Everyday God Moments

“From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much,

much more will be asked”

(Luke 12:48b).

I love my faith – I love being in the kitchen. Cooking up new recipes for my family. Some sweet treats; some meant to be more nourishing yet still tasty and fresh as can be.

Food and faith. I think there can be more of a connection between the two if we are really honest with ourselves. How and what do we consume? We should be considering this even more today.

As I follow the news, Monsanto, GMO, gluten free diets, paleo .. what am I missing? There is such a great need, and desire, to be healthier, to eat better and maintain a natural foods diet. Where do we begin? How to we maintain a better life for our families?

Kay says: “God seemed very real to me when . . . “. Every one of us can testify to times in which God taught us something or gave us extraordinary courage or answered a prayer in a special way. Do members of our families (especially the next generations) know about those times? What do we behind that they may share and see and know? Its precious!

The recipes within – such comfort- so traditional, old fashioned – yummmm! It was what first caught my eye. I have such a stack of cookbooks already; adding more when I can. Nothing better than a book with inspiration – wisdom to enjoy those everyday moments – and delicious treats too! Cooking my way through one taste at a time.

What a joy!


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