Who Can Help?

We had a visiting preacher at our church last night. He started with a video – lot of numbers and statistics – all aout the kids we are losing. The kids who need salvation, who need Christ – how many we have lost in the world and even how many we lose to the world….You know, those kids who fall away? I suppose most were saddened by the numbers.

I was mad. I admit it. I could barely contain myself. Ask my husband. haha

I mean, I consider our church to be pretty truth filled – Sure there are some things I think they should preach on that they don’t. But what is the chance there is a perfect church out there? I know we have His spirit and His blessing within …

SO there is all this talk of the lot youth – the children who are lost – the children who grow up in the church and still leave the church ….

Then the video says….”The church must do something…..” Whoa! What about the families? What about the home? Don’t get me wrong, as the church (we are the church) we do need to be out there sharing His word BUT what about the family? The home?

We talk so much about all those kids out there who don’t he Jesus; all those little ones who need Him….What I never hear is any talk of how we need to build a strong family. How we need to bring those mommas home; bring the little ones home. If we want them to know Jesus, if we want the to follow Him … .Do we not need to go back to the home?

I mean if the church can save every kid out there in just a few hours a week; imagine what the public schools do to these kids…. It starts with the home. It starts with a mom and dad that live a life that shows Christ. It starts with families that ive Biblically.

When is the preacher going to stand up and say to those moms “Gather your children frm the daycare, from the school … come home….” When is someone going to be honest enough to admit that it all began to really fall apart when mom went into the workforce? When did the job become more important? The big house, the fancy cars? What matters more?

It saddens me that there are so many out there who live according to His word in so many ways – yet there are these BIG issues…kids are a huge issue. Check out any scripture that speaks of children …. God takes these little ones very seriously. He prizes them. We should too.

We need to step out in faith – we need to encourage others to do the same. We look like the world, the way we raise our kids. We don’t see the problem with this? We need t disciple them; we need to keep them close. We need to hear people confirm that when you live in His plan for the family; no matter what storms come your way, He provides.

We cannot sy that the church is the answer. We cannot say that Sunday School makes a difference; we cannot say that the world is not impacting these children every day. As a church we need to be standing strong; we need to be standing together. For those moms who cannot be home – we need to pray for them, to support and care for them and their little ones. Are we not to be a family? There has to be, there IS, another way.

I do not remember who said it, but I say it is good “United we stand, divided we fall … ”

So why do we keep dividing? Families….churches….communities?
There is One Lord, One faith, One Baptism…..(Eph 4:5)

We can only save them by living by His word, for His word … .every jot. Every ttittle.

Every. One.



4 thoughts on “Who Can Help?

  1. One thing I have noticed within the church itself, is a crossover between certain words. We often use the words Father, Son, and Holy Spirit intermittently when they each have separate roles. For example, when we pray we may say, “Father thank you for saving me from my sins and dying on the cross. Thank you for dwelling within me and giving me peace.” It isn’t the Father who died, but the Son. It isn’t the Father who dwells with us, but the Spirit.

    All of that to say…. Perhaps the pastor was using the word church in a broad sense when his heart was really addressing the people who make up the church. As members of the church we ought to be concerned about our children being lost and losing their faith. It should concern us both on a personal level (our own children and homes) and on a global level (the future of the church).

    The church organization is not going to be the “answer”, but the church (meaning the people) ought to be the answer. We have the answers to give people hope and a future and it ought to start at home.

    1. What frustrates me is not just the verbage used- its the lack of a real answer to this problem that is HUGE. We talk so much about the youth not coming into the church and the youth leaving the church but the answer to be given is never more than “the chuch” Surely we have the ability to do more for those in need – it does start at home. And if there was mroe preaching on the importance and value of the home, perhaps that would be cause a great shift as well. I fear too many, even in the church, do not see the value and importance of the home in a child’s life today. There is a buck that gets passed….the school does this, the counselor for that…..there is a role everyone fills….but many parents, their role has gotten blurry….they don’t really understand their calling. It’s a ministry, motherhood. We have to embrace it — we have to give families that understanding and power once again. I mean who gets credit for most kids when they are grown? Too often its the school; the favorite teacher or coach….sigh

      “And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one , even as we are one: I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one;” (Jn. 17:22,23).

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