Hallelujah Anyhow…..

It’s cold outside. I think its colder inside today. 

Do you hear Taps playing? Its for our furnace – may it rest in peace.

Timing sure is everything- with a house full of sick kids it has to die now? Have to laugh ….

The stomach bugs every little ones has here -from one of us to the next; at least the washer still works. haha  

Then there is the major attitude issues with my oldest son that have me ready to explode….My oldest has always had a strong will, a stubborn nature – they say it gets worse before it gets better. I don’t know. I lost it last night. And I had to apologize this moring. He is so forgiving. I am so wicked some days – when it comes to him my self -control is almost nonexistent. His ability to tune me out; to ignore my requests and do whatever he like until he is made to stop. I pray for him. I know he is one of God’s special little ones … Still he tires me out and breaks my heart so many times lately. 

Its at a standstill too – an incomplete kitchen remodel leaving the house in such disarray – moving furniture about to try to “finish” and organize what we can….Tapping my feet as I wait for these darn granite countertops that my husband had to have….seems like its taking forever for this to be done. I just want things tidy again. 

I have seeds that still need to be planted….so many for the garden. Veggies and flowers to spread about the yard once it is warm enough outside … containers waiting for their dirt and seeds-  apple trees on the way and berry bushes too … So much I praying I will be able to harvest…IF I can even get any planted this year


Then there is school ….. what school? haha So blessed we can home school and do school as we can.
When it rains it pours right ….. But when it rains things grow ….. well at least lately they do (I remember our first year with my garden, it rained, and it all flooded haha)

Slowing down ….. settling in …. blankets ….books….music……rest with the little ones and stay warm…..

….And Hallelujah Anyhow…..                                                           Image




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