Where You Go ……

The Great Commission – We are told to GO – not to stay …. Go and Preach the Gospel … 

So when we are “stuck” at home…..how o we get unstuck? 

How did we get so confused One simple command we are given and unless we are in a jungle, far from “home” we assume we cannot do what He calls us to … 

I know I have forgotten. I have gone astray. I have been silent when I know I should have spoken. I have stayed, when He was asking me to go … I have waited when I was supposed to act and I have been busy in those times I was told to be still.

We are all missionaries ~ We need not fly overseas or move far from home ~ God has called us to be right where we are ~ For a season which He has planned for us and for those we meet ~ And if we walk and love as He has, we shall provide that witness in every place we go. 🙂 We must be open to His lead to truly appreciate what goes on behind the curtain that we cannot, or need not, see 🙂

*How I would love to go somewhere other than Racine WI -I admit it – of all the places I have lived, this is my least favorite ~ It’s cold, there’s no mountains, there’s no great ocean – to me its nothing new. Old and boring – what could posibly be so important that He means for me to be here? Right here? He knows – He knows and I need only have faith. And listen

So here i stand (or sit blogging anyway haha)….Waiting on Him and being a witness, as I can, training and preaching where and how He leads.* Offering support and love, in the only way I know how – falling, stumbling, showing and being shown grace (in thoe times I do not deserve it too – so many of those times lately)  I have been restless and less full of that gratitude I should have. Yet in this mess which is me, I am loved, I am forgiven. 


Today – I shall be gratefu for my home and my family, even if it is in Racine. In fact I will be so very grateful for Racine. For the lake and the quiet little home we have been blessed with. For our little home in the city, yet far enough away that it almost feels like country. I thank the Lord for every little moment here in this town. 


And of course if He ever wants to send me to the far away lands…..How exciting would that be? Only in His will 🙂 


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