At some time in everyone’s life we are

At some time in everyone’s life we are in mourning over the loss of a loved one. Most often our grief is due to the physical loss of a loved one. There are time, like today in our home, where there is a grief because of a spiritual loss.

Our family said farewell to our exchange daughter yesterday and while it is not a forver good bye there is a need for healing in many ways. There is a process for all of us in letting go and moving forward.

For my children it is the loss of a “big sister”, for my husband and I it is the loss of a young lady who we watched and prayed for; one who was saved and born again…we see her at church now but it does not take away some of the pain (for her, and for us too in some ways) that what he has is not what she wants. She had exactly what she wanted but appreciated it too little, too late. Moving forward.

So many times, if not us, perhaps one near and dear to us (or even someone in pasing) is hurting and afraid. In need of some comfort and healing. This has been a week of that for my family, especially my little ones. There are questions that cannot always be answered; sometimes good bye’s are not possible.

We must lean on the Lord in times like these. We must show faith in Him no matter how hard it may be. Just a much was taken from Job, sometimes in our life, He needs to do the same. And sometimes there are just things that happen which cause us grief.

Your parent passes away. Your child suddenly becomes ill and is not recovering. A friend perhaps loses their aunt or sister. In these times what can we say? How can we help those in need, to heal? Or ourselves for that matter?

You all know that I read. A lot. I love to seek out new information; especially when it is something that can help those in need. And I find so many gems. Often I truly believe that they are sent from the Lord. For me to share with those who are hurting. Who are in need of comfort, love and a peace that can only come from Him. 🙂

Healing Hearts with Helping Hands. The title says it all. It is chocked full of ideas, recipes, sentiments and meal planning tools, to make reaching out to others feel like the blessing it is meant to be. We are called to serve others; we are to see others needs as more important than our own.

We all know someone who is in need. When we do not know what to say or how to show them how much we care a book like this can be such a blessing. Full of wisdom, words and ways to show you care; ideas for offering comfort and truly helping someone to heal. Be God’s ambassador and “comfort the downcast.” (2 Corinthians 7:6).

And I do LOVE the cover of this too! How precious ~ A reminder that we are called to do for others as we would do for Him ~ Helping and healing.

You can get this book for your Kindle at Amazon for just $.99 May 1st through the 3rd here; $3.99 regular price!

Check out Eternal Encouragement Magazine for encouragement too on being that mother and wife, all with a Christian perspective!


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