Bound Together

Why should a child suffer because of the choices of his parents? And on a grander scale, why do we all suffer the curse of Adam’s sin? Why should anyone be judged for someone else’s sin?
In Bound Together, Chris Brauns unpacks the truth that we are bound to one another and to the whole of creation. He calls this, ‘the principle of the rope.’ Grasping this foundational principle sheds new light on marriage, the dynamics of family relationships, and the reason why everyone lives with the consequences of the sins that others commit. Brauns shows how the principle of the rope is both bad news and good news, revealing a depth to the message of the gospel that many of us have never seen before.

I don’t know. I am not sure I like the idea of this book. Bound together with those we know and love; bound together with those we have never even met. It’s intense. It’s deep. And it speaks volumes to how we live our lives today and how we should live them in our tomorrows.

Its true. We are all bound together. And while to us it does not make sense; all that we do is a ripple on the water, that may toss about a boat we do not even see. We are bound together in Christ. We are bound together without Christ.

It reminds me of six degrees of separation. I always thought that was a silly idea but the older I get the more I have seen it, in proof. I call it a God thing. I know that God is working behind the scenes in times like this.

Right now our exchange student, our daughter from Brazil, recently born again, a Daughter of the King – is packing her bags to go to another home in the city for the remainder of her school year here. She could not tame her tongue and there was much she did not understand not that long ago. While she gets it now – He has opened her eyes to much – it is too late for her to stay. Not by her choice, or ours.

“The principle of the rope means that, yes, we are tied to others & their choices, be it good or bad.”

If we stop and we think about how true that really is its profound. And I know it gives me a desire to be stronger in Christ, and more conscious of my actions and words.

Bound together we are. Our sweet Izzy made some bad decisions; said some things that could not be unsaid – bad decisions make it so she must leave. Yet there were great, wonderful choices within those times that gave such glory to God. Amazing grace; a soul was saved and born again a new creation in Christ – one from around the world who was sent and bound to us in this new birth – Amazing.

Braun notes “The gospel is the bedrock of joy. And so, when the gospel is diminished, joy is diminished too.” So much in scripture even confirms this. In 2 Corinthians 2:3, Paul notes “I wrote as I did, so that when I came I might not suffer pain from those who should have made me rejoice, for I felt sure of all of you, that my joy would be the joy of you all.”

Such a vital read; such a potentially Kingdom moving lesson if we can learn in.
He summarizes the entire book by saying, “On varying levels, we are roped together with others. When someone we are roped to is lifted up, we are lifted up with them. When he or she jumps off a figurative cliff, we are pulled down with them. This is what I refer to as the “principle of the rope” – the truth that our lives, choices, and actions are linked to the lives, choices, and actions of other people” Pg. 25.


3 thoughts on “Bound Together

  1. That is fantastic that your exchange student came to know Christ! What a major life altering decision and I pray that she has people where she is from who will disciple her as she grows in her faith!

    1. Indeed ~ It has been such an aweome thing eeing her grow and come to know Him too! I know her mother is very supportive and we are sure there are a few good places of worship near her home! Prayer are always appreciated of course since she is still o new that she may continue to seek Him more and more. I pray as she move today to her new home here in Racine, before going to her home in Brazil – he will have strength and comfort in the Lord – I know He ha a great plan for her,for His glory

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