Wrath of the Tongue

I have never quite been able to tame my tongue.
What a dangerous little thing our tongue is. I often console myelf with the fact that I do not, for the most part, say hurtful things to others. I go to my “closet” to vent. I write, I ponder in prayer ~

That does not make it right. Either way the only way to say it is “If you can’t say something nice, don’t ay nothing at all … ” A wise lil bunny Thumper was! haha

I have been blessed that many times, in my short temper, in a moment when I am lacking in self control – I have yet to have my words truly cause anyone damage. I guess that’s why it IS good to talk to yourself…

Still though – our exchange daughter, who has been quite the rollercoaster ride in her time here, has been struggling with just this for some time now. And yesterday we got a call that was nothing more than words said coming back to haunt.

She has struggled, as most of us do, with wanting to be in the world, yet also wanting to be a part of His kingdom. As she has learned, in her time here, His word – as he ha felt His spirit, heard His word for His children … As with most things in life worth having, it is not easy. So she has truggled – she has asked to leave more than once. And now they have made it so.

She talked with me a lot last night. About her mistake, her understanding (or lack of) and her new understanding. She sees clearly now that she truly has been born again – with the baptism and infilling of the Holy Ghost she sees things in a new way. There are many thing that are different for her now – as it should be when we are reborn – Yet there are still things done before, which she must now face.

We all have thee experiences in our life. There is such power in words. It builds and it destroys. It loves and it hate. It heals and it ills.

Its ben on my mind. A lot. In my heart. A lot. Words. Language.

We love to learn different languages in our home – a little here and there. But perhaps we need to focus ever more on what we say. How we say things And why we say them.
We need to be purpoeful in our words. In our language.
We can love languages and words yet if we use them in the wrong way does it not say we are nothing more than noises; clanging cymbals?

Today and the days to come I pray my words, my family’s words will be more full of life and love. More purpose.

For His glory.


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