Where’s your Passion?

“I want to be on fire for the Lord….like you….”

“I want to be sold out for Him; I want to tell everyone I meet about His good news….”

Where is your passion?

McKinley states in his introduction:

“…this book is about the present. It’s about today, and how Christ’s final day transforms our everyday.”

What a timely read as we come upon the Holy Days. I am always impressed by how the Lord works; the things that I wind up chosing to study, to read … This is such a different read; its more than just a study – its a deep, passionate walk meant to show what so many miss nowadays.

Is His death nothing more than a piece of history? What does it really mean? Not just to me as a Christian but to all those we meet? Go to the Cross – after all what would it all mean without it? I fear we forget too often the value of the Cross itself.

God is just and Holy; he is Omnipresent, Omniscience … There are so many amazing truths. I was impressed, and provoked deeply in fact, by the statement within that in fact “we have much in common with the people who were around Jesus during the trial and Crucifixion. We would probably be one of those yelling, “Crucify Him”.

What shall we say? What shall we do?

This is a reminder; a strong yet simple one, that Jesus final days – His resurrection – it all has a purpose for us today. It is NOT just an historical event. It is not to be dismissed or taken lightly.

Mckinley states Christ being judged by the rulers is like Michelangelo being judged by a group of nine year olds for crimes against art..” This reminds me all too well how how human we are – how powerless and desperately we need His grace ad mercy in our lives.

There is so much more I wish would have been said and shared tough; this one ended far too soon for me. All I can say is that I know without a doubt that Christ has died, Christ has risen and truly Christ will come again.


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