Why Patience?

I pray for patience, and peace….And so often am met with chaos – Lord help me remember that all these trials can only help me to be more like you ….

I have not been online much lately. My computer went down recently – lost all my files. My e-books, my music, my home school stuff – it was a very sad day. Its running again but I need to piece it all together again. And we are leaving for a week long vacation to Eagle River.

In the middle of it all – its a mess. Chaos. My husband planned the trip. Without considering the dogs. We leave in 24 hours and have no one to watch the dogs. So as my husband talks vents his frustration, I try hard, not to point out that, he planned this without me. And he should have remembered the dogs.

The kids are excited – loud and energetic. They cannot wait for a week of fishing and boating with daddy. Swimming and bonfires and s’mores and morning donuts and muffins “for the fun of it” (my oldest says haha)

My husband is a blessing. I am trying (hard) to find a way to support him and encourage him though. As he complains about the things that are not in place. As he complains about the kids being too loud and crazy. As he plans how he will rest and relax – he has to remember his kids who want to have fun with him. How to encourage him…..sigh

In all of this I pray. That things will go according to His will. That I will take a breath and trust God no matter how crazy things get. No matter how rowdy the kids may be and no matter how quickly our daughter melts down (its a five hour drive and she has never liked rides) No matter how short my husband gets….I need to show a calm and patience; show the joy and love of the Lord…Hold on to that Spirit of His that is willing and able to endure all things for His glory.

Remembering today that He sees – He knows. He cares. And its better to please the Lord than man. Always. God give me strength and order my steps. May I be blessed with the wisdom to walk and guide, to be a strong yet gentle wife to my husband. Even in these times of trials. When I disagree with how things may be; how he may lead or not lead, let me remember to turn it over and trust God.

Praying for a joyful vacation. One that is restful and fun filled. One that brings our family a peace. And one that shows Him to all who see 🙂


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