Adventure Time with Brinkman

We love adventure stories! My oldest especially loves being able to listen as he builds, or draws.

Based on real life missionaries these are adventures with wonderful, Biblical truths woven in. Exciting and silly they left me on the edge of my seat. My boys? They were busy “living” the story as they heard it.

The creator of Brinkman Adventures says this (I love it too!):
Creating the Brinkmans has been for me an act of obedience. I know in my heart this was His idea, and feel so blessed to be entrusted to carry it out. Where He chooses to take it from here, only He knows. In the meantime, I’m so grateful for my local church that was willing to get behind an idea like The Brinkman Adventures for the sake of the Kingdom.

These are wholesome and fun for everyone in the family. A fun way to inspire and encourage. In a fun way. It’s amazing the things children learn from just listening. These are no different. And they get those juices flowing – make you think – my oldest is sure he is going to have many of these same exciting experiences ones day. haha

Have a listen

Go on over to Lorrie Flem’s blog, Randy’s Rib, today and enter for your chance to win. The winner will be announced on her blog and by email on July 7th, so enter TODAY!

**I received this product free through the Gabby Mom program in exchange for my honest review.**


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