Fire … Hot

It’s a long, rainy day. We are still on vacation – we are getting antsy too. Missing my time with the Lord. It is such a challenge having unsaved family – being a part of a family that thinks they know the Lord but refuses to engage in conversation about Him … Sadly its too uncomfortable for anyone to discuss and that saddens, and I admit angers me, just a bit. If you profess you are Heaven bound .. why so much refusal and denial to speak of this wonderful, awesome, almighty Lord and Saviour ?

So my husband and I were talking. I have become a fire storm in the last two days he says. My conversation falls on dead ears – no bites – yet Jesus and His word are much of what I speak. I pray it falls on ears that hear; on hearts that can be softened. His time; His will.

My husband says he knew, before I was willing to hear; before I was born again, he knew I would be this way once my eyes were opened to the truth. I think it was meant as a compliment. He says he prayed for this. The way I speak the way I stand – not wavering. No excuses. I may be a diamond in the rough; my words may sometimes hurt but I seek to speak nothing but His truth. Not to be judgemental, or to be mean, not to be like a pharisee but to show the way and the truth and the light…..JESUS!

We all need Him. More than some know. We all need to know His word; to hide it in our hearts. I Want to see Jesus lifted up in all that I do; in all that others do.

“This world needs God but its easier to stand and watch; to pray and just move on …. I don’t want to live like I don’t care…I don’t want to say one more empty prayer….”

What has God called us to do? I refuse not to move; not to speak when HE has called me.

I can sit comfortably with my family; holding strong to the truth that I know and that I say I live. Or I can show how great it is, show my love for it by sharing it with everyone.

We must all choose – will we move – will we do and be that which we are called for? Or will we sit quietly and keep it, holding it tight, all for ourselves? My Mother in Law says she shares with people and she finds it funny when they are angered by His word. I fear she is missing the point. He wants none to perish and He wants none to be angered by His word unless that is what brings them to Him.

We must pray for them; we will have to speak “unkind” words but we must make sure, that if we must, they are firmly in the truth of God’s word. Not man’s opinion, but God’s word.

That said…..I am glad my husband does not want me to put out my fire – it is a joy to finally hear him say even, that he prayed for just this. His wife – on fire for God – )

Let us consider, today an every day, where shall He have us go? Get Ready…….



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