Want More?

Who’s to blame? Does it matter?

Feeling rather nostaglic today … counting down the days until our exchange daughter goes back home. Even though she is in a new home, away from ours, I continue to pray for her. We are in touch – just in a different way now.

There are times I feel amiss still about things. How she left and why she left. There are moments of sorrow and moments when I amit, I am relieved that there is one less mouth to feed. One less child seeking my attention, needing my direction. And yet I miss that too. More than I imagined.

So much for that sweet girl to face. Here and back home. I know her family is torn (mother is joyous and father is angered by this new “faith”) Yet I love how upbeat she is through it all; the faith of a newborn babe, literally. SHe does not stop smiling, the brightness that radiates from her. Its amazing. In fact, it leaved me a bit down when I do not see her in chutch some days. Isn’t it amazing how powerful a newborn can be? How they can inspire us no matter how “old” we are? šŸ™‚

I am insiried and reminded of how great this gift of salvation is. And how powerful the truth of His word can be. Unlike our dear daughter, we are able to attend services every time there is one; we can worship and praise in our home, in our car – there is no one telling us we “are not allowed”. I forget that sometimes. Take things for granted. Not everyone has what I have; not everyone has this much freedom.

We all choose which path we shall take. The path that is narrow, which few there be, or the path that is wide, easy to find and follow. SO often though we choose the path that is His, but we do so half-heartedly. We give so much but at some point there is that line … WIl be allow Him to cross it?

I pray today that His spirit shall renew me; that HIs Spirit will refil me, rejuvenate me and bring to me that joy and peace, as of the newborn babe in Christs, that faith that knows without a doubt, that He is in complete control. I pray He will too, remove those lines, shoud there be any in my life, that keep me from going deeper, walking closer, to Him.

SO many in need. SO many who are not completely free (yet they feel a freedom in Him as we should too!) and I want that.

I want more of you Lord….Set a fire down in my soul ….. that I cannot control….I want more of you Lord….


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