Be Intentional

It is so easy to let them play. So simple to let them do their own thing. And there are plenty of times I know my little ones need their space and their time to play. To consider. To learn on their own or together. Some days I watch them and see the wheels turning.

I remember a time when I knew it all. Before I had kids. I had all the answers. I knew exactly what had to be done to raise a kid right. Good one right? As the years have passed I have concluded that everything I knew amounts to a can of beans and that there is nothing harder, scarier, and more nerve wracking than raising one (or more) little ones!  I mean there are NO right answers – and when you do find one – it all changes *gasp* in an instant.

We must be intentional in our parenting. We  must be faithful to our Lord and we must be strong and sure. We must remember that each body is created in His image, with a wonderful and God glorifying plan that is just for them. We cannot squash that. We must learn, be still and listen and pray ~ How can we help them to grow into who He created them to be?

“Whether he is a mystery or more familiar, our job is to become a student- to seek to understand the work that God began and is faithfully completing in the lives of our children. Our job is to steward that, not change it.” p. 18

I read recently Intentional Parenting: Autopilot is for Airplanes. How awesome is that? Autopilot is for airplanes. Got it? Not for kids? Not for moms even. Its for airplanes.

Not every solution fits every problem. Not every issue has one answer. We have to be flexible. We have to be strong and intentional in what we do. In how we approach things. In fact, in life as a mom, I have found more times of reflection and more insight into my own character and mind. Creepy!?!?

This book is chock full of insight: how we can be a better mom (or dad) how we can, and why we need to be better…More of an Intentional, Patient, Grown-Up, Balanced, Consistent, Playful, Connected, Encouraging, Spiritual, Merciful, Hopeful, and Free Parent.  I don’t typicaly encourage marking up books but in this case – grab a highlighter mom and mark it up.  So many things you can grasp on to in those difficult times. And many little moments that will make you chuckle too.

I was blessed to receive a copy of this for review from Booksneeze. As an imperfect mother with a super awesome perfect Savior ~ I am the first to say I need all the help I can get. Don’t you?



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