Counting it all …

I cannot say this just right but it stuck. Sitting in the pew last night, listening to one of my favorite preachers.  It has been hard lately in the King home. Between the mess from the remodel, challenges with the kids, quizzing practices, friends and family…Many burdens have been felt. Its been awhile since I have felt like I could truly say, I am blessed. Yet I am even in this storm that I have been in. And I needed to hear what I heard last night – God works in great ways. He always knows our need and is sure to deliver.

Its been a grumbling, moaning and groaning time for all of us too. Not one of us has seemed to feel rested and relaxed, rejuvenated and at peace….So where is the joy of the Lord in our life ? More importantly what path did we choose? We could choose joy….or we could choose… complain. To focus on all the things that we think are going wrong; all the battles, all the spiritual warfare coming against us. Do we put on the armor of GOd in these times? r do we curl up under the covers and hide?

I have done neither of those. I wish I had done one of them. Instead I have been moody and irritable, short tempered and ungrateful. I have been mad and sad and sure that He has forsaken me…..I have been a terrible witness !

Complaining is so easy. Its so much easier than digging down deep and thanking Him for these trials that will only bring s closer to Him. These struggles that strengthen our faith and bring us into a deeper walk with Him. These persecutions we face – they are nothing compared to all that He nedured for US so why when we are persecuted for Him do we get so angry about it? Its just easier to get mad. 😦

Anyway to get to what was said that stuck. To get to that message, that simple little sentance that hit me. Right in the gut. Made me remember how precious I am to Him; how sweet and awesome He is in my life. Where would I be without Him? And why and how did I forget how priceless and precious this life that He has given me, is? How many could use al that I have? How many can walk with Him and hear Him as I have?

I count myself blessed. No matter the storms. And I thank God for truth – truth that hurts-  but also heals.

…. We complain about today and all the thing that are wrong in our eyes….yet we never stop to think that yesterday God reviewed and approved our today – He blessed it as a part of His plan for us, for our life, for His glory….We may not understand it but those struggles, those trials, those things that break our heart – He approved them because we need them. It doesn’t have to make sense to us – We just have to have faith – and show that faith, in Him 🙂 He has blessed today even though it hurts – Thus we must rejoice!



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