away……I have been saying this lately. A lot.

Why? What do I want to get away from?

Our house is loud and crazy; fun and full of joy but tiring – there is lots of work to be done; constant cleaning and organizing – again and again.

I have muchto  be so very thankful for-  all that we are blessed with –  the signs of joy and learning and life and togetherness…..yet by the middle of the week……I wanna get away……

Shame on me … what message does this send to my little ones? My husband? Even our doggies…?

What DO I want to get away from? My perspective perhaps? My blessings are many but only when  I see them as blessings.

Praying, Lord help me to SEE and to THINK on those things as the good, right and true joy that they are.

Let me be right in word and deed, in thought and in action that I may not see these things as that which I need to run from but rather what I wish to run to (or with).

Glory to God!


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