Open Up ….

Rain Rain on me…open, the windows of heaven; pouring out a blessing ; Lord we need refreshing, til it overflows….

All morning this has been going through my mind. It’s been raining here in Wisconsin. A lot. It keeps us indoors more than I would like. And is making gardening a bit more challenging this year. The dry days are cold; the warm days are wet. Too much rain.

Rain on me… the windows of heaven .. I read and I seek a deeper understanding of His word and His holy days … In this month, the month of Sivan, God wants to awaken that anointing in his children (Deutoronomy 8:18).

There is such presure; such power I feel in His word – more than before. Perhaps it is because it is true what I read:

“This is the month that God wants to give us a greater understanding of giving, that we may remain forcused on the harvest and be blessed  (Luke 6:38). Sivan is the month of Pentecost, “The Feast Of The Open Heavens”. This represents the provision of God, both naturally and spiritually. God desires that each of his children live in a continous, unending flow of provision, that his Kingdom be established, his Power be revealed, and his Glory be manifested in earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10,13)! The spiritual provision of this month included both the the giving of the law of Moses-Torah (Exodus 19-23), and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2). God wants to give us both instruction and power to live a life of “Open Heavens”. The instruction establishes our boundaries, and our guidelines for living and the power gives us our ability, strength, and authority to live the life God has ordained for us.”

Do you see it? Do you hear and answer His call? It is amazing….. Our lives are being molded and shaped into the glorious image of the Lord Jesus The Christ, The Son Of The Living God. Let us see ourselves as a guardian of the “glory”, a carrier of the “glory”, and also a depositor of the “glory”!

May we step back and not see ourselves as to big. I pray I never bevome so big that I forget about all that He pulled me ut of. There is pressure. There are trials. We must face them trusting that He is always with us. We must trust that His plan is greater; His plan is perfect. No matter if we understand or not – it is not for us to approve what He calls us to but rather it is for Him to approve our steps as we are in the mix of it all..

Pentecost – it was a time of great blessings. The power and the strength of God that was poured out. Why do so mny think that this cannot be again? I pray and I expect to see an awesome move of God coming again ~ Every Pentecost. Pour out the blessings. We face our trials; we pay for blessings and faith and strength; wisdom and patience…


There have been trials – I think I have passed some fo them. Others I know I have failed. And I trust that He is stil with me; thank God for grace and mercy. Though I fail Him many times, His mercy endures forever. May all of the trails and struggles we have faced be a testimony to His greatness.

Let us see ourselves as the dwelling place of honor for the Spirit Of The Living God, living in an eternal cycle of blessings, being sent forth(apostollos, apostolic) as a gift from God, operating under the authority of an”Open Heavens”! Be blessed~


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