What do we Cherish?

King James Bible
But we were gentle among you, even as a nurse cherisheth her children

Lately I feel like I have lost my focus. I need to regroup. I need to remember my purpose. Once I was a mom on a mission …. right now I think I am a mom in a foxhole (hiding!)

I just started a reading group with a couple of my favorite homeschool mommas (okay some I don’t know well yet, but they are on a mission just like me!)

We are busy mommas; we love our children. We are tired and weary and sometimes out of focus. Desperate; in need of direction and inspiration, I mean seriously, is there anything more rewarding, challenging, tiring, heartbreaking and breath taking – than being a momma?

I want to be the best mom I can be. I know that I can only be that momma if I stay focused and rested; if I keep my Bible close and my God even closer. Without Him … after all He knows and He has a plan. A perfect plan. Better than anything I could think of. Ever.

I consider my little ones. My oldest son who is eager to grow up and who shares Jesus with everyone. My oldest who is wiser than his seven years; who understands and says that we always love one another but it may not always be so easy to like each other. My son who has such faith; such a connection to God, He is strong willed; impulsive and stubborn – loud and joyful – He will be used for great things I know.

My three year old son who wants to be big but isn’t quite ready to give it all up He snuggles, he sings, he greets me every morning with a smile. No matter how rough things are he knows how to make you laugh. My sweet boy, who recites Psalm 34:4 everywhere he goes and sings “My God’s Not dead, he’s surely alive, living on the inside roaring like a rampage….” hehe

Then there is the little darling of us all; at 18 months she is a spitfire – strong yet gentle; sweet yet also a bit sassy. She gives kisses and hugs; loves to make silly faces and snuggles as long as snuggles as much as she can. Every day. Sits on my lap and gives kisses. Crazy sloppy kisses with the sweetest smile.

They are only so small for so long. Each moment; each year – it goes quickly. And I only have so long to impart to them; to remind them and show them – that they are precious. I am on a mission to rekindle that fire – to refresh my vision for them all.

Mommas: We are called to a great task; we are called to build and train and disciple these little ones in Jesus name. Let s not forget; let us not look away when we grow weary. When they challenge us; when we are at our wits end and on our knees – Let us remember that our calling- it is greater than any other out there.

We are truly blessed!


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