God is in The Hobbit?

I am a skeptic by nature when it comes to literature that claims tob e “of God”.

I was curious enough, when presented the opportunity to review, Finding God in The Hobbit – why not? What is there to lose?

God is in so many things nowadys – some folks say He is present and an active character in The Chronicles of Narnia – I have heard tell of the God of Twliight, The Shack, even Harry Pooter (I hear tell from some die hard Christian fans) . Don’t get me wrong, good literature is hard to come by. Good Christian literature- even more challenging.

Truth be told I was a Hobbit fan long before I was ever a follower of Christ. I pondered many times how any book or movie could portray the God of the Bible – and honestly; I concuded that it simply could not. However, I then had a wise and dear friend advise me that God CAN present Himself in anything, and anyway He chooses – We must be careful as we read we must rely not on His chracter in a noel but in His character in THE novel. That said….

I saw many wonderful things in The Hobbit – FInding God in the Hobbit – I would say, is an excellent tool for someone seeking to share morals and integrity, within literature. It is a simple read; friendly and rather inforam. Youwill get a god chuckle along the way too (personally I prefer a bit more studious of a read, but I did giggle, I adit it, here and there as well).

For those who are not as familiar with the story, each chapter begins with an overview, or summary, of a lesson within the part being discussed. It was an easy read; I think it took me 2 weeks to complete it and that’s only due to a couple of sick little ones in the house 😦

I would recommend this though to anyone who is sharing the story with their family; this is a wonderful way to share the Christian life while also enjoying a fun read! While I still do not believe that God is in The Hobbit – I do believe that the Spirit is present within the story itself. And what a blessing for there to be literature out there that expounds on he virtues of the Christian faith.


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