Slowing Down ….

It’s been a while since I have come here and blogged….really blogged…… 

A hard winter it’s been over here – praying spring will come soon, 

I the meantime I expect this is a lesson for us all in this home to just slow down. To enjoy being home; to engage one another and to make the house a home (as we remodel) 

Bless this mess! 

Then there are the kids. Its been one cold and flu after another here. They say the flu shot make all the difference and I agree. They usually don’t get one but this year we decided to try it out and if everyone hasn’t been sick since…..I tell ya – Hurry spring. 

I am dying to open some windows – see some sunshine. Get the kids outside to dig in the dirt and sand;  kick those balls around and ride them bikes. hehe 

Its been a tough winter. It really has. It’s been less than glamorous. Its been a challenge keeping it together with stuff here and there; moving rooms and trying to find new space. Cleaning and decluttering; scrubbing and painting and building – It has not helped. t’s been exciting and my kids have loved seeing and being a part of the process of a new rom being built and literally put together piece by piece. 

I cannot wait until its done. sigh 

Bless ALL the mess. (kids, house, health, homeschool, life …. ) 

If it was not for the mess – where we would we go for rest? For peace? 

Casting my cares upon Him. Remembering to thank Him even as the tv is on too much for my taste. Even as we have two kitchens in limbo and a house thats craziness….. 

Focusing on being welcoming…focusing on the blessings within…..its all in His time right? 

The colds and the flu … it shall pass…. the mess shall too …. .Enjoying as we speak, this time with my family and my little ones making a mess. 


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