What Memorial?

Our Pastor was speaking the other day about the woman who washed Jesus feet with her hair in Luke 7:38; the woman who anointed His head with oil (Mark 14:3) – to the great offense of those in their presence…It was a memorial – an everlasting memorial – to Him among us.     

I have read  that the anointing of the head symbolizes kingship, while the anointing of the feet symbolizes Jesus’ being glorified in death. 

Memorial Day is quiet today. We are home. Cold and rainy outside. My oldest is practicing bowling and boxing and golf on the Wii. My little ones are splishing and splashing in the tub. My hubby is working about the house; cleaning and organizing the garage. And I am sitting and reading; praying and pondering.              

Its a prayer of mine ~ that  I may find in each day, a moment where I have as well, washed his feet with my hair ~ anoint his head with oil ~ may I glorify Him in some way. Every day. 

I want to leave a memorial in my wake. I want my steps to be ones that are in stone; a memorial to my faith and my love for Jesus ~ that others may see and follow those steps, to His feet.



What Memorial have I offered? Today? Yesterday?    


2 thoughts on “What Memorial?

  1. It is an essential Christian life to anoint the head and feet of Jesus but sad to say, many don’t, I don’t do that everyday too. I am praying this with u. God bless you for sharing.

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