Kids CAN love to read

I am always amazed, and shocked that statistics say 2 out of 3 children are failing to reach a proficient level in reading.As an avid reader myself I cannot imagine anyone not knowing how to, and enjoying, reading. My oldest however is harder to get to focus and read; as I type this he is racing back and forth about the house, somersaults and flying leaps the room.  He never is still. Not for a moment. haha

As he gets older I am always looking for new ways to keep him interested in learning; and having a good time doing it too.  Turns out he was more advanced in his reading skills than I  knew. 🙂  Either way we took the test and he started his time with the Reading Kingdom from there. I noticed right away that the lessons were short; they were engaging too. Lots of cute characters and sounds (he loves noise, did I mention that?) He did great for the first  few weeks and then he began to get a bit restless.  I wish there was more to this program. Another level that would challenge him. It was a great experience though and something I plan to remember for when my little ones are ready to start learning. For reluctant readers, or even those always moving kids, its a good test of their abilities. It is flexible and very easy to use incorporating spelling, keyboarding and memory work. I say, when my son worked on this, he did manage to focus much more intently (did not want to miss anything!)

Each child is different of course, so it may not work for everyone. My three year old watched some of the lessons and was not intrigued at all. He loves to be read to, not much for the computer and television, like his mom. For my oldest though – an on the go learner; quick to get things and determined to do it all on his own – this is a great learning tool indeed. Helps them to grow in their independence while they learn and have fun, reading.  I wish there was a bit more control the parent could have, in customizing the program, but at the same time – it provides a balance of challenge and practice that allows my son to feel in control and successful, even in those parts of the program he is still mastering.

From the site: The Reading Kingdom is a site for children to learn to read and for adults looking to make sure the children in their lives have the best opportunities in life. It’s fun, easy-to-use and best of all, kids can do most of the program on their own with  minimal adult supervision. Our online reading program is based on a patented system developed bs

If you would like a chance to win a 6 month subscription to the Reading Kingdom, Lorrie Flem is hosting a giveaway HERE.

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**Disclosure – I received a free subscription to Reading Kingdom in exchange for my honest opinion.**


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