What are we Thinking

I have been deep in prayer and thought a lot since we returned from vacation. It as an eye opening experience. Not that different from other times with the in laws but, I think, the last time we visit in the way we did. The last time we “share” life in the fashion that is expected.

My husband said when we were talking “I knew your vacation would end once my family arrived….” He knew and yet he invited them still. I understand his family is very close knit – mine is the exact opposite. He wants the best for them; he wants to share with them whatever joys he can as long as he can. Its a good heart that he has. Even if it doesn’t work out.

We heard his family regularly complain about our children though. How loud and disruptive they are. In front of our children. We are in a small two bedroom cottage for days on end (9 people total) and they say these things in front of our kids. Perhaps they could have tried to play with them – some games or books or coloring pages – instead of seeing all these faults within them that were simply due to their need for, attention from family they rarely get to see.

It made me realize I can be guilty too. Of telling them to quiet down; forgetting that my time with them is so very precious. How can I help others in the family to see that as well? We need to engage the grandparents and the great grandparents in taking joy from the life and excitement and energy of the children. Being a part of it all ~ Intentionally (not begrudgingly)!

SO I am thinking – there is more. There is always more when we are walking in His steps – in the Spirit. I am considering, and remembering, Paul and Silas, Esther and Solomon, David and John ~ they were once children too and I am certain that all they are and were (just like little ones today) is a part of His plan and we as parents need to trust that, have faith in His plan, and train up our children with joy. And love. And a meek spirit.

Matt 19:14 But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

Let us believe on Him as freely as these little ones do. And let us go to Him always when we are in need, whether big or small, seeking His word and His blessing upon our lives. Surely there is much we can learn from these little ones, as HE tells us within His word. We must be like them ~ Oh how I wish to be like a child ~ faithful in all things, believing unto Him in all seasons.

In Jesus name ~ Amen!


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