Freeing Tangled Hearts

“Are you sometimes left confused by the conflicting array of feelings you experience as a woman? Do you let your heart rule your head? In this book Dolores Kimball takes an honest look at our lives as women and urges us not to allow our confusion, our `tangled hearts’, to rule our lives, but to cast ourselves on the Savior, who alone can change our hearts forever.”

Dolores is formerly managing Edition of God Questions Ministries.    See more about the author at                                             


“I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it to the full.” (John 10:10 NIV).


My heart is broken. Often it breaks a couple times a day.

The loved ones I know who do not have salvation; those loved ones who do yet still look back and struggle.

Isolation and a disconnect. He has come to heal and to wash us…He makes us new. New in Christ.

But we have to let go. We have to be honest, and forgiving ourselves (of others but forgiving of self too). I am my own worst critic.


Charles Spurgeon said it best: “Do you want to lose your sorrows? Do you want to drown your cares? Then plunge yourself into God’s deepest sea and be lost in its immensity.”

Amen! Nothing sweeter; nothing more powerful than God Almighty.

God’s truths within are refreshing; honest and yet gentle to the soul. There is such a presence as I read.

I know as of late its been harder to focus on His truth – so many distractions and a sorrow within for so many that leaves me struggling to maintain my composure. Yet there is such a freedom in Christ and embracing THAT is the key. Freeing the tangled heart. Without a doubt there are too many things that steal us away (our minds, our time, our energy) yet there are so many reminders as I read that encourage and remind me to GO TO HIM.

No doubt there is much that so many need to see and embrace:  “. . . no amount of advice or counseling will solve your problems if your biggest problem is that you are separated from God. . . But once salvation is reasonably assured, you can begin the process of moving forward with the understanding that you do have the power of the Holy Spirit. . .” (P. 30). Now, please understand that I completely agree with all of these concepts, but surely we must also include the encouragement that if we believe we are separated from God we can surely call on the name of The Lord to be saved (Romans 10:13).

Oh, additional bonus…a free study guide you can download here to help you along. Visit:

Be blessed!


**Cross Focused Reviews provided me this book in exchange for my honest opinion. And I am so blessed for it 🙂


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