To Be True to His Image….

If you have been following my blog, as of late, I am sure you have moticed the slip and slide I have been on. I am blessed indeed that He never leaves or forsake His children – Hi patience and love, grace and mercy – they are divine. (Almost better than a Godiva chocolate hehe)

I have had to stop. I have had to listen. He has reminded me of promises made. Of a purpose that is His plan. And He has made sure that I know, no matter how I truggle, what faults I find in myself or others – We need to love them as He loves us. We need to accept and encourage them (not sin but types) as He does us. How frustrated He must be with me sometimes. There are days I truly image Him shaking HIs head and banging HI head againt the wall even just because of how many times it takes for lil ole me to get it. sigh

I have been reading. Studying. His word and other materials I have been led to that are wonderful additions and compliments to His truth. All of course relate to being a mommy, being a wife, being a sservant and a misionary of His.

Lead Your Family Like Jeus – Okay maybe this is a better read for my husband but still, I do love Tricia Goyer he has such a wonderful and sweet way of sharing the how’s and the why’s of it all. Especially those things that make us a bit uncomfortable, might go against what we beieve or what we do. She gently shares HIs truth within this book that we may remember that we are steward of these little ones, we are missionaries in our homes (to our unsaved family members, to friends and neighbors..we need not travel that far to share HIs message if we are living it). There are so many powerful truths in here that I know I need. I was never raised in a Christ centered home; this is practical and inspiring and powerful. I mean, ome of it make me go “duh” but for the most part even those thing – the lightbulb goe on. And it gets brighter! 🙂

Then there is my second favorite. The Gospel Centered Woman. Life is confusing for us gals – especially today when we want to live His truth and Hi way. Yet it is hard to kick against the pricks. And are there not o many pricks nowadays? We are told one thing by most of the world – I know I struggle, feeling sometimes alone and lost – those times I must remember He is there. He is always with me. Paul says that the gospel is a power for salvation. In this book, Wendy Alsup shows how this power goes to work to save us from discontent due to unfulfilled desires, defensiveness when confronted with offense, defining ourselves by anything other than our connectedness to Christ, and disillusionment with our less-than-perfect lives.” We have to get back to the place where we remember the power in our sakvation, In Christ, and where we know and are sure (faith, tough faith) that He created the family, the woman and the man, each for a special purpose. We must be sure and strong and certain. We shall not be moved right ladies?

We read “The gospel is the bridge to this confidence in God’s sufficient supply for us in this very moment, though there is a grand void between the perfection of the Garden of Eden and the brokeness in our lives right now.”

I have been reminded as I have read these; as I have studied and prayed ~ We are not called to be a supermom – we are not called to be a CEO or a Entrepreneur – We are called to be His, to share and show His word with those in need. As we live for HIm, as we walk closer to HIm; He shall be the super power that we need. He shall guide and strenthen us. We are only called to live for Him.

We must remember the truth He has given us, as mothers and helpmeet. We must ignore and fight the flesh telling us we do not matter. That we need to do more and be more. We must silence that voice, be still and trust God. It a powerful thing He created woman for – I mean, we are a creator of life, a nurturer of babes. How like Jesus is that?

Be blessed!


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