When Jesus Wept

….Jesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus…..

“Lord, behold, he whom thou lovest is sick”

“Now Jesus loved… Lazarus”

I have heard of Bodie Thoene – I have never taken the time however to read one of her books until I was given the opportunity to review When Jesus Wept. Typically I am not one for fiction as I tend to disapprove of the lack of scriptural support in most books.I find too that often there are more liberties taken, embellihing stories with things that perhaps we should not be seeking to know.

But this was intriguing. Lazarus and Jesus We all know he was raised from the dead. But how many of us have found Lazarus to be the only one, other than “the disciple whom He loved” the Bible says Jesus loved?

Scripture does not have much to say regarding the friendship between Lazarus and Jesus. There is much mystery surrounding Lazarus. Few and far between is the name of Lazarus, yet we know “Jesus wept” prior to raising Lazarus. We read too that the Jews that were there “weeping” with his sisters attributed it to Jesus’ love for him (Fourth gospel 11:19, 33 & 36).

I was a bit disappointed there was not more of a scriptural reference but I admit that the benefit to that was that I spent quite some time seeking out Lazarus in my BIble after reading this. The raising of Lazarus is not a fictional story; its no fairy tale – it is a true historical event. And there is much I do believe we can learn from studying it more closely. As I read, and delved into my Bible as well, I saw how serious this event really wasand how deeply it impacted so many people.

I enjoyed “When Jesus Wept” overall and am eager to read more books by this talented husband and wife team. I do recommend to those who enjoy inspirational biblical fiction.

For more information, visit the Bodie and Brook’s website at thoenebooks.com.

This book was provided by the Liftuse blogtour program in exchange for my honest review.


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