A Mother’s Day?



I have always been wary of these Hallmark days. Mother’s Day – a day to celebrate all that mother’s do. But what does it really mean? I want to be a mother that shows Him in all that I do. I want to remember that as a mother, it is not about me, it is not about what I can do, but rather it is about showing what my God can do. 

I spent too many years trying to be a perfect mother. Beating myself up for not being a perfect mother. As I went deeper in my walk with God, as my children grew and as I grew, I saw so many truths that changed me. Changed my vision. 

I do not need a day. I do not want a day. I am blessed indeed. I need rest sure. But what can I gain from this day, one day in the year? What material items could I possibly need (okay, I got a cultivator for our garden this year – YEAH!) My God is all that I need; my family can be a blessing to me daily. Together we can encourage one another to be stronger; closer to the Lord. 

We do not need a day. That implies that it is all about us. It should be about Him. Are we not called to serve? To lay down our life; to see ourselves as as the least of these. We need to remember that – to hold thee truths close to our heart in these days when “its all about me.” 

May we count our blessings today and every day! These little ones are precious. We are called to something so great; He has entrusted us, He has called us to train and to disciple our little ones every day. Let us not grow weary in this great task we are called to – Let us rise up and be strong in our faith. Keep them close mommas – seek His truth and His guidance in ALL things.



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