Be a Lighthouse

Pondering a lot as of late.. why it is that we think throwing money at things make anything better…..schools, inner cities, social service programs….no matter how much money you give, it only gets worse…bigger problems. When will we see that if we go and do instead there will be amazingly different results? But we have to get up we have to know we can, we have to walk in the Spirit seeking His will – Money solves nothing.

In fact the more we have it seems the worse things get. Children are such a wonderful example of that. If they get used to having a lot of things; it tends to effect their level of gratitude for those things. Its one thing to want something; its a whole other things to have it.

Less is more.

So why are we always asking for more? More people need Jesus so we have more bake sales, more fundraisers … I don’t know. It seems to me that only helps others to feel as though they did “more”. What happened to Saints getting their hands dirty? Going out and be in the mess?

WE need to be do-ers, we have to see doing, and helping as more than writing out a check. You know it makes me so mad, and it frustrates me to no end – look at those hippies…those occupy folks (are they still out there?) They went out did something (granted their intentions and actions were wrong but…) Around the world in poor nations what do they do? They come together to work and share and care for each other…..They don’t have half of what we do but I am sure they have better spirit about them, a better heart, a better mind – than many of us.

Its a hard thing for me to swallow – as an ex-social worker…I say its made me more cautious…..let us help them in ways that make them able to help themselves and other…in the end… Really got me thinking – I cannot wait to find way to bring my children into a place where they can be His hands and feet.. Teach them to live minimally – less is more – give but do not give foolishly. Love but know when to walk away. Know when to pray and know when to do more than pray. Sometimes, some folks, prayer and “financial giving” are the comfortable “out” for too many. We have to stop.

Discipling others – its key – for our children and our families. We can read His word and pray over His word but it makes no difference in anything if we are not listening for Him and going when He says we are to go. There is so much more. As I said to my in-laws (who are unsaved themselves) we have to not read the Bible as just a book but we have to read and pray and be open to seeing all that is there. Let us be the Bible – ) If we can show other people that YES truth is radical, it is different, how much more would people be willing to listen? Yet we go to church and sing and worship and sit on our pews – come home and read and sing and pray more – there needs to be more. All of us. Show others something that they might want. Got to be more. Got to be different. Sincere and transparent. I struggle and I fall, I can be mean and I can be crazy sometimes … how often do we say it? Tell people truth sprinkled with struggle? Makes it all real – been there… worker’ing (Is that a word) my clients did so much more than anyone may have imagined because someone saw them, and related to them….someone else was there, and now, is on the other side.

Truth. Real world. Messy and dirty and hard to swallow but it shows love.

But its so comfortable there with our “friends”; no fear and no risk, no rejection….when did people start having to lock the doors of churches?Before I ever came into the truth, before I gave myself away, even in my sinful state (and was I a mess in the day ha) I knew to go to the church – I could walk right in and just sit there for hours. Quiet and safe. And there was always someone there. I didn’t talk, I am not a teller, but I could sit and their presence made a difference….Its changed a lot. NO you have to have a key, certain hour, make an appointment to see anyone…Yeah I want a place where those kids in need are ministered, those pregnant moms who need someone to convince them of life – I fear too many people don’t know, or have a way, to get to a safe place… This may sound harsh but we all come from places that are a mess. Sinful world – fallen folks – none of us are really a good example. We take His hand and we seek Him and try to do the best we can…..there are always excuses; we can blame all kinds of things and people for how things are today but it doesn’t change anything. We have to be do-er’s and part of that is uncomfortable. It goes against the way many are taught. I was not raised in a Christian home;my family life was messy – I am doing what I can today and He guides me, when I listen. I have been in horrible places, seen and heard and been involved in absolute insanity We have to stop blaming and looking back and start seeing whats possible today.

We don’t have all the answers, but we serve a God that does, See that’s where we are lacking. Instead of bigger and bigger in the country, small buildings scattered about. I come from small church, I mean small, and it was home. It felt like it. But again what about sister churches, scattered about, using those people strong in the Lord to move people into a new place. Sadly we left our little church but I still think that if keep it real, we can keep people together. And do so much more. I would totally go to a church in the inner city; in fact its really more like home to me in some ways. haha We have to think outside the box. Always a way.

Let’s be honest – those with more just have more issues, and more complex ones. In most cases regardless; we are the church. Well said there Julia Curcio. I fear we all fall into the trap of letting the church handle it . Let us not forget that we are the church indeed! Again I m not trying to belittle anyone or any church here – just saying – its time we stop making excuses and throwing money at things.. get up and get out. Let’s stop being pretty and start being real. Let’s stop being nice and start being truthful – We need to get UNcomfortable today.

This post was inspired by Organic Outreach ~ a wonderful book to show families how important it to go and preach and show the love of Christ. We are the church – Let us be the church He calls us to be and reap great rewards for His glory 🙂                                                                


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