Time to Get Real

God has not given us the spirit of fear,but of power and of love and of a sound mind! (2 Timothy 1:7)

How many of us are hiding? Really…..I know we all think we are not but if we are serious and we look honestly….I think the better question is how many of us are not hiding?

Jamy Whitaker writes “God uniquely designed each of us for what He has called us to do. He planned every day of your life to lead you to your calling. He intends for us to use every gift, every talent and every life experience, good and bad, for His purpose and His glory,”

We have such a hard time with that don’t we? I do. If I am honest, part of the ease in being a homemaker for me, is being behind closed doors for most of my days. It’s easier to be at home schooling and reading. online chatting and studying – its more personal and less personal all at the same time. Its safer.

But we are not called to be “safe” in our relationships with others; we are called to be honest. To be an ensample- salt and ligjht to the world. How are we to be that light, that salt, if we are hiding it behind a mask?

We all have doubts and fears – comparions that we fall into – how much prettier that mom is; how perfect that family’s children sit and sing – her amazing singing voice; her fabulous baked treats…I mean, we all do it. We make ourselves feel less than what we are.

we are great. We all have flaws. I can read more books in one sitting than most people. haha I can drink lots more coffee than the average person, and still get to sleep at night. I am strong willed, to a fault, but I am an avid lover of God and truth. I have a strong spirit, a sure mind and I want to share what I know with others that they may have life more abundantly through Him too. I
don’t have to have a perfect house, or hair or the lastest fashions to do that. But I need to not be sorry or show shame that what I have, is not as good as what they have.

How can we minister; how can we show the love and power and mercy and grace of God if we are busy “excuse me’ing” everything to others? You know: “excuse the mess” or “forgive the kids they have not napped yet today .. .” What is that?

Even Jesus was rejected; scorned, mocked. He stood strong; He did not waiver, He did not say “excuse me…forgive me…” He knew truth and He had a greater purpose in mind. We need to do the same. When things are too hard; when we just feel like its not enough – that is when we need to go to the feet of Jesus. We need to ignore the piles of laundry; the crayon marks on the walls; the sticky floors and rest in Him.

We need to Get Real. No fear, no regrets. We need to remember and embrace the fact that He knows all that is to come, and that has come, before we ever did. And He approved it all that it would bring us that much closer to the greatest plan ever. That which He has for us. Let us be strong and proud of all He has called us to be.


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