In the Mess ….

I a excited…..I am also having major anxiety issues…..

You see I started a book club for fellow mom; a time for us to read and meet and share our thoughts and struggles; inspiraton and prayers with one another. Sounds exciting right?

We are remodeling our house right now. Our kitchen to be exact. Our old kitchen is an eyesore – a mess to look at. Stuff is everywhere. Our new itchen is going to be wonderful – its a mess right now though too. We are waiting – for countertops – we are waiting for so much to be competed…..

And in the midst of my mess my inside voice is screaming to just cancel it. Cancel the book cub and wait until things are done. Wait until the house is nice and neat and not such a mess! I have to to silence the voice and the feeling of shame over the mess of my house.

And then I remember – its about the heart. It’s about the spirit. To serve and to gather to support and grow together. To share our joys and our tears …. There is so much more to serving. I have to remember that we are not called to serve from perfect, clean and tidy homes that smell like sweet lilacs … We are not called to invite others into our home when it is cnvenient and when we feel good about welcoming them in.

I am inviting others into my mess. Many that I will be truly meeting for the first time in our gathering tomorrow. Most are homeschool moms like myself; all are followers of Christ. I am reminding myself as I clean and organize what I can, as I can today and tomorrow, that perfect is the last thing anyone needs. And to truly gather, to truly benefit from one another – sometimes there needs to be a bit of a mess.

I pray that I may be joyful as I meet others in my mess.
For His glory of course 🙂


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