Men Understood ?

I don’t understand men. Sometimes I really wonder what goes on in their minds…Especially considering how different my husbands priorities and ideas are from my own. How can I be the HelpMeet he needs; that God designed me to be, if I cannot understand him?

I am almost always on the look out for good books (in addition to God’s word of course) that can help me better minister to my husband. I mean lets face it, we will never have a perfect easy marriage and no matter how we love them, it is not always enough. Our families need to be strong and we need to show an example for our youth.

As a Gabby Mom I had the chance to review the latest of such books: For Women Only/For Men Only by Shaunti Feldhahn. I saw many excellent reviews for this one from some of my favorite ladies, like Lysa TerKeurst and Beth Moore. Many positive reviews.

Its a short book. And can be a quick read. But with all the research, the interviews and details within, it is important to take. your. time. Read slowly. Consider and contemplate what is being said; how it applies (or does not) to your man. Seriously read and honestly reflect on it. No lies, no masks. I think when we read something like this, we need to be sure we are doing so with a humble heart – like that of Jesus. 🙂

I loved so much of what she had to say. She had so much wisdom; and from a admit that I do not know. And there is a wonderful amount of information within this book. (My husband has not yet read the men’s version – hoping I can get enough from him to write up that one too!)

That said though let us not take it as the Gospel 🙂 It is always a blessing to be able to read and consider a variety of viewpoints when it comes to those in our life (especially husbands and children!) but let us never put these before the Bible itself. Let us not follow anything that contradicts God’s word.

If you need some guidance, some inspiration in your marriage visit Lorrie Flem’s website, where you can win a bundle with the DVD! This study came out June 18th and includes a men’s study, women’s study and couples study along with the leader guide and a copy of For Women Only/ For Men Only books.

Do you want to watch a video of Shaunti to see what she says about the books? Check her out:

Don’t forget that you can sign up for Lorrie’s free quarterly online magazine. It’s full of encouragement and practical advice too!

**As a member of the Gabby Moms Review Team, I was given a free copy of the books in exchange for my review.**


One thought on “Men Understood ?

  1. I agree that these are good tools for strengthening our marriages, but that our number one book is the Bible. My husband who doesn’t enjoy reading, has started reading For Men Only. He really likes what Shaunti and Jeff have to say!

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